The 6 Best Free Marketing Analytics Tools to Grow Your Business

Free marketing analytics tools

Without gathering data, you can’t call yourself a successful marketer or even a marketer. Data and marketing are two inseparable elements. Data-driven decisions make your business grow. They give you insight into designing your next campaign, solving customers’ problems, and optimizing your marketing efforts overall. 

In order to gather data, you need some tools to help you. However, choosing the right tool might be challenging. Before selecting a tool, you must have some information about it. That’s what we’re giving you here.

In this article, we’re going to introduce the best free marketing analytics tools that will take the burden off your shoulders. Keep reading to find out more.

WatchThemLive is one of the best free marketing analytics tools to help you measure your marketing efforts in every aspect possible. It has many useful features and gives you simple data about your website and its visitors. Interested? Sign up now and get started.

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What Are Marketing Analytics Tools?

Marketing analytics software are tools that measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. There are different types of digital marketing analytics tools, including email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and web analytics tools. These tools help you measure key metrics such as ROI, cost per click (CPC), website traffic, and more. 

Best Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

Here are six best marketing analytics tools:

1. WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive homepage

WatchThemLive is the best marketing analytics platform. It has so many useful features such as heatmaps, session recording, and web analytics. With these features, you can improve your content, personalize your website, find exactly what your visitors are doing on your website and optimize your conversion. How? Stay with me to find out more. 


WatchThemLive heatmap example

Heatmaps are a visualized form of data. WatchThemLive’s heatmaps give you important information about your website’s visitors. They show you areas that your visitors mostly interacted with. The tracked interactions include taps, clicks, or any mouse movement. Another good thing about heatmaps is that they don’t need extra information to be understood, unlike other visualization methods.

Also, with WatchThemLive, you can create heatmaps for any pages you want; the number is unlimited.

Heatmaps show you the most popular areas on your website so you can place your CTAs there, which results in driving more conversion. In addition, based on your visitor’s needs and behavior, heatmaps give you ideas about how to optimize your website.

Session Replays

WatchThemLive session replay

Session replays are useful tools that show your visitors’ whole journey as if you’re the one taking it. With this data, you can detect and fix any problem on your website as soon as possible and give your users a better experience. 

Web Analytics

WatchThemLive’s web analytics allows you to gather valuable information about your website’s visitors’ behaviors. Web analytics give you data about visitors’ devices or operating systems, so you can design your website considering that.

Web analytics also show you the pageview and the bounce rate of each page on your website. By doing this, you understand what content is actually getting more clicks to create more content based on that. You should know that the key to success in your marketing efforts is making excellent content.

Use Cases

  • Personalize and improve your website’s design.
  • Find the best ad placement on your website.
  • Tracks your visitor’s behavior with heatmaps and session replays.
  • Create more relevant and engaging content.
  • Increase your conversion rate by having a deeper understanding of your visitors.


WatchThemLive has a free plan and different premium packages.

The pricing for monthly packages is as follows:

  • Pro: $9 per month
  • Advanced: $39 per month
  • Enterprise: $149 per month

All these amazing features and you’re still thinking? Sign up to WatchThemLive right now and see what’s next!

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2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics homepage

With Google Analytics, you can track all your website’s activity, such as monitoring where your traffic is coming from. This tool offers a wide variety of features such as:

  • Goal tracking
  • Visitor demographics
  • Predictive analysis

Moreover, you can share this data with your team members. However, many businesses make the mistake of only using Google Analytics, but you should know that marketing is so much more than numbers and charts.


  • Creating a customizable dashboard
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Integrating with other tools


  • It doesn’t tell you the reason why a customer took an action
  • For new users, there’s a learning curve 
  • It should be more intuitive 


It is for free, but Google Analytics 360, the upgraded and unlimited version of google analytics, costs $150,000 per month.

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3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot includes CRM tools for your sales teams, email marketing, customer service, social media management, and marketing automation software. You can also use the CRM to create content for your website. 


  • If you purchase their growth package, you can run A/B testing for your landing pages.
  • You can keep all your sales and customer service marketing data in one place.


  • Working with it is hard.
  • Their lower-priced packages don’t involve A/B testing.
  • Reporting is limited. For example, it doesn’t provide data about how mobile users navigate your website.


HubSpot has a free plan and premium packages.

Their marketing package pricing is as follows:

  • Starter: $45 per month
  • Professional: $800 per month
  • Enterprise: $3,200 per month

4. Cyfe

Cyfe homepage

Cyfe is one of the most powerful marketing analytics tools out there. It measures your website analytics, social media, sales, and IT.

Cyfe brings all your data in one place to help you improve your marketing campaigns.


  • Cyfe lets you search by date or other metrics so you can see your growth over the previous month.
  • They have a combined dashboard that lets you track your activity from all your platforms.


  • It doesn’t offer as many integrations as its competitors.
  • Sometimes widgets are glitched.
  • If you want to change the size of widgets, you might face some difficulties.


Cyfe offers a 14-day free trial. You can find the premium plans’ pricing below:

  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Standard: $29 per month
  • Pro: $49 per month
  • Premier: $89 per month

5. SEMRush

SEMRush homepage

SEMRush is one of the marketing analytic tools that helps you increase your visibility on search engines. It helps you with content marketing, social media marketing, paid media, and overall marketing strategies. 

SEMRush can also analyze competitors’ performances and provide you with opportunities to keep ahead of the competition. 

It’s also suitable for link building because it has a backlinking feature analysis.


  • With the backlink feature, you can easily find the broken links.
  • Their keyword research tool offers useful keywords ideas.


  • The reporting on paid search sometimes is not correct.
  • Sometimes the social media posting tool won’t connect to social media accounts.
  • It may not give you accurate data for some metrics.


SEMRush has a free limited version. You can see the price for other packages here:

  • If you are a marketing marketing newbie you have to pay: $119.95 per month
  • For growing agencies: $229.95 per month
  • For large agencies: $449.95 per month

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite homepage

Hootsuite is one of the marketing analytics tools for posting content and analyzing social media updates. It gives you complete analytics of all your social media efforts.


  • It shows you all your replies, mentions, and messages from all your social media platforms in one dashboard. 
  • It has a mobile application. 


  • The analytics feature is not available on the free version.
  • Auto-scheduling for all your platforms sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Working with it can be tricky.


Hootsuite has a free plan with limited options. Here are the other plans’ prices:

  • Professional: $39 per month
  • Team: $109 per month
  • Business: $669 per month
  • Enterprise: You have to contact the Hootsuite team to get more information.


In order to survive in a competitive marketing atmosphere, you need some tools to help you on your way. Nowadays, all marketers at least use one of these tools because things can’t be done manually, or it will be time-consuming even if it’s possible. 

This article introduced six marketing analytics tools such as social media marketing tools, website analytics, CRM, and SEO. we also explained these tools’ pros, cons, and pricing. Take your time to test their demo and see what suits your business best. Don’t give up alongside the way, be patient and consistent, and you will see the results. 

If you want a tool that can be your web analyzer WatchThemLive is the best ever! Its exceptional features make your job so much easier without needing to spend lots of time learning to work with it. Sign up now and see what’s next!

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