26 Best Website Visitor Tracking Tools in 2023: Free & Paid

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Many businesses are using website visitor tracking tools these days. But why have these tools become so popular?

Today, a company’s online presence is more important than ever, and its website is the central aspect of that online presence. Companies need to optimize their websites based on visitors’ behavior to increase engagement. That’s why they need to use CRO tools equipped with web visitor tracking software.

But, website visitor tracking software does more than just improve a website. Many people use them for behavioral targeting to personalize ads users see when browsing their websites.

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Keep reading to learn about the best website visitor tracking tools and find which suits your needs.

Why Is Website Visitor Tracking Important 

You might wonder, ‘why should I even care about the users’ behavior?’. Website visitor tracking has many benefits for your business. We’re going to review the most important ones here. 

1. Website Visitor Tracking Improves Lead Generation and the Sales Process

Visitor tracking tools often allow real-time visitor tracking. This helps you understand why visitors are on your website, their struggles, pain points, likes, and dislikes, and improve user experience (UX). You can also figure out at what stage of the conversion funnel they currently are. 

Moreover, website visitor tracking tools store your visitors’ information, such as names and email. So, when known visitors enter your website, you can target them and deliver personalized content. This means giving them exactly what they want, addressing their problems, offering the solution they need, and then leading them toward the next step.

Ultimately, your content and marketing team can work more effectively towards meeting your business and campaign goals. Your sales team can focus on the leads interested in purchasing your products or services, and you will have happy customers that’ll spread your name positively. Everything becomes so much easier, right?

2. Website Visitor Tracking Results in Better Lead Quality 

I think we all know that the quality of the leads is more important than quantity. Quality leads are the ones who are ready to purchase from your brand, and compared to the number of all of your visitors, they’re not that many. 

However, website visitor tracking can change that. Even most free website visitor tracking tools allow you to improve your lead quality by knowing your customers and their wants and needs. When you combine this data with your previous data, you can optimize your website, campaigns, content strategy, and sales. 

3. Website Visitor Tracking Helps you Close More Deals

The information website visitor tracking puts in your hands will lead to more sales and closed deals. Let’s give you an example.

A visitor, let’s say, Ms. Gilbert, visits your website for the third time. When she enters your website, the system recognizes this visitor since she has been added to your company’s CRM. Now, the system will notify your sales team, telling them that Ms. Gilbert has visited the product page x several times and is very interested in it. The system will also give the lead a score based on her present and past behavior and engagement with your website. 

Her third and current visit puts her score on the ready-to-purchase product x, which has a very high score. Consequently, a sales alert email is automatically sent, and the visitor is added to a nurture campaign. After examining the visitor’s activity in the CRM record, the sales representative picks up the phone and successfully schedules a product demo for the following week after the visitor opens and clicks on the sales alert email. After working with the demo, Ms. Gilbert will purchase product x, and everyone will be happy!

4. Website Visitor Tracking Helps You with Advertisement 

As mentioned earlier, you can access valuable insights into your users’ behavior using this technique. Not only can this data help you boost revenues by itself, but it can also help you with your advertisements. 

When you implement website visitor tracking, you get precise information on where your visitors are from, what their interests and expectations are, and how they navigate your web pages. Then, you can utilize behavioral targeting to set up more efficient ad strategies.

What Can Be Tracked by Website Visitor Tracking Tools

Having gained an understanding of the significance of these tools, it is now appropriate to explain ٌwhat can be tracked by them. Website visitor tracking tools can track a wide variety of user behavior on a website, including:

  1. Page views: The number of pages a visitor views on your website.
  2. Traffic sources: Where visitors are coming from, such as search engines, social media, or referral links.
  3. Time spent on site: The amount of time visitors spend on your website.
  4. Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page.
  5. Clicks: Which links or buttons visitors click on.
  6. Scroll depth: How far visitors scroll down a page.
  7. Conversion rate: The percentage of visitors who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.
  8. User location: The geographical location of website visitors.
  9. Device type: The type of device visitors use to access your website, such as desktop or mobile.
  10. User behavior: The specific actions visitors take on your website, such as hovering over a particular element or filling out a form field.

By tracking these metrics, website visitor trackers can help website owners and marketers better understand their audience and make data-driven decisions to improve website performance and user experience.

What’s the Difference between Website Visitor Tracking and Web Analytics

Although these two concepts are very similar to each other, there are slight differences between them.

Website visitor tracking refers to the process of monitoring the behavior of individual visitors on a website. This includes tracking the pages they visit, the links they click on, and the time they spend on each page. The goal of website visitor tracking is to gain insights into individual user behavior and understand how visitors interact with a website.

Web analytics, on the other hand, refers to the broader process of analyzing website data to understand overall website performance. This includes tracking website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. The goal of web analytics is to provide insights into website performance and identify areas for improvement.

While website visitor tracking focuses on individual user behavior, web analytics provides a more comprehensive view of website performance. Both are important tools for website optimization, and they can be used together to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and website performance.

How Can I Track My Website Visitors

To track people who visit your website, you will need website visitor tracking software.

A web visitor tracking tool provides valuable information about users’ behavior. For example, it can show you which areas of your website people have more interactions with. Ultimately, a better understanding of your visitors enables you to create more effective content and user experience.

Now, let us walk you through the best website visitor tracking software and their features to help you find the one that suits your need, shall we?!

Top 25 Software for Visitor Tracking (by Category)

To begin with, the best website visitor tracking tool is one that fulfills your unique needs. We will discuss some of the best website activity tracking tools to help you decide which ones are good for your business.

We have divided these tools into four main categories, including free website trackers. Let’s see how they can help you.

1- Website Visitor Behavior Tracking

Website visitor behavior tracking tools make it easier to figure out what’s not working well on your website and what changes you need to make. 

All the information they offer helps you generate high-quality leads, facilitate customer segmentation, and increase your conversion rate.

There are many tools out there that you can choose from. Let’s review the best options in this category of website visitor tracking tools.

#1 WatchThemLive: All-in-One User Behavior Tool for Visitor Tracking

WatchThemLive offers a user behavior tracking tool that provides useful information about your website’s visitors. WatchThemLive provides heatmaps, session recording, analytics, user tracking, and other services. These services give extensive information on how visitors engage with your website.

WatchThemLive: All-in-one Website Visitor Tracker
WatchThemLive: All-in-one Website Visitor Tracker

WatchThemLive Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $24/month

If you’re looking for website visitor tracking software to track and increase your website’s conversion rate, this user behavior analytics tool is your best bet, as it’s feature-rich and cost-efficient!

WatchThemLive features:

  • Heatmaps,
  • Session recording,
  • Analytics dashboard,
  • Goal tracking,
  • User tracking,
  • Page optimization,
  • Console recording,
  • Active filters,
  • Visual live chat,
  • Video Testimonials.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these options and see what kind of data they provide.

WatchThemLive Core Features

Session Replays: With session replays, you can track each and every action visitors perform on your website. You can follow users’ exact journeys through your website as if you were one of them.

The free version of WatchThemLive allows you to see unlimited session replays. The option to categorize recorded sessions by your visitors’ devices, browsers, screen resolution, and many other parameters adds to the value of WatchThemLive session replays. This allows you to focus more efficiently on different aspects of your design.

Heat Mapping: Heat maps are visual representations of data on your web pages that let you track specific user actions, such as click density. WatchThemLive click maps show which elements on your website are getting more clicks. For instance, you can use them to find out if your CTAs are attracting enough attention or not.

Heatmaps can assist you in figuring out if your design is appealing to your audience and how well they interact with it. If these insights are correctly investigated and implemented, your website’s usability will improve, as will the CTR and conversion rate. Heatmaps are available for desktop, tablet, and mobile, and you can generate an unlimited number of heatmaps on WatchThemLive.

Goal Tracking: Conversion tracking allows you to track the performance of your website’s marketing activities. Every website has a set of objectives or activities that you want your users to complete. It could be anything from a single click on a button to particular page visits and downloads. With WatchThemLive, you may establish unlimited objectives and track them.

WatchThemLive's Goal Tracking
WatchThemLive’s Goal Tracking

By Setting conversion goals, you can track your marketing success and see how many visitors complete the required action using this tool.

Analytics: WatchThemLive’s web analytics provides a wealth of information about your website and visitors. Many users use the analytics on WatchThemLive as a simplified version of Google Analytics. It shows all the essential statistics, it’s completely intuitive, and it will not confuse you at all. Using WatchThemLive analytics, you will deliver a better user experience, improve your content, improve your website SEO, identify high-performing traffic sources, track conversions, and so much more.

What Sets WatchThemLive Apart

Visual Live Chat: Are you struggling with finding out what exactly your users are going through when they ask you their inquiries on live chat? Don’t you worry! WatchThemLive has recently released its visual live feature, which gives you the opportunity to watch users’ session replays right when they contact you on live chat! 

This way, your customer support team can track visitors and address and solve users’ problems ASAP. 

Video Testimonials: Another feature that sets WatchThemLive apart from other website visitor tracking software on the market is its automated video testimonials. 

Gathering customer feedback is no longer difficult and time-consuming! All you have to do is to preset your questions, and WatchThemLive will collect videos of users’ feedback. Isn’t that amazing? It sure is!

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watchthemlive banner

#2 Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an A/B testing tool for your website that allows you to test ideas and variants. It’s easy to set up and use and doesn’t require any coding. Reportedly, however, the data provided by CrazyEgg is not quite precise.

Crazyegg: A/B Testing Tool for Web Site Visitor Tracking
Crazyegg: A/B Testing Tool for Web Site Visitor Tracking

Crazy Egg Pricing: No Free plan; starts at $29/month.

The services provided by this website visitor tracking software are as follows.

Crazy Egg features:

#3 Outfunnel

Outfunnel is a web visitor tracking software that promises to help you gather information about your website’s visitors. It provides real-time data about visitors, the page they are viewing, and the time spent on the website. The tool notifies you when leads visit your website, and you can see what they are interested in.

Outfunnel: Web Visitor Tracking Software
Outfunnel: Web Visitor Tracking Software

Outfunnel Pricing: No Free plan; starts at $49/month (for the basic plan with an extremely limited number of events; the professional plan costs $119/month).

The services offered for such prices are:

Outfunnel features:

  • Analytics,
  • Lead management,
  • Segmentation,
  • Reporting,
  • Visitor tracking.

#4 UserTesting

Next on our list is UserTesting, which is a usability testing tool that hires individuals to test your website.


UserTesting Pricing: Not provided; no free plan.

UserTesting allows you to assess the quality of a user’s experience by observing them use your app, product, or website and answering questions.

UserTesting features:

  • Prototyping,
  • Usability testing,
  • Screen activity recording.

#5 FullStory

FullStory is a website activity tracking tool with features that help you improve your website’s customer experience. It’s an excellent tool to find out what areas on your website cause problems for visitors. You can also detect areas with the most effect on your conversion and retention rate.

Fullstory: Website Visitor Tracker
Fullstory: Website Visitor Tracker

Fullstory Pricing: Free plan; no pricing provided for the monetary plans.

This web analytics tool helps you prioritize the improvements you should make. Then, you can measure the effectiveness of the changes.

FullStory features:

  • Session replays,
  • Heatmaps,
  • Real-time reporting,
  • User identification.

#6 VWO

VWO is a behavioral analytics solution that lets you check visitors to your website and track how they interact with it. It keeps track of everything that happens on your website, such as clicks, scrolling, and form submissions. You may look at the data in a variety of ways to see what’s functioning well and what needs improvement.

vwo: A/B testing tool
VWO: A/B Testing Tool

VWO Pricing: No Free plan; no pricing provided.

This platform promises to help businesses grow via the services below.

VWO features:

#7 Contentsquare

Formerly called Clicktale, Countersquare is a digital experience analytics tool that offers user behavior analytics. It promises to provide visitor tracking through its zone-based heatmaps and session recordings. Although this UX analytics software claims to help businesses’ growth, a lot of users find its interface complicated to set up and use.

Contentsquare:  Visitor Tracker for Website
Contentsquare: Visitor Tracker for Website

Contentsquare Pricing: Unfortunately, no pricing page is provided on their website. To find out, users have to contact their sales manager.

Moreover, it seems that the services provided by this company are of high cost. The lack of transparency regarding their pricing and contact info is what might concern users around the world.

Contentsquare Features:

  • Zone-based heatmaps, 
  • Session replays,
  • Goal tracking, 
  • Insights,
  • Find and fix.

#8 Act On: Marketing Automation Tool

Another tool you can use for website visitor tracking is Act-on. It’s an account-based marketing platform that claims to help B2B businesses achieve their goals. Using this website, you can track your web pages’ visitors, score them, and create contact lists based on their behavior. 

Act-On: Marketing Automation Software
Act-On: Marketing Automation Software

Act-On Pricing: No free plans, monetary plans start at $900 a month.

However, if you’re looking for a website traffic checker free of charge, Act-on is not the option for you because it offers no free plans and is quite costly. 

Act On Features:

  • Automated engagement programs,
  • Website visitor tracker,
  • User behavior data,
  • Templates for landing pages,
  • Analytics dashboard.


Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and website visitor tracking tool that helps website owners and marketers understand how users interact with their websites. It provides insights into user behavior through features like heatmaps, session recordings, and feedback polls.

Hotjar - free website visitor tracking
Hotjar Homepage

With Hotjar, you can see how users navigate through your website, which areas they click on the most, and where they drop off. You can also watch recordings of individual user sessions to see exactly how they interact with your website. This information can help you identify usability issues and areas for improvement.

Hotjar Pricing: The free basic plan for this visitor tracking tool is available, and its premium plans start from $32 per month.

Hotjar features:

  • Heat Maps,
  • Session Replays,
  • Monitoring,
  • Data Segmentation
  • Feedback Polls,

2- Website Visitor Identification

Understanding who is visiting your website is just as crucial as knowing how they act on your site for B2B organizations. Website visitor identification tools assist marketers and salespeople in determining which organizations are visiting their websites and obtaining vital visitor information.

#10 Leady

Leady recognizes both companies and individual visitors. They’re also one of the few online visitor monitoring systems that can measure B2B lead generation as well as in-app product use.

Leady: Website Visitor Identification Tool
Leady: Website Visitor Identification Tool

Leady Pricing: No Free plan; starts at $39/month.

As a website visitor identification tool, this platform claims to help businesses convert unknown users into customers. 

Leady features:

  • Technology tracking,
  • Lead source tracking,
  • Lead segmentation,
  • Lead capture.

#11 Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder‘s visitor tracking and identification software assists marketing and sales teams in identifying and converting more leads. Every visit from an employee is traced back to the company name using account-level visitor identification.

Leedfeeder: Visitor Tracking for Website
Leedfeeder: Visitor Tracking for Website

Leedfeeder Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start at $79/month.

What you need to know regarding this visitor tracking tool is that the free plan only keeps the data for 7 days.

Leadfeeder features:

  • Technology tracking,
  • Lead source tracking,
  • Lead scoring,
  • Lead capture,
  • Lead segmentation,
  • Lead database.

#12 Lead Forensics

B2B organizations can use Lead Forensics to check visitors on their website and discover fresh sales leads in real-time. You can even receive important characteristics like company size, contact information (such as social media and phone numbers), and search behavior. 

LeadForensics homepage
LeadForensics: B2B Website Visitor Tracking

Lead Forensics Pricing: Not provided; no free plan.

Automatic lead grading based on several factors is also included in Lead Forensics, which sends you fast notifications to identify your ideal consumers.

Lead Forensics features:

  • Technology tracking
  • Lead source tracking
  • Lead database
  • Lead capture
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead scoring

#13 SalesPanel

SalesPanel is a website visitors tracking tool that offers services to B2B businesses. It helps companies identify their users and capture leads. Also, it allows them to track their customers’ behavior and qualify leads.

track website leads: salespanel
Salespanel: Website Lead Tracking

Salespanel Pricing: No Free plan; starts at $149/month.

With Salespanel, you can predict visitors’ quality. This way, you can optimize your marketing campaigns and target them toward the right people, both on-site and off-site.

SalesPanel features:

  • Lead generation,
  • Real-time tracking,
  • Lead qualification,
  • Marketing automation.

#14 Visitor Queue: Website Visitor Identification Tool

Visitor Queue is a B2B lead generation tool. It claims to help you identify the companies that visited your website and their interactions. You are supposed to have access to the users’ names and contact details.

identify website visitors with Visitor Queue
Visitor Queue: B2B Lead Generation Tool

Visitor Queue Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start at $29/month.

Using this tool, the information you can obtain includes leads’ interest, their activity on your website, the time they spent on your website, and the pages they visited.

Visitor Queue features:

  • Conversion Tracking,
  • Customer Segmentation,
  • Engagement Analytics,
  • User Interaction Analytics.

3- Website Visitor Tracking Tools to Measure Performance

Measuring the indicators that matter the most to your organization is the goal of website performance tracking. That may include website speed or keyword ranks for an SEO team or customer churn or retention for a product team.

#15 Ahrefs: All-in-one SEO Tool

The first on our list of website visitor tracking tools for evaluating your website’s performance is Ahrefs. This SEO toolset offers services such as keyword explorer, site explorer, site audit, rank tracker, etc. Therefore, using Ahrefs, you can track the performance of your blogs and website’s health score and rank better on Google. 

Ahrefs: SEO Toolkit
Ahrefs: SEO Toolkit

Ahrefs Pricing: The monetary plans start at 89 Euros for its Lite plan to 899 Euros for its Enterprise plan.

Let’s take a look at its core features.

Ahrefs Features:

  • Site audit,
  • Site explorer, 
  • Keyword explorer, 
  • Content Explorer,
  • Rank Tracker.

#16 SE Ranking: Ultimate SEO Solution 

SE Ranking’s Keyword Rank Analysis tool will help you track the performance of your website according to the queries its pages are optimized for. Identify top-ranking keywords that bring the most organic traffic and get the traffic forecast, search volume, and difficulty score for every keyword. 

SE Ranking: Identify Top Ranking Keywords
SE Ranking: Identify Top Ranking Keywords

SE Ranking Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start from €39.

You can also check your online visibility rating in your niche and see how your competitors rank for the same keywords.

SE Ranking Features:

  • Difficulty score for every keyword,
  • Monthly search volume for every keyword,
  • Traffic forecast available,
  • Visibility rating,
  • SERP analysis of your competitors.

#17 KissMetrics: Product Analytics Tool

Kissmetrics is another website visitor tracking tool that helps you increase conversions, user engagement, and retention rate. It enables you to follow visitors’ paths on your website across different devices and figure out at what point they abandon you.

KissMetrics: Product Analytics Tool
Kissmetrics: Product Analytics Tool

Kissmetrics Pricing: Not provided; no free plan.

Kissmetrics’ features help you identify your most valuable customers and quality leads, so you can effectively target them.

Kissmetrics features:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Segmentation
  • User data
  • Exit tracking

#18 Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a product analytics solution that monitors mobile and online app performance.  It’s one of the best free website visitor tracking tools in the marketplace.

mixpanel: product analytics tool
Mixpanel: A Product Analytics Tool

Mixpanel Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $25/month.

You can track product metrics like activation, retention, and churn using MixPanel.

Mixpanel features:

  • Conversion tracking,
  • Event tracking,
  • Goal tracking,
  • User interaction tracking.

#19 Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free search engine optimization tool.

website visitor tracking using google search console
Improve Website Performance with Google Search Console

Google Search Console Pricing: Free.

You can use Search Console to assess SEO performance, examine keyword impressions and clicks, check for crawling and speed problems, and see your backlinks.

Google Search Console features:

  • Content management,
  • Link management,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Keyword tracking,
  • Rank tracking.

#20 PageSpeed Insights 

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can be a useful tool for tracking the performance of your website. Teams specializing in search engine optimization can get a lot out of PageSpeed Insights. It provides a concise overview of several factors as you perform a test, with opportunities to delve down into areas of particular interest. And the best thing about PageSpeed Insight is that it’s a free website tracking tool.

page speed insights
PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights Pricing: Free.

This website performance tracking tool offers insights into the following metrics.

Pagespeed Insights features:

  • Performance, 
  • Accessibility,
  • SEO, 
  • Website speed tracker,
  • Best practices.

4- Website Analytics

If you select the right software and understand how to utilize it, website analytics tools can give you a lot of information. The tools listed below provide a wide range of website statistics, as well as visitor tracking capabilities.

#21 Google Analytics

Let’s take a look at Google Analytics website visitor tracking features.

This free website visitor tracking platform allows you to track your website’s traffic sources, as well as sources to a specific page. It also provides some reports that let you track conversions and learn about your audience and their behavior. The funnel analysis feature helps you analyze the customers’ journey to conversion and identify the drop-off points. Using GA, you will also have access to audience demographics that include users’ age, gender, and interests.

track visitors using google analytics
GA: Track Visitors on Website

Google Analytics pricing: Free; the pricing for its advanced version, called GA360, starts at $12,500/month.

Additionally, Google Analytics heatmapping feature offers very simple click maps, but there are tools with more detailed heat maps.

Bear in mind that some features are limited or not available in the free plan.

#22 Matomo 

Matomo is a free and open-source online website traffic tracker. It introduces itself as a Google Analytics alternative and claims to give you 100% data ownership.

google analytics alternative: Matamo
An Alternative to GA: Matamo

Matamo Pricing: Free if you host it on your own servers; Cloud plans start at $20/month.

Unsampled traffic data, eCommerce and event monitoring, custom dimensions, objectives, and segments are all tracked using Matomo.

Matomo features:

  • Heatmaps,
  • Conversion tracking,
  • Event tracking,
  • Goal tracking,
  • Campaign management,
  • User interaction tracking.

#23 Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a traffic analysis and multichannel data gathering solution for experienced users and businesses.

Adobe Analytics: Website Visitor Tracking Solution

Adobe Analytics Pricing: Not provided; no free plan.

Pageviews, unique visitors, sales, order attribution, segmentation, and customer journey analytics are just some of the business intelligence (BI), and traffic data Adobe Analytics collects from websites, emails, and applications.

Adobe Analytics features:

  • Performance Metrics,
  • Analytics,
  • A/B Testing,
  • Social Media Metrics,
  • Conversion Tracking.

#24 Pingdom: Website Performance Monitoring

Pingdom analyzes your website to find various issues that might slow it down. It will also check your website and server for latency problems, taking things a step further.

Pingdom: User Experience Monitoring Tool

Pingdom Pricing: No Free plan; customize subscription.

You can track and control your website’s performance, availability, and user interactions when you’re away from the office, giving you peace of mind.

Pingdom features:

  • Page speed,
  • Transaction monitoring,
  • Synthetic monitoring,
  • Real user monitoring.

#25 Woopra: Customer Journey Analytics Platform

Woopra is a complete online analytics and website visitor tracking tool with capabilities for enhancing your web, mobile, and product experiences. The People Profiles feature provides a closer look at actual users and website visitors, allowing you to learn more about them on a more qualitative level.

Woopra: Track Visitor Activity on Your Website

Woopra Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start at $349/month.

Let’s have a glance at the services it provides.

Woopra features:

  • Event tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • Campaign management
  • User interaction tracking
  • Conversion tracking

#26 Clicky 

Next on our list of website visitor tracking tools is Clicky. This tool offers real-time analytics and claims to help you monitor and analyze your traffic through heat maps and user segmentation. 

Clicky Website Analytics
Clicky Website Analytics

Clicky Pricing: Free plan, monetary plans start at $9.99 to $37.99.

However, you must bear in mind that their free plan is very limited and offers no website heatmap tools (nor does the pro plan), segments, or even uptime monitoring. 

Clicky Features:

  • Heatmaps, 
  • Segments,
  • Uptime Monitoring,
  • Custom data tracking.

How to Choose the Right Web Tracking Tool for Your Business

Choosing the tool for your website can be a daunting task, but there are several factors you can consider to help you make the right decision. Here are some tips to help you choose the right web tracking tool for your business:

#1: Identify Your Goals

Before choosing a website tracking tool, it is essential to identify your business goals and what you want to achieve with the tool. This will help you determine what type of tracking features you need.

#2: Consider Your Budget

Web tracking tools can range in price, so it is important to consider your budget when choosing a tool. Some tools offer free plans, while others require a monthly or annual fee.

#3: Evaluate the Features

Look for web tracking tools that offer the specific features you need to achieve your business goals. For example, if you want to track user behavior, look for tools that offer heatmaps, session recordings, and click tracking.

#4: Check for Compatibility

Make sure the web tracking tool you choose is compatible with your website platform and any other tools or software you are using.

#5: Read Reviews

Research and read reviews of different web tracking tools to see what other users have to say about them. This can help you make an informed decision based on the experiences of others.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right web tracking tool for your business that will help you achieve your goals and improve website performance.

How to Optimize Conversion Rates with Website Visitor Tracking

Website owners and marketers can use website tracking tools to track website visitors and learn more about them. User behavior analysis evaluates how visitors use a website and allows its owners to adapt their site to provide the best possible experience for the consumer. 

You can use website visitor tracking tools to optimize conversion via different means, including:

1. Website Performance

It’s critical for many User Experience (UX) specialists to have data on how users interact with their website. For example, is the page taking too long to load, prompting users to leave? Website owners must ensure that only necessary cookies are active to provide vital services. 

By using website tracking tools, user information is tracked across multiple pages of e-commerce sites so shoppers can check out multiple items at the same time. This process must be done with the best tools to record website visitors that we mentioned in the first section of this article.

2. Website Analytics

Websites also use analytics software to learn more about their visitors. Using the data from website analytics tools, tracking user demographics and website activity logging, and our complete analytics guide, you can make better decisions as a business owner. An SEO marketer, for example, could keep track of which content pieces produce organic traffic and detect any gaps.

3. Advertising

Websites will collect visitor information in order to show the most relevant advertisements. Because you may adjust ads to different types of customers, this strategy can greatly increase income. Although this is an understandably divisive approach, it can have additional advantages. Businesses sometimes use targeted advertising revenue to give free services to their clients.

Which Tool Is Best for Website Visitor Tracking: Final Verdict

After being introduced to various services, each with different features, you might be wondering which one is suitable for your business. There are a number of factors you need to consider when making up your mind about it. For instance, the website visitor tracker you choose must be GDPR compliant, feature-rich, and precise. 

WatchThemLive is a user behavior analytics tool that meets all the aforementioned criteria! Not only does it provide users with core features such as session replay tools, heatmaps, console recording, etc., but also it provides one-of-a-kind features like visual live chats. 

WatchThemLive also provides users with a dedicated customer support team who’s there for you whenever you need them. All these qualities make WatchThemLive stand out in the crowd.

So, don’t waste a second more! Sign up on WatchThemLive INSTANTLY and enjoy the results!

Website Visitor Tracking FAQs

In this article, we tried to provide you with an all-inclusive guide on various aspects of tracking your website’s visitors as well as introducing you to the best software for doing so. Now, to get you all set up, let’s tackle some of your most frequently asked questions! 

Q1. How to Check the Traffic of a Website Other than Yours?

Are you curious to know about your competitors’ traffic and wonder how you can do so? Well, to begin with, you can’t get as detailed info on your rivals’ website traffic as you can get for your own. However, you can have access to some general info using a website traffic tracker. 

Here, we introduce you to two of these tools.

1- SEMRush: Traffic Tracker Website

The first on our list here is SEMRush. You can use this tool to check your website in terms of SEO and ranking. However, they offer services for checking competitors’ website traffic as well. The data you’ll have access to using this website include total visits, pages per visits, bounce rate, and average visit duration. 

SEMRush: Website Visitors Tracker
SEMRush: Website Visitors Tracker

Pro Tip: The free version of SEMRush only allows you to have a sample of the data. To have full access to your desired data, you need to purchase one of their plans.

2- SimilarWeb: Website Visitor Tracker

If you’d like to track website traffic of your competitors, your next option is SimilarWeb. Basically, this is a website that gives you general information about any company. To give you an idea of how it works, we searched Amazon on it. Here’s the result: 

SimilarWeb Visitor Tracking
SimilarWeb Visitor Tracking

As you can see, SimilarWeb offers insights such as total visits, bounce rate, pages per visit, and average visit duration.

Q2. What Is Web Visitor Tracking?

Web visitor tracking is the process of monitoring and analyzing the behavior of visitors on a website. This includes tracking user activity such as pages visited, links clicked, time spent on site, traffic sources, and conversion rates.

Web visitor tracking is typically done using specialized software tools that collect and analyze data on user behavior. This information can then be used by website owners and marketers to gain insights into user behavior and preferences, and to make data-driven decisions to improve website performance and user experience.

Q3. Can Someone Track My Private Browsing?

When you use private browsing mode, your web browser does not save your browsing history, cookies, or temporary files. This means that your browsing activities are not stored on your device and cannot be accessed by others.

However, it is important to note that private browsing mode does not provide complete anonymity or security. While your browsing activities may not be saved on your device, your internet service provider (ISP) or other third-party entities may still be able to track your activities through your IP address. Additionally, if you download files or visit insecure websites, you may still be vulnerable to security risks.


Q4. How Can I Track Website Visitors for Free?

WatchThemLive is a user behavior analytics tool that you can use to check website traffic. It offers both free and paid plans. Its free plan includes unlimited data retention, unlimited session recordings, heatmaps, 1 goal tracking, etc.

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Website Visitor Tracking: The Wrap

Today website visitor tracking is crucial for businesses to keep ahead of the competition. Companies track their visitors for many reasons, such as improving their website for a higher conversion rate, optimizing retargeting campaigns, etc.

There are many useful tools that can help you monitor your visitors. Identifying your business needs and goals is the first thing you should do before choosing the best one for your website.

See what’s happening on your site as it happens. Identify user behavior patterns and see how you can improve conversions, and customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line with WatchThemLive. SIGN UP now for FREE!

Negar Farazmand
Negar Farazmand
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