Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Features and Pricing

mouseflow review

Believe it or not, even if attracting traffic to your website is going well right now, it isn’t enough to keep your business afloat. To get the most out of that traffic investment, marketers must utilize their conversion rate optimization strategies to persuade that traffic to take the required action. If you are here, it means that you’re one step closer to purchasing one of these services for your business. That’s great news for us, and thank you for considering us. But let’s be honest, each product has its strengths and weaknesses, and we are not free of that. In this Mouseflow review, we will discuss each aspect of these two services in detail and mention their pros and cons. Therefore, you can make your decision easier, and freely pick one according to your business and needs. 

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Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Safety

Is the service you’re using completely safe? This is the most critical question that you should ask when considering services like us. 

Just like WatchThemLive, safety is a top priority for Mouseflow. They only use the most reliable and secure data centers for their platform. 

As for WatchThemLive, we use secure options for transmitting your information. Data from SSL-encrypted pages is only transmitted through encrypted SSL connections. And of course, access is limited to a few chosen personnel. Also, we will never send your data out to third-party companies without your permission.

Winner? Let me say I’m more sure about the WatchThemLive procedure. 

Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Session Replay

Session recording is a useful CRO tool that allows you to see how your users interact with your website anonymously. It’s as if you’re standing right next to them, watching them visit your website, and click or scroll on it. As we mentioned before, security is an essential factor here and must be guaranteed.

So, how is session replay done in Mouseflow? As they mention on their official website, they are not using any sampling for their recordings. If you don’t know what sampling is, don’t worry; here is a complete guide for sampling. But in short, you can think of it as taking a portion of your data for analysis. 

As we were saying, Mouseflow doesn’t use sampling in their session recording. This means you need to analyze each and every visitor to your website. No matter if they are your favorite persona or not. This can make it complicated and time-consuming to analyze the data that has been gathered.

Mouseflow all recordings
Mouseflow session recording reports without sampling

In WatchThemLive, we give you the power. You are able to choose. To use or not to use sampling in your recordings. For example, you are able to choose between multiple filters like URL, country, tags, page count, device, browser, etc. This gives you the ability to manage how you want to deal with your data. 

So which one do we recommend?  Of course, WatchThemLive.

Session replay

Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Heatmaps

Another excellent service for examining your website pages is a heatmap tool. You may use this tool to observe which parts of your website receive the most attention from your visitors. 

Speaking of heatmaps in this Mouseflow review, it gets harder to choose between these two services. Mouseflow, as you can see in the picture provided below, has five different types of heatmapping. This may be overwhelming for small and new businesses but is effective in a larger scheme. You can choose what kind of heatmap you need and get started. It will do all the rest. 

mouseflow heatmap - mouselfow review

WatchThemLive, on the other hand, provides you with a sufficient number of types to keep its pricing as low as possible. Imagine paying lots of extra fees for tools that won’t be used at all. These tools are great, but many companies don’t need them at all. WatchThemLive heatmap tool will give exactly what you need: Where your visitors’ attention on your website is devoted to, where to put your essential features on your website, etc.

Now for choosing our winner here, you must consider your needs and budget. If you are a multinational company with lots of websites and a huge budget, Mouseflow is better for you. Otherwise, our choice is WatchThemLive.

WatchThemLive heatmap

Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Analytics

As we discussed in this Mouseflow review, all of the above services will provide you with the data you need. After that, it’s time for some analysis. Otherwise, this data is worth nothing. In this field, any company can say their service is the best because of any reason. Ordinary people like us don’t know much about mathematics and analysis. All we see is the result. 

WatchThemLive analysis uses the most recent machine learning and AI algorithms to provide you with helpful information. You can give it any form or data and expect the best. If some customers leave, you can watch their session replay to find out why. Or if your website’s bounce rate is high, WatchThemLive is there to help you find out the reason. 


In this case, Mouseflow is left behind. They don’t include any analytics feature in their services. All you can do with your data is to collect them by filters such as devices and send them to a third-party company for analyzing them. Clearly, this is not interesting at all.

Mouseflow analytics

Our winner here is WatchThemLive, for sure. 

Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Pricing

As we proceed in this Mouseflow review, it’s time for the critical part of every decision-making journey. In this case, Mouseflow pricing. Mouseflow provides a 14-day trial that can be useful for testing. But for business purposes and a little bit more critical projects, it’s not suitable at all. That’s because of the low number of records. 

Keep in mind that you have to purchase an additional plan for every website you need to add to your project if you have signed up for the free or starter plan. 

mouseflow pricing - mouseflow review

WatchThemLive has less expensive packages, and also is offering way more than Mouseflow in terms of services. With this tool’s free program, for example, you can record 5,000 session recordings. Compare this to 500 session recordings of Mouseflow.

The cost of WatchThemLive is as follows:

wtl pricing

Mouseflow vs. WatchThemLive: Winner?

It can be said that in multiple features, WatchThemLive was our winner. But there are some cases in which Mouseflow really can help your business, and it’s understandable. For this matter, WatchThemLive is the right choice for you if you: 

  • Need multiple search filters on your data
  • Want to analyze your data without any need for third-party companies
  • Want to make a great customer experience 
  • Are low on budget but want a quality product
  • Need to have organized user profiles for user tracking goals
  • Need page optimization for better revenue


This Mouseflow review discussed this behavior analytics tool from different angles such as session replay, heatmaps, analysis, etc. We also managed to provide you with a better Mouseflow alternative, WatchThemLive. You are the one who must evaluate your company’s needs and decide which tool and why you should purchase. All we want for your business is to grow and flourish. 

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