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Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users

Each and every activity of users are video recorded so you can watch what they experienced at any time.

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Watch your users behavior over and over

Watch the visitors journey throughout their time spent on your website or app. Watch what they clicked on, what didn’t work, which pages they went to and actually be completely their eyes while they are 1000s of miles away from you.

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Visualize behavior

Visually watch users clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. Understand what users want, do, or ignore on your website – the best indication of users interests on your website.

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Watch them live, website analytics

Simple and Useful Analytics

Focus on what matters. A simple and useful suite of analytics such as visitors, page views, sessions, referrers, user segmentation ( countries, devices, UTMs, Screen sizes, Languages, Page visits) are provided.

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Understand your users

Understanding your users is key to learning how to improve your website. Check each visitors path and what they are doing on your site without intruding their privacy.

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Real time visitor analytics

Real time visitor analytics

Curious to see realtime data? Check your users who are online.

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We never sell your data, you own it!

Why would you get a service like this compared when Google analytics is available? Because your data matters, we never sell your data and you are in full control of it. You can delete it at any time!

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Brands Using This to Optimize UX and Product

Session recording and heatmaps are THE best insights for UX

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