Session Recording

Session recording lets you record and watch every move of your website visitors, from clicks to mouse movements. 

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session recording

Analyze Recordings By Using Advanced Filters

WatchThemLive advanced filters enable you to see insights from specific country codes, device, browsers, browser languages, screen resolutions, and operating systems. You can even filter replays by users and watch how a specific user interacts with your website elements.

Session Recordings are Ideal For

Digital Marketers

Watch the whole customer journey and track all events users experience which helps marketers improve the conversion funnel effectiveness.

Optimize Conversion Rate

UX Designers

Session Replay is an ideal tool for UX designers to detect those elements that distract users’ attention and interrupt the customer journey.

Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

E-commerce Managers

E-commerce owners use session recordings to see how visitors interact with product pages and how they can increase conversion rates.

Increase Sales

Customer Support

Session recording is a great tool to better communicate with customers on an issue and avoid time-consuming back and forth. 

Strengthen Your Customer Support

What Makes WatchThemLive
the #1 Session Recording Tool

5M Recordings / Month

WatchThemLive is an awesome session recording tool that allows high traffic websites to record millions of replays.

Long-Term Data Storage

We offer 90 days of data retention to let you have enough time for analyzing every session replay of your website.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Share any recording with all your teams, even if they are not a part of your WatchThemLive team member list.

Respecting Users' Privacy

Our privacy features will protect you and your website against any violations of users’ privacy.

Recording 100% of Visitors

Capture replays of every user who visits your website; anytime, anywhere, and for any duration.

Functional Playback

Skip inactivity during playback. Our playback also supports fast-forward or any speed you want.

The Complete Guide To
Session Recording
(Session Replay)

Read our complete guide to website session recording with chapters about how to get started with session recording, how to analyze them, and FAQs.