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Create heatmaps for your pages to discover what the strength and the weaknesses are

Find out the popular areas on web pages. Then, put your important content in these areas for a higher CTR.

Are users able to interact with your website effectively? Can users perform actions quickly? Is your website engaging enough? Heat maps can help you figure out the answers to these questions to improve your website’s usability.

With a more comprehensive understanding of your website’s visitors, make better decisions to satisfy them and grow your business.

If your call-to-action elements are not receiving enough clicks, heat maps will tell you.

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Watch every move of your users, from clicks to mouse movement.

See exactly why your website visitors won’t convert. Spot any bugs, frustration points, and poor UX and then fix them to meet visitors’ expectations.

Easily use WatchThemLive filters to see insights from specific country code, browser, browser language, device, screen resolution, and operating system. You can even filter recordings by users and watch every interaction a specific user has had with your website in one place.

WatchThemLive makes it easy to collaborate between team members. You can share any recording with other team members, even if they are not a part of your WatchThemLive team member list.

Using WatchThemLive, you won’t violate users’ privacy in any mean. So, don’t worry about your sneak peek at their browsers.

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Take a look at the big picture and decide your next moves

Be sure that you never lose a single interaction. WatchThemLive continuously processes loads of data and enables you to review and analyze your valuable insights in real-time.

You can download your goal and conversion related data as PDF and CSV. This feature enables you to share these insights with anyone in a matter of seconds.

Set goals for every stage of your buyers’ journey and easily create your customer journey reports based on real-time data.

Goal Tracking

Set conversion goals to measure your marketing performance

Find out how many visitors take the desired action to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

The insights you gain by analyzing the data will help you understand how to improve your marketing strategy for more conversions.

You can figure out what you need to do to achieve your business objectives by tracking your goals.

Event Tracking Tool
User tracking

User Tracking

Analyze a given user’s entire journey on your website.

Track your website visitors to develop marketing strategies based on their needs and interests.


Understand how visitors interact with your website and what attracts their attention to personalize their experience.


By tracking user behavior, find out what makes them leave your website. The insights will help you improve your website to lower the bounce rate.

Page Optimization

Enhance a page by filtering and watching all the users that visited the page.

Optimize your web pages to engage your website visitors more effectively so they will be more likely to convert.


With WatchThemLive, find out your website visitors’ interests to give them what they want and meet their expectations.


By optimizing your pages, you will deliver a better experience to your visitors and fulfill their needs. So you will gain their trust and build stronger relationships with them.

Page enhancement

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