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Founded in 2020, we are proud to be a self-funded, reputable, and global company on a mission to offer the best services to entrepreneurs and small online businesses. We help our clients better understand how users behave on their websites.

Our vision is to be the most reliable company that provides online businesses with the opportunity to improve their websites in the best possible way.

We serve customers in 180+ countries and work with the best people around the world, from India to the Middle East to Canada.


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We Are Trusted By Big and Small Businesses All Over the Globe.

What We Do

Our goal is to simplify understanding user behavior. We help you improve user experience and increase conversions to grow your business more quickly.

We offer session replays, heat map tracking, analytics, and real-time data.

Why Us

We provide the most accurate and comprehensive data to help you understand your visitors’ behavior thoroughly.

At WatchThemLive, we care about your privacy and your data’s security. You can always be sure your information is safe with us.

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WatchThemLive has helped us increase our conversion rate significantly. The analytics gave us useful insight on how to improve our website and helped us make better decisions. We couldn’t have imagined reaching where we are now without it.

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