User Behavior Tracking

User behavior tracking tool visualizes the path taken by a specific user and tracks all the visited pages, interactions, and events they experience on their journey through your website. You can combine user tracking and session video recording to analyze customer experience in advanced mode.

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User behavior tracking

Track User behavior to Analyze user Experience

WatchThemLive user behavior analytics tool tracks visitors in every visit and shows how users’ journey starts, their events (clicks, scroll depth, …) on your website, and how they move through different pages. 

User Behavior Tracking is Ideal For

Digital Marketers

Track your website visitor’s behavior flow to understand your audience better and develop your marketing strategies based on their needs and interests.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

UX Designers

Tracking user behavior helps you understand how visitors interact with your website elements and what attracts their attention to personalize their experience.

Improve Personalization in UX Design

E-commerce Managers

Collecting data on each visitor session and tracking user behavior flow will allow you to evaluate how your users navigate through your sales funnel.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

What Makes WatchThemLive
The #1 User Behavior Tracking Tool

Track Unlimited Users

Track user behavior flow without limitation on the number of users visiting your website.

Track Unlimited Events

Track over 50M visitors events monthly, which means unlimited events in actual performance.

Track Unlimited Pages

Track over 5M page views monthly, which means unlimited for the website’s actual performance.

Respect Users' Privacy

Our privacy features will protect you and your website against any violations of users’ privacy.

Actionable Behavior Insights

Combine visitor behavior tracking and session video recording to get actionable user behavior insights.

Cross-Team Collaborations

Share user data with all your teams, even if they are not a part of your WatchThemLive team member list.

User Behavior Tracking:
The Complete Guide

Read our complete guide to user tracking with chapters about the definition of user tracking, how to get started with tracking user behavior on your website, the benefits of user behavior tracking, and all the FAQs.