Website Heatmap

Website heatmap is a great tool to visualize user behavior on your website with heatmaps and see what your visitors pay attention to and find where they click, scroll, or move their mouse mostly.

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website heatmap

Generate Website heatmaps for All Devices

Recording 100% of your website visitors on every single page enables WatchThemLive heatmaps to track how users’ behavior change when they switch between different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

website heatmap

Website Heatmap is Ideal For

Digital Marketers

Find out the popular areas on web pages. Then, put your important content in these areas for a higher CTR.

Improve Conversion Rate (CRO)

UX Designers

Heatmaps can help professional UX designers figure out the efficiency of their design to improve the website’s usability.

Improve Website’s Usability

E-commerce Managers

With a more comprehensive understanding of your website’s visitors, make better decisions to satisfy them and grow your business.

Discover What Satisfies Users

Watch what our users are saying

Website Heatmap

Increased Austin's Revenue over
$1000 / month

“I can create a super nice heatmap which shows me exactly which product the customers want.”

Austin Nguyen
Sách Việt

What Makes WatchThemLive
#1 Website Heatmap Tool

Unlimited Heatmaps

Create website Heatmap for every page on your website.

Unlimited Team Members

Share your website heatmaps with anyone you want.

Unlimited Websites

Add all your websites and create heatmaps for them.

Easy Installation

Set up heatmaps on every single page using just one script.

Heatmap Analysis

Simple Heatmap analysis to understand user behavior.

Clicks, Mouse Move, Geo

Detect conversion zones or what distracts users.

The Complete Guide To
Website Heatmaps

A complete guide to website heatmaps with chapters about how to get started with heatmaps, how to analyze them, and FAQs.

heatmaps complete guide