7 Free Heatmap Tools to Track User Activity on Your Website

7 free heatmap tools to track user activity on your website

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Today, many businesses use third-party tools to save time and increase efficiency. One of these tools is website heatmap. A heatmap tool can help you collect data more effectively and make more informed decisions. However, not all businesses can afford to pay for these tools, or they may just want to test them first. That’s why they might decide to use a free heatmap tool.

This blog post has compiled a list of tools that offer free heatmaps. So, if you are wondering what the right free heat map tool for your business is, read this article to find out.

Why Have Heatmaps Become Popular?

Humans process visual data better than other data types, as we are visual beings. That’s why data visualization techniques such as heatmaps have become very popular.  

A heatmap helps you track website visitors and their activities through colors. The warmer colors indicate higher user engagement, while the cooler colors indicate lower engagement. 

Digital marketers and UX designers use website heatmaps to determine which areas of web pages users interact with more. This way, they can identify areas for improvement and optimization opportunities. Heatmapping can help them improve their website design, reduce bounce rate and drop-offs, and increase conversions. 

There are various types of heatmaps that each visualizes a specific user action. Types of website heatmap include:

WatchThemLive heatmaps

Why Should You Use A Heatmap Tool?

Using a free heatmap tool, you will be able to improve your website based on your visitors’ needs and expectations. Heatmaps can give you valuable insights such as:

  • Which areas of your website are attracting more attention
  • Where to put your important content
  • What elements are popular or unpopular
  • What might be distracting users from CTAs 
  • What’s the ideal page length
  • What are user experience issues

These insights will help you improve your content, redesign your website, run more effective A/B tests, optimize the user experience, etc. Using heatmap software is also a great way to find out how to increase your conversion rate.

What Is The Best Free Heatmap Tool?

Now, let’s find out some of the best free heatmap tools. As there are many tools, it’s not easy to choose the right one. To help you out, we have listed some free heat mapping tools that can help you improve your website or app.

1- WatchThemLive – The Best Heatmap Tool

watchthemlive homepage

WatchThemLive is a behavior analytics tool that offers unlimited free heat maps on its free plan. With WatchThemLive’s heatmaps, you can track users’ clicks and taps. In addition, you can monitor users’ interactions with buttons, links, images, and other elements. This way, you can optimize your web pages and calls to action to increase conversions. 

The good news is that WatchThemLive provides you with many more features, including:

  • Session replay
  • Website analytics
  • Goal tracking
  • User tracking
  • Page optimization

You can use all these features for free besides heatmaps. Using this tool, you will understand your users to create an optimal user experience.

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2- Plerdy – One of the Free Website Heatmap Tools


Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization platform that includes a free heatmap tool. This tool enables you to track and analyze users’ behavior by recording their interactions on your website. Therefore, you can better understand the reason behind users’ actions. 

With Plerdy’s heatmaps, you will be able to identify the areas of your website with the highest click-through rate, understand users’ behavioral patterns, analyze CTA engagement, etc.

Keep in mind that this tool offers only three heatmap reports on the free plan.

3- Wisdom – Understand Your User’s Experience with Free Heatmaps


Wisdom helps you understand users’ experiences across your website. The marketing analytics feature includes free click heat mapping. 

This tool gives aggregates data about users’ clicking activity on your web pages. Then, you can find out how to improve the customer experience. You can also identify some UX design issues.

4- Browsee – Free Heat Mapping Tool to Understand User Behavior

Browsee homepage

Browsee is another behavior analytics platform with a free plan that includes heatmaps. With Browsee’s heatmaps, you can visually understand your website visitors’ actions.

You can determine the unnecessary items on your web pages to remove them. It also lets you see which elements users click on and which ones they ignore. Moreover, you can find out how to improve user engagement throughout your website and reduce bounce rates.

5- Ptengine – Improve Your Website with Free Heat Maps

Ptengine homepage

Ptengine is an analytics platform that offers a free heatmap tool. However, you can only create one heatmap with the free plan.  

Ptengine helps you understand users’ behavior and see what they are doing on your website to personalize the experience and increase conversions. The heatmaps will also allow you to immediately understand of how users interact with your website.

6- ClickHeat –  An Open-Source Free Heatmap Software

ClickHeat homepage

ClickHeat is another free heatmap tool on our list, which is an open-source software program. With this tool, you can create click heatmaps for HTML pages. 

The software requirements include Javascript on the browser’s client, and Apache or Lighttpd, PHP, and GD2 graphic library on the server. The software is completely free, and there’s also a demo available.

7- Heatmap.com –  A Real-Time Free Heat Map Tool

Heatmap.com homepage

Heatmap.com is a free heatmap software that provides real-time data. This tool enables you to see the heatmap directly on your website without needing a separate tab or window, and the data is constantly updated. 

You have to add the Javascript tag to your HTML code to use this tool. With the free plan, you can only analyze up to 5 pages.

8- Smartlook – A Free Heatmap Tool to Analyze User Behavior

Smartlook homepage

Smartlook is a heatmap tool that provides 3 heatmaps in its free plan and records website visitors’ mouse moves and clicks. It has video recording and works with desktop and mobile devices. 

For using this tool, you can implement the code to your website’s HTML or you can integrate it into your content management system.


These days, using third-party tools such as website heatmap is common among businesses. However, some companies prefer not to pay for some tools and use free versions. 

So in this article, we listed the best free heatmap tools to help you out if you are one of those businesses looking for one.

Our list includes WatchThemLive, Plerdy, Wisdom, Browsee, Ptengine, ClickHeat, and Heatmap.com. Each of these tools has its own limitations and capabilities, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs. 

On this list, WatchThemLive offers unlimited free heatmaps. Also, the free plan includes many other features that enable you to gain a deep understanding of your audience to create the best user experience. Sign up and snag WatchThemLive now!

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