6 Reasons Why You Should Track Website Activity Logging

website activity logging

With more than 1.7 billion available websites it is getting increasingly difficult to compete in today’s digital world. That implies your competitors are virtually certain to have a website that functions similarly to yours.

So, how can you ensure that your website is competitive? How can you understand that your internet marketing operations are yielding the most potential return on investment? Web analytics is where it all begins. Because you can’t manage and improve what you don’t know much about.

Let’s discuss in more detail why you should log website activity. You track website activity because they enable you to:

1- Better Understand Visitors and Enhance their Experience

When it comes to business decision making ensure that you are boosting the current customer experience, not hurting it. If it can attract more new users, it is even better and more rewarding. That’s why you need to understand your users to make the best decisions.

Try to understand who your users are in terms of demographics, location, social status, and interests. So, based on this valuable data you can take necessary actions to enhance the user experience. You can use data from your behavioral and psychographic segmentation to better understand your users.

Similarly, you should learn about the technology they are using to view your website (device, operating system, and browsers). This allows you to verify its compatibility with those technologies and make required adjustments.

Here’s how you can better understand your website visitors to improve their experience using Watch Them Live:

WTL analytics operating system and browser data

A great tool that facilitates collecting such data is our robust web analytics. It shows where your customers are, which browser they use, and what their operating systems are.

Let’s discuss how tracking your users and understanding them enhances the user experience:

  • Demographics, interests, and social status data help you realize what they need and what suits them. Then, you can make changes to your website to make it more beneficial for them.
  • User’s location data allows you to identify where most of your users are and what language they speak. So, you can localize your website to make it more convenient for them to use it. As a result, you eliminate the language barrier and enhance usability.
  • Knowing what devices and browsers your visitors use to browse your website help you focus your UX efforts on them. For example, if most of the users browse your website on mobile you can make your website mobile-friendly or responsive.

Simply, sign up for our 90-day free trial to check who your users are:


2- Analyze Content and Improve it

Website activity logging provides you with valuable information on your most successful content. Analytic tools such as Watch Them Live show you the most visited pages and contents on your website. Also, you can check their bounce rate and better analyze and optimize content.

For example, you may add more CTAs on your most visited web pages. This helps you increase your conversion rate and thus your revenue. Similarly, you can change the whole website’s design or make modifications to your top landing pages to optimize them.

You can also figure out what kind of material works and what doesn’t. That way, you can concentrate on content that most visitors like. So, website activity logging and visitor tracking is a practical strategy to increase your site’s engagement and attract more visitors.

3- Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important factors in your company’s success is SEO. The more organic traffic your website receives, the more leads and conversions it will generate.

Website analytics may assist your SEO efforts in several ways. For example, you can produce targeted content pieces and improve your search engine exposure by data collected from activity logging.

If you track the incoming visitors’ search queries, you will know what they are looking for. Then, you can optimize your website based on those queries and keywords to attract more visitors.

4- Know the Channels that Bring More Referrals

You can monitor who referred the most traffic to your company site using website analytics. So, you can evaluate the data, and focus on tactics to increase referrals from them.

For example, if search engines drive the majority of your traffic, your website’s SEO is powerful. It means that you can increase your website’s reach and attract more visitors than ever before with no extra work.

5- Better Identify Outbound Partnership Opportunities

Website activity logging not only reveals your site referrals but also shows to whom you are referring. You may examine the top links clicked on your website leading to other websites using WTL Analytics or Google Analytics. So, you can evaluate them, and reach out to those websites with partnership offers.

Many firms have grown as a result of cooperation with other similar businesses. This has resulted in reciprocal recommendations and cross-promotions. Finding the perfect business partner, reach out, and ask for collaboration is impossible unless you know what fits the partnership.

Thus, website activity logging helps you clearly see such collaboration opportunities. Also, it provides you with data to support your partnership offer.

6- Track Digital Marketing Metrics

Whatever product or service you provide, the sales report is the most crucial report you should study. Thankfully, website activity logging and analytics solutions like ours compile all of your key eCommerce metrics into one report. So, it helps you monitor your total revenue, conversion rates, top items, top referral sources, and so on.

The Best Website Activity Logging Tool

Of course, Google Analytics is a well-known tool to log visitor activities on websites. Though, it seems challenging to activate advanced tracking on it without coding knowledge.

On the other hand, Watch Them Live has a simple one-time installation process to access all of its features. So, you can simply register and set it up on your website using this guide and access tools such as analytics, session replays, and heatmaps.


Now you know the importance of tracking website activity logging. It is time to set an analytics tool on your website and start growing your online business to new levels.

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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