Top 20 Web Analytics Tools You Must Know About 

web analytics tools

Website analysis has become a crucial step that you should consider in order to understand which part needs to be improved and which is working perfectly well. There are different web analytic tools that you can use to improve your website’s traffic, conversion, and user experience. Above all, you can optimize your visitor’s journey by the features the analytic tools provide you with. 

Here we have made a list of the top 20 website analytics tools, along with pricing details and pros and cons. The information can help you choose the best tool for your website.

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What Is a Web Analytics Tool?

A web analytics tool is a software program that measures, monitors and analyzes Internet traffic to a website. The data collected by the web analytics tool can be used to improve the website’s performance and user experience. The data includes where visitors are from, how long they stay, and what activities they have while they are on your website. There are many different types of web analytics tools available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. To choose the right web analytics tool for your needs, it is important to understand what type of data you want to collect and what features are most important to you. Some popular web analytics tools are introduced here.

How Do Web Analytics Tools Work?

We can categorize web analytics metrics into onsite analytics and offsite analytics.

  • Onsite analytics: Uses site-specific data to track visitors to a specific website. This is the type of web analysis used by marketers to know about an individual’s website performance. Onsite analytics works on the basis of page tagging. The code helps in collecting information from different web pages, and their visitors. The information is then further passed on to web analytics organizations to create reports.
  • Off-site analytics: Uses internet-wide information to determine the most visited pages. This is the type of web analysis based on complete industrial-based website performance.

Nearly all analytics tools ‘tag’ their web pages using a snippet in that web page code. This tag can help the analytics tool to count every time that the page gets a visitor or a click. This tag can also gather information like the user’s device, browser, and location. Some web analytics services use cookies to track individual sessions and repeat visits from the same browser; but some users delete cookies and as a result, the browser faces many restrictions around code snippets. So, no analytics tool can claim that they have full accuracy of data and different tools can sometimes produce different results. 

Web Analytics Tools

In the following sections, we have introduced some top web analytics tools. We have tried to list the best tools for web analytics or the ones that offer a freemium model.

1. WatchThemLive


Our number one suggested tool is absolutely WatchThemLive. This tool includes some outstanding features like heatmaps, session replays, and web analytics. These features enable you to directly see what your users are doing and which part of the page gets the most attention.

Web Analytics 

Website analytics lets you collect and analyze a website’s data in order to measure its effectiveness. The data you receive enables you to have a better understanding of your target market, optimization of your website, and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can also gain valuable information about your visitors’ behavior and boost your business growth. By performing a website analysis, you can simply deliver a better user experience, as it can give you insights into the ways of improving user experience. For instance, you can gain information like what device your visitors are using, which country they are from, what their browsing language is, and what operating system they are using.

Watch this video to learn more about the WatchThemLive analytics dashboard.

Session replays

Session recordings are great for seeing the whole journey each customer takes. WatchThemLive session replay is a perfect way of gathering qualitative data, and you can set filters such as name, device, location, etc., to check the exact data you are looking for. 

WatchThemLive session replay


A Heatmap is a graphical representation of data in which different colors are used to display the data and its different values. A heatmap is an analytics tool that uses colors to make complex data easily understandable.


To add a website on your account you should click on the website, and then on the “Add Website” button on the top right of the page. 


Then you should add your website name, and domain and click submit. The next step is to choose a method to add a tracking code to your website. Watch the video below for more information.

Pricing: Free plan is available. The pricing plan is as it is categorized below:

Monthly Annual
Individual Silver$29$24
Individual Gold$49$41
Team Silver$69$58
Team Gold$99$83

If you are interested, sign up now! 

2. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free popular web analytics tool from Google. It is used to measure web traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, real-time number of visitors on your page, etc.

Once you enter the Google analytics code into your website’s HTML, it can start measuring the mentioned goals for you. After completing each goal, Google logs the conversion into your analytics reports.

It can also report the keywords that direct people to your website along with the browser they use. But it can only provide you with quantitative data, so WatchThemLive has a priority over Google Analytics in terms of measuring both quantitative and qualitative data.

Pricing: Free!

3. Yandex Metrica


Yandex Metrica is a great analytics tool you can use to collect data about your visitors’ sessions. The tool can give you insights into web traffic and user behavior. Another feature is that you can access click maps and scroll heatmaps. To start working with this tool, you need to create and install a code (which is called a tag) to insert onto your webpage and set up strategies.

Pricing: Free!

4. Mixpanel


Mixpanel is a web analytics tool that allows you to analyze how users interact with your online product. It actively tracks visitor behavior and KPIs for companies. It also offers real-time insights into people’s interactions with a particular product.

Pricing: They can provide you with a limited free plan, and the paid plans start at $25 per month.

5. Matomo 


Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is one of the famous web analysis tools that can provide detailed reports, including the visitors’ browsers, the keywords they use, the language on their devices, and the files they download.

 Pricing: They have a free plan version and the pricing starts from $9 per month.

6. StatCounter


Statcounter is a free web analytics tool for up to 500 page views monthly. It is used for tracking website traffic, session analysis, page views, and real-time visitors. The premium account version includes features like landing page analysis and paid traffic tracking. 

Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available. Pricing starts at $9 per month and $89 per year for 100,000 page views.

7. Amplitude


Amplitude is a product analytics platform that helps with visitor tracking and tracking user behavior. This platform uses behavioral reports in order to understand users’ interactions with products and provide insights into the customer experience.

Pricing: If you are a startup with under $5M in funding and fewer than 20 employees, you can ask for a yearly free growth plan at Amplitude’s Scholarship Program, and for the exact pricing, you need to contact them.

8. Baidu Analytics


Baidu Analytics is a free tracking tool that collects and reports visitors’ traffic data. Baidu Analytics monitors the web statistics of your website and allows you to view the number of visitors to your site, the time of their visit, and their entry point. Like other analytics tools, Baidu analytics provides information that can give you great insight into the performance of your website.

Pricing: They have a free trial, but you should contact their community to obtain current pricing.

9. Bitly


Bitly is mainly known as a free link shortener, but it also gives you the tool to efficiently analyze your visitors’ performance. How? Bitly can report the number of clicks that links generated, track the time of clicks, and the platforms that were used to share the links. This can give you an insight into which social media platform drives you the most traffic. 

To be honest, you cannot get as much information as you can get from Google Analytics, but there are still advantages to using this package. For example, it tracks app opens, mobile web visits, store visits, and the number of times people download your app.

Pricing: Bitly offers a limited free plan, and the pricing starts from $29 per month.

10. Open Web Analytics


Open Web Analytics (OWA) is a free and open-source web analytics tool that can track and analyze the way people use your website. Open Web Analytics can track page views, visits, and repeat visitors over time.

Pricing: Free!

11. SimilarWeb 


SimilarWeb is one of the well-known web analytics tools. It can gather information about users’ performance, the spent time on your website, page views, and website traffic. SimilarWeb will also give you the opportunity to see the current trends and strategies to boost overall success and revenue. You may also want to use this tool in order to see what can be implemented in your business and what can be changed to witness improvement.

Pricing: For a basic limited plan you can have the free version and for the enterprise-level plan you need to contact them.

12. Adobe Analytics


With Adobe Analytics, you will be able to measure visits, page views, and click in real-time. You can also create segments on a single data point, and Adobe Analytics changes these segments into intuitive visuals.

Pricing: There is no free version and it can cost more than $100,000 a year, based on the number of your hits.

13. Woopra


Woopra is an analytics platform used to understand the customer journey from the very first moment a visitor sets his foot on your site. This is helpful for analyzing users’ behavior, learning how to engage them, and finally turning them into loyal customers.

Pricing: The price ranges from free to $999 per month. An enterprise plan is also available which you have to contact them for its pricing.

14. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)


Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), is a web testing and conversion optimization tool that enables you to record visitor sessions and also, to perform experiments by A/B testing different graphical and textual on-page elements.  

Pricing: It offers a free trial of its web analytics tool. For the exact pricing, you need to contact their team.

15. PageSpeed Insights


PageSpeed is another free Google tool that lets you check the speed your web pages require to load; are they fast, or slow? You need to keep the speed up in the age of high-speed internet. Despite your high-speed internet connection, your website might experience a long loading time and that can negatively affect your web page; not many users wait for more than two seconds for your page to load. 

Pricing: The website analytics tool has a free version that is limited to 500 URLs. The paid version starts at $209 per year.

16. PaveAI


If you’ve used Google Analytics,  you’ve probably noticed referrer spam line after line that are shown up in your reports. PaveAI is a free tool that can remove fake web traffic from your reports and give you precise traffic data. It works in conjunction with Google Analytics and uses the Management API to add new filters once referrer spam is detected continually.

Pricing: Free trial is available and the pricing starts from $39 per month.

17. Pingdom


Pingdom is another web analytics tool that tests your website for different factors that might affect it to perform slowly. The Pingdom Javascript library should be added throughout your site to collect the data, and then it can monitor your site and server for latency issues. Pingdom allows you to monitor your website’s performance through transaction monitoring, page speed monitoring and uptime monitoring. Pricing: There is a 30-day free trial, and their pricing starts at $13per month, to $199 per month for the professional package.

18. Screaming Frog SEO


Screaming Frog SEO is a web analysis tool that not only lets you see who your website visitors are, but also uses a bot and provides insightful data to find errors. All you need to do is entering the URL of your website and wait for some minutes to get a comprehensive technical SEO audit. Then, you will be able to find and fix broken links, check 404 pages and analyze your onsite SEO. 

Pricing: This analytics tool has a free version for up to 500 URLs, and the paid version’s cost starts at $209 per year.

19. MOZ


Moz lets you view the backlinks, analyze the competitions, and explore potential linking opportunities. You can use this tool to find new keywords and content ideas by keeping an eye on your competitors.

Pricing: There’s a 30-day free trial, and pricing starts at $99 per month.

20. Google Search Console


And finally, last but not least, Google Search Console. This is a powerful tool available to all websites that are part of Google Search results, free and paid. Google Search Console helps you track your website’s performance, and with the help of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you will learn to attract new visitors to your site. Also, it provides a number of tools to assist you in finding and fixing the issues.

Pricing: And yes, Google Search Console is free!


Generally, understanding customers’ behavior and needs should become a priority, especially when it comes to improving your product and website in order to convert occasional visitors into loyal customers. We have made a list of the 20 most popular analytics tools here, as they can help you maximize your business ability by informing you about your customers’ needs, habits, and expectations. Among all the web analytics tools we have introduced in this article, WatchThemLive is our first suggestion. Sign up for free and see what’s next!

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