Click Tracking: What Is It and How to Use it?


If you are looking for a way to understand user behavior effectively, website click tracking is the answer. The clicking activity on your website can tell you a lot about your visitors.

Tracking clicks on your website helps you figure out what visitors do on your website and what they are interested in or not. Understanding user interactions and behavior is key to improving your website and offering the best user experience.

Read on to find out what click tracking is and how you can use it to good advantage. We will also introduce an excellent click tracking tool at the end of this blog post.

What Is Website Click Tracking?

Website click tracking is a user behavior tracking method that marketers and webmasters apply to monitor and analyze visitors’ clicking behavior. There are three main ways to collect and present click tracking data:

Analyzing this data allows you to identify users’ clicking patterns. For example, maybe an unclickable image is receiving a considerable number of clicks. This means there is something about the image that’s confusing your visitors, and you need to fix it.

Website analysts use this data to increase lead conversion rates, improve user engagement, and optimize the user experience.

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How to Use Website Click Tracking?

Click tracking is a powerful tool for understanding your target audience’s behavior. Knowing your target audience and how they interact with your website helps you improve your website to earn more revenue.

Here are some of the ways to use click tracking to grow your business:

1- Find Out What’s Working on Your Website

If visitors are not paying attention to the key elements of your website, all your effort will go to waste. Your call to action is the part of the web page that encourages your visitors to convert, so it has to capture their interest. Click tracking lets you know if your CTA or any other important element needs changes for better results.

Additionally, you can figure out which areas are receiving a higher engagement to make them even better.

You can also use click tracking to discover areas that are not adding value to your website. You can make use of this space for more valuable elements.

2- Monitor Micro-conversions

Monitoring micro-conversions is essential for optimizing the users’ path toward the conversion goal. All the actions users take should lead them to your website’s goal. Click tracking enables you to see if users are taking the right actions or not to reach the conversion goal.

If users aren’t interacting with your website effectively, you will know at which points they get distracted or discouraged.

3- Identify Errors

Click tracking is the best way to understand how clicks are working on your website. Using this method, you can track:

  • Rage Clicks: Rage clicks are repeated clicks on a specific element on your website within a short time. They indicate users’ frustration mainly because the element they have clicked on is not performing as expected.
  • Error Clicks: Error clicks are when a JavaScript error happens. So, they show you there are technical issues that you need to fix.
  • Dead Clicks: Dead clicks are when users click on an element, but nothing happens within a few seconds. They can be clicks on a submit button that’s not working or unclickable elements.

As you can see, tracking clicks can help you detect many different types of problems on your website. For example, you can easily find broken links or buttons and identify unclickable elements that are getting too many clicks.

4- Increase Your Conversion Rate

Marketers and website owners should constantly improve and test their websites to obtain more conversions. By analyzing users’ clicking activity, you can discover what needs improvements.

And after you make changes to your website, you need to perform tests to see how things are working out. Click tracking is an excellent tool for website testing and measuring the success of the improvements you have made.

Maybe you find out most users are not interacting with your CTA button. Therefore, you decide to change its position on the web page. Then, the click tracking software shows you how visitors are interacting differently, so you can figure out if you’ve made the right decision or not.

Best Click Tracking Software

There are many click-tracking tools to choose from. You can use a tool like Google Analytics click tracking, but it only offers numerical data and very simple click heat maps. That’s why we are introducing a click tracking software that lets you track and analyze your website’s clicks in different ways.

Click Tracking with Watch Them Live

Watch Them Live offers the most powerful user activity tracking tools for websites. This service allows you to track visitors’ clicks using quantitative data, click heat maps, and session replays.


Let’s see how the clicks maps and session recordings can help you:

  • Click Heat Maps: With the click maps, you can track users’ clicking activity in the most simple way. This valuable type of data visualization uses colors to represent values. The red spots indicate the most user engagement, while the colder spots represent fewer interactions. Use them to figure out if important elements are attracting users or if unclickable objects are confusing them.


  • Session Replays: Session recordings provide information that’s complementary to heat maps’ data. Heat maps offer aggregate data collected from all website visitors, on the other hand, recordings show the clicking behavior of each user. Heat mapping displays how much people interact with objects, but you can use recordings to see why they are interacting in a particular way.

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Start tracking clicks on your website with Watch Them Live now! Check out the plans here and choose the one that best suits your needs.



Click tracking allows you to understand visitors’ clicking behavior on your website. It shows you what’s capturing their attention. So, you can better design your website based on their interests to increase your revenue and conversion rate.

To get the best results from website click tracking, remember to choose a tool that offers comprehensive data.

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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