Get Started with Session Replay

Here’s the step-by-step guide on using WatchThemLive’s session replay. Sign up first if you haven’t created a free account. 

Step 1: Get Started with Session Replays

You can simply click on the video camera icon on the left sidebar of your dashboard. WatchThemLive replay tab

Step 2: Select a Time Period

Select the period of time you want to check the session recordings. The total number of Replays for the period you’ve chosen on the right-hand filter appears on the top left. WatchThemLive session replay

Step 3: Exclude Specific Users

You can exclude yourself and specific users from being recorded on your website or app.  WatchThemLive opt our feature

Step 4: Use Filters

By activating filters, you can segment your data and only check the data you need.  WatchThemLive filters You can filter sessions by the visitor’s name, email, page, country code, and more.  WatchThemLive filters

Step 5: Watch a Session Replay

You can easily click on the play button for each visitor’s session recording video. play replay video Here’s an example of what a session replay of a visitor looks like. As you can see, you can change the playback speed and skip the parts the user has been inactive during the session. You can also share the video and flag it unseen.  WatchThemLive replay example Insightful, isn’t it? If you want to know how to use and analyze this data, you can read the next part of this guide. 

Are You Ready To Start?