8 Amazing Google Analytics Alternatives for 2022

Google Analytics Alternatives

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Managing an online business is practically impossible without using analytics tools. Without them, you’re basically making every decision based on chance, and there’s no guarantee for your plans to work out as they are expected to.

Google Analytics is definitely the most popular analytics tool out there and has the most number of users. Despite its popularity, Google Analytics has some issues that have made a lot of online business owners look for another analytics tool to replace it.

In this article, we will introduce to you the top 8 Google Analytics alternatives.

Issues with Google Analytics

Before we get to the Google Analytics competitors, we will go through a number of problems that Google Analytics users are facing.

1- Google Analytics Samples Data

Google Analytics only analyzes a small fraction of your whole data. In other words, it samples your data.

Let’s see how Google explains data sampling:

“For example, if you wanted to estimate the number of trees in a 100-acre area where the distribution of trees was fairly uniform, you could count the number of trees in 1 acre and multiply by 100.”

Google uses data samples to cut down on the amount of processing required to manage each free Google Analytics account. You should have in mind that unlike trees in this example, you’re visitors are not uniform at all. So there is a very high chance that Google Analytics is ruining the accuracy of your data.

2- Google Analytics Does not Give You Access to Raw Data 

With Google Analytics, you have no access to raw data. You’re only shown a summary of your data. There are lots of important details that are absent in what Google Analytics delivers.

With summarized data, you can’t perform advanced analyses. Analysts use raw data to improve the accuracy of the analysis and reach more useful details.

In addition, by using raw data, you can combine data from many sources, allowing you to create a single unified data collection.  

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not give free accounts access to raw, unprocessed data.

3- Privacy Is not Much of a Big Deal in Google Analytics

Privacy is not a priority with Google Analytics. It gets certain things right, such as data security, but it falls short in other areas, including giving users authority over their data. As a result, you must be responsible for data security.

You should also be aware that users’ data in Google Analytics is shared with other Google products such as Google Ads, Youtube, Google AdSense, etc.

Nowadays, compliance with regulations is more necessary than ever, so it’s better for you to consider using other analytics tools with a comprehensive set of privacy protections.

4- Google Analytics Has No Dedicated Customer Service

Google Analytics only provides online documentation and forums as help. It’s true that there are so many related forums you can refer to in order to find a solution for your problem, but you’d still have to go through all of that data to figure out what’s important and what’s obsolete and irrelevant.

When dealing with big problems or intricate analytical challenges, that type of assistance isn’t adequate.

Why You Need Google Analytics Alternatives

Despite its widespread use, Google Analytics has many drawbacks. For starters, it isn’t really user-friendly.

Google Analytics employs several terminologies and filter names that may be unfamiliar to the typical user. In reality, Google offers a variety of courses to assist you in understanding how to utilize the platform. Still, not everyone has the time or knowledge to devote weeks to learn how to use it.

Furthermore, the latest version of Google Analytics (GA 4) is very different from prior versions, which means you may spend months learning how to use it just to see the platform has completely changed in just a few years.

What Are the Best Google Analytics Alternatives?

Now let’s dive right into our list of 8 powerful Google Analytics alternatives that help you avoid the issues stated above.

#1 WatchThemLive

watchthemlive homepage

G2 Rating: 5/5

Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $19/month

WatchThemLive is a Google Analytics alternative with a lot of features. It provides a great amount of helpful information in the form of heatmaps, session recordings, analytics, and more.

Analytics: We could call the analytics on WatchThemLive a simplified version of Google Analytics that everybody can use and get the most out of. In fact, that’s the reason so many people start using WatchThemLive. 

WatchThemLive Dashboard Analytics

Session Recordings: This tool allows you to view recordings of your website users’ journeys. You can watch their mouse movements, scrolling, clicks, pauses, and anything else they do on your site. Session recordings give you a detailed understanding of how your visitors interact with your website. You can enhance your users’ experiences and fix their problems by studying their interactions with your website.

Heatmaps: Just like heatmaps in Google Analytics, heatmaps in WatchThemLive show you the total number of clicks on your web pages. Using heatmaps, you will position the buttons in a more thought-out way, identify the optimum spot for your CTAs, and boost your click-through rate.

WatchThemLive heatmaps

WatchThemLive offers so many other useful features as well, such as goal-tracking, user tracking, real-time analytics, and page optimization.

SIGN UP now and see exactly what users are doing on your website with WatchThemLive!

#2 Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Starts from $99/month

Another tool on our list of Google Analytics alternatives is Ahrefs which is a website optimization tool with on-page features. 

While it may not be as strong as dedicated on-page tools, many users use it for optimization.

Ahrefs’ features include its dashboard, which gives you a view of your SEO performance, its site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker, and content explorer.

#3 Amplitude

Amplitude homepage

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Pricing: Free plan; No fixed pricing for their Growth plan

Amplitude is a user-centric system that identifies and tracks important behavioral patterns. It enables you to go deeper into mobile and app analytics.

Amplitude has a free plan, but the price difference is enormous if you want to upgrade.

Since it requires manual tagging, Amplitude needs a large amount of administrative and engineering efforts in order to reach the data you want.

#4 Mixpanel


G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $25/month

Mixpanel helps product-based businesses enhance their sales funnel using a combination of user behavior analytics, A/B testing, and event tracking.

With their reporting tool, you can easily gather data on product usage metrics and transform it into reports.

#5 Woopra

Woopra homepage

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $349/month

Woopra’s dashboard gives you a variety of analytics features that enable you to observe what’s going on with your website in real-time.

The tool displays the number of visitors online as well as the page they are visiting.

#6 HubSpot

HubSpot homepage

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Pricing: Free plan; monetary plans start from $45/month

Hubspot is a sales analytics software and marketing platform that can measure traffic, manage leads, automate emails, and optimize conversion rates.

The features of this customer lifecycle analytics tool include email performance measurement, landing page creation, lead nurturing, and social media mention tracking.

#7 Matomo


G2 Rating: 4.2/5

Pricing: Free plan; Cloud plans start at $23/month

Matomo is one of the open-source google analytics alternatives. Its features include heatmaps, A/B testing, session recordings, and custom reports.

You can install the program on your own server to have complete control over your data without any outside interference. But if you want your data to be stored on their servers, you must choose one of their premium cloud plans.

#8 Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics homepage

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Pricing: Starts from $299/month

The last tool on our list of Google Analytics alternatives is Kissmetrics which is an online analytics solution designed for product and marketing teams. If your product is mostly web-based, it’s a wonderful alternative to Google Analytics. It keeps track of important user activity such as signups, feature adoption, churn, and trial starts.

Unfortunately, Kissmetrics is not compatible with products made for iOS and Android.


Google is a supergiant company, and its products have pretty much conquered the world of the internet. But this doesn’t mean that its products are free of flaws.

In this article, we discussed some of the issues within Google Analytics and introduced 8 of the best Google Analytics alternatives. 

Although these tools are not owned by companies as big as Google, they still give you results that can compete with Google Analytics and even do better in many aspects.

WatchThemLive is a behavior analytics tool that helps web platforms increase their conversions by giving them a deeper understanding of what their users go through when using their products. Make sure to SIGN UP for its awesome features FOR FREE!

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