Lead Conversion: When Visitors Become Buyers

lead conversion

What does lead conversion mean? 

A lead conversion happens when one of your website’s visitors converts to a customer. Lead conversions don’t happen by themselves. It requires a lot of effort to make users complete the conversion goal. 

First of all, you need to achieve a deep understanding of your visitors. After knowing what your visitors’ needs and interests are, you have to design a lead conversion system. Then, to get the most out of your leads, you should develop lead conversion strategies and put them into practice.      

To help you out, in this blog post, we’ll show you how to optimize your lead conversion efforts and your conversion rate. So, let’s dive in! 

Creating a Lead Conversion Process

Having a plan for lead conversion is essential for achieving your marketing goals and staying ahead of the competition.   

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to create an effective lead conversion process:

1- Optimize Your Content

Trust is one of the most important factors in converting leads to sales. But how can you gain your website visitors’ trust? One of the best ways to win users’ trust is by optimizing your content. 

Always share high-quality content that provides your visitors with valuable information. Try to educate them about your products or services to help them in their purchasing decision.  Moreover, use engaging visuals and effective calls to action. 

Remember to keep a consistent brand voice to show you are a reliable company. 

2- Build an Effective SEO Strategy

Brand visibility is another key factor for converting more leads. If people can’t find you among all those companies out there, you won’t have any chance.

Improving your website’s SEO is the first thing you should do to increase your brand’s visibility. Make sure to always stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes and SEO strategies to rank higher on Google. 

The higher you rank on Google, the more people will see you, so you will generate more leads.

3- Create a High-converting Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the most critical stages of customers’ journey that have a considerable impact on your lead conversion rate. The main focus of this page is converting leads to customers. Therefore, it’s really important to create an effective landing page. And design your call to action carefully since it’s the most significant element on landing pages. 

Check out our landing page checklist to make sure you have included all the key elements for a higher lead conversion rate. 

high-converting landing pageImage Source

4- Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a powerful tool for generating leads. These days, social media has become interwoven in our daily lives, and it’s playing a big role in it. 

These platforms have opened up excellent opportunities for businesses to promote their brand and attract users’ attention. Social media is also a great way to get to know who your audience is and what they are interested in to improve your lead conversion strategies. 

5- Make the Most of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common marketing tool for collecting leads. Use this tool to establish strong relationships with your audience.

Marketing emails influence the buying decision of 59% of users. So, it’s also an excellent way to inform people about your products and services to get them interested in your brand.  

Best Lead Conversion Strategies

If you want to increase your lead conversion rate, you have to do more than just creating a lead conversion system. It’s essential to formulate strategies to convert as many leads as possible. So, here are the best lead conversion strategies:

1- Add Live Chat to Your Website

Using live chat on your website is an excellent strategy to convert leads to customers. It can help you understand your visitors’ needs to improve your website. 

Many visitors abandon websites because of the problems they face during their experience. Live chat is a great way to communicate with users and find out what problems they are having with your website. When you are there to help visitors, they are less likely to leave, and they can make their purchasing decision more easily.

Furthermore, live chat enables you to collect accurate user feedback to create a better user experience.  

get user feedback on website with live chat

2- Know Your Target Market

If you want to generate leads that are more likely to convert, you have to understand who your target audience is. Knowing your target market and how they behave, you can create more relevant content that encourages leads to convert. 

By analyzing your current customer base, you can obtain valuable information about your target audience. This data helps you to optimize your marketing strategies for more conversions. 

3- Track User Behavior on Your Website

Understanding user behavior is a key factor in optimizing lead conversion rate. Tracking users’ interactions with your website is an excellent way to figure out how to create a high-converting website.  

Website visitor tracking tools, such as Watch Them Live, help you monitor users much more effectively. 

WTL offers user behavioral tracking services that provide you with useful information about users’ activity on your website. Let’s takes a look at two of this tool’s powerful features and how they can help you convert more leads:

  • Heat Maps: The click maps offer a visual representation of your website visitors’ clicking activity. You can see if the right elements are capturing users’ attention or not. If your calls to action are not getting much attention, it means you’re losing lead conversion opportunities. 


  • Session Replays: The session recording feature lets you watch how visitors are actually interacting with your website. You can exactly see what’s preventing them from converting. It’s the simplest way to identify the problems that users encounter while navigating through your website.   

session replay watch them live

Want to boost your lead conversion rate with Watch Them Live? Check out the plans here and choose the one that best suits your needs.   



Creating a robust lead conversion process takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s necessary to ensure your business’s survival. 

Make sure to obtain a deep and comprehensive understanding of your audience to develop the most effective lead conversion strategies.  

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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