Session Replay or screen recording is one of the best and fastest ways to detect any UX problem that your website is facing. This feature provides tangible data from your visitors and helps you to boost your CRO using 100% real data. It literally likes getting feedback directly from your customers. So, if you own a website and occasionally asking yourself “what do people do exactly when they visit my website?”, this guide is for you. Because my friend, you better give session replays a try ASAP.

What is the Session Replay (or Screen Recording)?

Session Replay (or screen recording) is the real-time captured video from the website’s visitors’ screen. Session Replays are video playbacks that let you watch every single move of your visitors like mouse movement, clicks, turns, and rage clicks. It’s as if you are standing right behind your visitors’ shoulders and throwing a deep glance at their screen to see what are they exactly doing when visiting your website. Watching session recordings is the most straightforward way to study user behavior because you don’t have to worry about understanding numerical data. You can easily figure out what’s most attracting users’ attention, what makes them drop off, what’s distracting them from the conversion goal, and so much more.

What Is Session Replay Software?

Session recording software allows website owners to record user activity on their websites. Then, they can watch the playback videos to fully understand users’ journey through the website. Session recordings allow you to track all the on-screen activity (clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, etc.) of your website’s visitors. Session Replay Software

How Can Session Recording Software Help You?

Now you know what session recording software is. So, it’s time to see how it can help you improve your website. Here you go:

1- Identify and Fix Problems More Quickly

There are many things that can go wrong on your website. Poor website design, confusing user journey, and slow loading time are only some of the problems that make users leave your website. Understanding what’s wrong with your website and fixing it as quickly as possible is essential to reducing your bounce rate. That’s why session replays are such a valuable tool. You can identify issues without needing to spend time analyzing tons of numerical data. By watching user session recordings, you can see what problems visitors are facing and what makes them leave your website.

2- Offer Better Customer Service

We all know how much user feedback is important for improving customer support. But did you know a great way to collect customer feedback on your website is using session recording software? The quality of your customer support has a significant effect on your website visitors’ satisfaction. Therefore, it’s really important to find ways to collect accurate user feedback. Session replays show you exactly what problems users encounter, and more importantly, help you find what’s creating those problems.

3- Increase the Conversion Rate

Session recordings are an excellent tool for achieving a higher conversion rate. Watching these videos, you can find the answer to many questions that help you improve your conversion rate optimization strategies. These are only a few of these questions that you can answer using session replay software:
  • What’s preventing users from converting?
  • Why do customers abandon your website?
  • Why are call-to-action buttons not receiving enough clicks?
  • What’s confusing your website’s visitors?
  • Can users easily find what they are looking for on your website?
The answer to these kinds of questions tells you what’s really happening on your website and why users convert or why not. They also help you find out at what stages the most drop-offs occur so you can create a more effective conversion funnel.

4- Improve User Experience

The best way to find out how to create a better user experience is by putting yourself in the users’ shoes. And session recording software gives you the ability to do this. Session recordings allow you to better understand the user experience so you can improve it. With this tool, you can figure out if visitors are missing anything important and where they lose interest, watching their entire journey.

5- Track User Interaction with Key Elements

Session replays allow you to monitor the important elements on your website. These elements are essential for making users take action towards your website’s goal. So, you need to know how people interact with them to optimize them for the best results. User session recordings also enable you to see what prevents users from engaging with the key elements. As you know how beneficial session recordings can be, now you might be wondering how to record a web session. Keep reading to find out.

How Do I Record a Web Session?

To record a user session on your website, you need session recording software. So, you need to sign up for a service that offers session replays, such as WatchThemLive. WatchThemLive offers a set of behavior analytics tools that includes session recordings for FREE. The screen recordings can help you detect user experience problems on your website faster. By analyzing these videos of users’ interactions, you can increase your conversion rate in no time. Mouse track on Watch them replay The session replay feature helps you discover where visitors are struggling on your website so you can fix it. They can also show you if users are interacting with your website’s elements as you have planned or not. Furthermore, this tool allows you to filter the recordings based on country codes, browsers, devices, screen resolution, and more. Above all, bear in mind that the session replay tool provides all this information without violating your website visitors’ privacy. Besides session recordings, WatchThemLive offers other useful features for tracking website visitors, like heat mapping, website analytics, and real-time data. WatchThemLive offers the most optimum choices for web recording. Let’s see precisely what makes WatchThemLive super user-friendly and easy to use. Here’s what you can do using the WatchThemLive session Replay feature:

1- Boost Conversion

See exactly why your website visitors won’t convert. Spot any bugs, frustration points, and poor UX and then fix them to meet visitors’ expectations.

2- Advanced Filters

Easily use WatchThemLive filters to see insights from specific country code, browser, browser language, device, screen resolution, and operating system.

3- Count Every User

Capture replays of every single user that visits your website; anytime, anywhere, and for any duration.

4- Tangible Analysis

WatchThemLive gives you the opportunity to see exactly what your users see and understand them like never before.

5- Respect the Privacy

Using this tool, you won’t violate users’ privacy by any means. So, don’t worry about your sneak peek at their browsers.

6- Navigate Easily

It makes the journey easy for you. Save time and only watch worthy moments by using navigation features such as “Skip Inactive.”

7- Tracked Events

Have a specific movement in your mind to track? This tool shows you a list of every “Event” that users made on your website. Start recording user sessions today with WatchThemLive FOR FREE!

Are You Ready To Start?

Are You Ready To Start?