The 7 Best Tools to Record Website Visitors for FREE

The 7 Best Tools to Record Website Visitors for FREE

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Despite being relatively new, tools that help us record website visitors have become necessary for almost every marketer.

Website visitor recording solutions have also given UX designers comprehensive and accurate insights to improve their Key Website UX Metrics.

They can point out every interaction visitors have with a website and visually show the customer’s journeys.

This is possible by allowing businesses to record, replay and even save these visitor interactions, also known as session recording.

Despite some concerns about security and users’ rights surrounding these tools, multiple companies offer entirely safe options.

In this article, we introduce some of the best tools that help you record website visitors.

But first, let’s cover some basic explanations that are essential to know.

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How Website Recording Software Helps You?

Tools that let you view your website through your audience’s eyes are known as visitor recording and session replay tools. They help you detect weak points on your website by analyzing the recordings; this understanding allows you to optimize your website accordingly. 

These tools enable you to do multiple optimizations. You can see where your website’s weaknesses are or which parts attract the most attention or clicks. This information can and should be used to improve visitors’ experience and is even helpful for those who wonder How to create an effective buyer journey map.

How to Record Website Visitors?

When you first consider website recordings, you might assume they’ll be challenging to obtain.

Despite what most people say, collecting website recordings is a lot easier than you can imagine.

In fact, by just adding a short snippet of code that the provider gives you to your website, you may collect online data on every one of your website users.

It may seem complicated for some of you, but I’m going to introduce some services that provide simple step-by-step guides that take less than 5 minutes to follow.

These recordings are then collected and saved for you to review on short notice. Hence, you can use these gatherings for learning your visitors’ behaviors and even use behavioral targeting methods. 

Why You Should Record Website Visitors

You may be still on the fence about using record website visitors tools. So, Let’s break down some of the critical reasons why you should.
This technology can aid your business with: 

1. Visitor Recording Helps Improve Marketing Campaigns

What is the purpose of any landing page? To turn visitors into consumers or, simply said, convert them.

If you can monitor how your users interact with your marketing landing pages, you can optimize them to maximize conversion rates.

Any marketing effort that incorporates interactions with your website can benefit from these tools. For example, you might pay for PowerPoint presentations and embed them on your website to increase engagement and time on site. You can determine if this strategy is successful by recording and tracking users’ interactions with the content.

2. By Recording Website You Can Improve Your Products

When it comes to UI and UX design, recording website visitors are super beneficial. They can also be utilized in the early stages of product development to better understand how clients interact with a particular feature of software or a web service.

As a result, the software or application is created from the ground up with the user’s experience in mind.

Without website recordings, your team may create UI and UX experiences that have not yet been user-tested, lengthening the time it takes to find product bugs and issues. And maybe, in the end, it won’t satisfy the users because of your lack of information. 

3. Recording Website Lets You Easily Solve Website Issues

Many of your website visitors may encounter a problem that prevents them from becoming a customer. We call these problems pain points. 

The worst thing that can happen is not being aware of these flaws

As a result, you’d be in the dark about a problem that’s costing your precious budget or revenue. 

By checking your website recordings, you can identify undetected difficulties harming your business and avoid future losses.

In other words, you will be aware of your website’s weaknesses, and strengths before things get out of control. 

4. Record Users on Website to Become Familiar with Your Customers

As we all know, customers are the most important part of every business. Understanding how they react to specific items and products and learning about their taste can enable you to make the best decisions. 

Top 7 tools to Record Website Visitors

Here is our list of the best free tools in the market for recording your website visitors:

#1 WatchThemLive – The Best Free Website Recording Tool

watchthemlive homepage

When it comes to offering free website recording packages, WatchThemLive must be the first on the list. 

WTL provides a FREE forever plan that offers more than what other options are willing to provide in their paid website recording plans.

We try to cover all you need from a website recording tool and maybe even more with constant improvements. 

Our Session Replay service will allow you to observe your visitor’s behavior with a great UI and simple-to-follow UX. WatchThemLive lets you watch 5,000 session recordings in a month for free.

Another great tool that is also available on free packages is our heatmap service. This tool will let you know which parts of your website have attracted more attention or maybe have underperformed. You can create an unlimited number of heatmaps with our FREE plan.

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#2 Hoverowl – Recording Website Visitors Made Easy

Hoverowl homepage

Hoverowl is another useful brand out there for recording website visitors. They provide multiple services such as heatmaps, mouse tracking, session times, and so on. One of their services that can provide unique information is the location service. It will gather information about visitor location and deices that are used at that session.

Hoveowel offers free 30-day trial plans.


#3 Lucky Orange – An Affordable Solution to Website Visitor Recording

Luckyorange homepage

They give you a chance for website visitor recording and session replay solutions. They also provide services such as heat mapping. Another service that they provide is live monitoring which will tell you how many visitors are live on your website.

Users can also filter and segment recordings to better analyze their data.

Lucky orange comes with a free plan and a free 7-day trial.


#4 SessionCam – Simple Visitor Recording 

SessionCam homepage

SessionCam can be grouped with the rest among session replay and heatmap service providers. But the trait that separates them is the algorithm that SessionCam is using for visitor recording and detecting problems in visitors’ experience. This alone will persuade us to put this tool in our top 7 list. 


#5 Contentsquare – Record Website Visitors in Detail

Contentsquare homepage

Contentsquare is an experience analytics software that includes a feature to record website visitors. It enables users to visualize how visitors interact with each element of your website. They also offer a number of other solutions such as mobile app analysis, customer journey analysis, and much more.


#6 Mouseflow – Comprehensive Visitor Recording Software

Mouselow homepage

Mouseflow is one of the older visitor recording software solutions in the market. They provide services like heat mapping, click tracking, session replays, and so on. They also offer a free 14-day trial.

#7 Smartlook – Recording Website and More

Smartlook homepage

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile applications that makes recording websites look easy. It helps you understand the reason behind your customers’ behaviors and get rid of the guesswork. Smartlook provides you with a means to study user behavior at the micro-level.

Conclusion on Recording Website Visitors

By recording website visitors you will get tons of useful information that can help you optimize your business for the best results.

We talked about the many benefits of screen capture recording and how online recording and analyzing visitors’ behavior on your website can benefit your business.

When it comes to choosing a free website visitor tracking and recording tool, our number one choice is WatchThemLive. They are providing so many features on their free package and also have the most cost-efficient product on the market.

WatchThemLive provides real-time data of your users’ actions. Record how they use your product and watch them live! Assess engagement levels and user behavior in seconds. Get the insights you need to design a better user experience and maximize conversions on your web app. SIGN UP right now! It’s FREE!

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