7 Ways Heat Map Softwares Boost Your Conversion

Using heat map software is one of the most powerful ways to boost conversions

These days, many marketers get help from tools to track and analyze user behavior on their websites. These tools have considerably facilitated understanding website visitors’ behavior and interactions. Without them, marketers would face a lot of problems when designing strategies to increase the conversion rate.  

In this blog post, we are focusing on one of the most effective user behavior tracking tools, heat maps, and how to use them to achieve a higher conversion rate.  

Let’s begin.    

What Is Heat Mapping Software?

Heat map software visualizes a website’s numerical data using colors. Heat maps help you easily understand your visitors’ behavior on different web pages. For example, a click heat map displays a graphical representation of users’ click activity on your website. 

This type of visual data is understandable to everyone and speeds up the data analysis process. 

Want to know more about heat mapping? Check out our complete guide to heat maps.


How to Boost Conversions with Heat Map Software?

Here are some ways heat map software can help you make more people convert:

1- Understanding User Behavior

Analyzing heat maps helps you better understand users’ behavior. When you know how visitors interact with your website’s elements and what they are interested in, you will be able to improve your website more effectively.

Optimizing your website based on your visitors’ needs and interests creates a more satisfying experience for them. And More satisfied users mean more conversions.   

2- Finding Problems

You can use heat map software to find out if there are any problems on your website that prevent users from converting. Maybe unclickable elements are creating too much distraction, or visitors get confused about the next step they should take. 

Heat maps provide information that allows you to make the path to conversion more simple for your visitors. 

3- Improving Web Page Design

Website heat maps are an excellent tool for improving your web pages’ design. 

Your call to action isn’t attracting enough attention? Perhaps you should place the elements differently to make the CTA more visible. 

Need to design a long landing page? A scroll map can help you figure out how to create your page to encourage more people to scroll down.

Your website’s design has a significant effect on the conversion rate. 

4- Optimizing Internal Linking

Visitors who spend more time on your website and get more engaged are more likely to convert. Internal links are a great way to make users spend more time on your website. Heat map software can help you make them even more engaging. 

Heatmaps can show you which links are receiving more clicks and which anchor texts are capturing more attention. You can make the most out of your internal links knowing which anchors are more popular. It also improves user experience helping users better navigate through your website. 

5- Testing Web Pages

Many website owners use heatmap tools to test their web pages’ performance. Imagine you want to perform A/B testing on your landing page to discover which one leads to more conversions. You can use heat map software to compare the performance of the two versions of your landing page with each other. 

You can understand how users interact with each version and find out which one is more effective. Using heat maps, you can find out exactly what makes one page perform better than the other one. 

6- Improving CTAs

CTAs have a direct impact on your conversion rate. So optimizing them is essential for achieving better results. Heat mapping is a great way to figure out how calls to action are performing. 

By analyzing click maps, you can better understand users’ clicking activity and how much they pay attention to CTAs. Maybe you should make them more simple, change the color, or change their place. 

7- Providing Accurate Data

Heat maps present data gathered from the activity of a large number of website visitors. And most of these visitors are probably your target audience. Therefore, Heat maps can provide the most reliable information about your visitors. Also, the more important thing is that they are easy to understand. 

Having access to accurate data can definitely help you boost conversions.  

Best Heat Map Software

Are you looking for the best heat map software?

Watch Them Live is one of the best website visitor tracking tools that help website owners increase their conversion rate. This tool offers a set of user behavior tracking features that include click maps. Click maps are one of the most powerful types of heat maps.  

The click maps provide you with helpful data about your website visitors’ clicking activity. For example, you can find out how much users are paying attention to your call to action, which has a major effect on your conversion rate. 

WTL also offers other useful features such as session replays, website analytics, and real-time data. You can use these features along with click maps to get the best results. 

Want to use Watch Them Live heat maps to boost sales? Check out the plans here and choose the one that best suits your needs.      


Conclusion on Heat Map Software

Today, many marketers and website owners take advantage of heat map software to increase sales and conversions. This data visualization method has become very popular because of the accurate information it offers. Moreover, any person can understand the data that heat maps present. 

Heat map software can help you optimize your website for more conversions in many ways, and we discussed some of them in this article. We also introduced Watch Them Live as a powerful user behavior tool that offers heat maps.  

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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