Customer Delight: 10 Great Tips for Product Teams

customer delight: how product teams can create it and why it matters

You should focus on creating customer delight if you want to build a strong, lasting relationship with your customers and maintain business growth. By exceeding your customers’ expectations, make sure they will stay loyal to your business, not leaving you for competitors.

These days, customer-centricity is a winning strategy. So, by keeping customer delight in your mind, you can take your customer-centric marketing to the next level. Focusing on making your customers delighted enables you to provide them with a pleasant experience they will never forget, keeping them coming back. 

In this blog post, we’ll help you better understand customer delight and how to measure and improve it. It’s essential to give your customers the best experience possible. So, keep reading and find out how to increase sales by captivating your customers. 

What Is Meant by Customer Delight?

Customer delight happens when businesses exceed customers’ expectations. Achieving customer delight requires developing strategies to establish an emotional connection with them and earn their loyalty. 

We live in a time where businesses must satisfy customer needs and pay attention to their interests to gain a competitive advantage. Now, brands have to create products that provide tremendous perceived value to customers. They need to prioritize creating a positive customer experience to show their customers they care about them. This way, they will not only stay loyal but also will spread the word about them. 

To delight your customers, you need a deep and comprehensive understanding of them. Without this understanding, all your strategies might fail. 

Here are some customer delight ideas:

  • Establishing a referral program
  • Sending handwritten thank you cards
  • Sending surprise gifts
  • Communicating with customers on social media
  • Creating a loyalty program

Customer Delight Vs. Customer Satisfaction

Customer delight, as mentioned before, is when you go above and beyond customer expectations, while customer satisfaction is when you meet their expectations. You can satisfy your customers by solving their problems effectively. Keep in mind that customer delight can’t be achieved without customer satisfaction. 

two users one with a like icon above its head and the other with a heart icon, representing customer delight vs customer satisfaction

An important difference between customer delight and customer satisfaction is that the former is measured by analyzing qualitative data while the latter is measured using quantitative metrics, such as:

  • Customer service satisfaction (CSS)
  • Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
  •  Customer health score (CHS)
  • Customer churn rate (CCR)

Tracking these metrics enables you to understand how successful you are at fulfilling customer needs. 

By going beyond satisfaction and delighting your customers, you will have an army of loyal customers advocating your brand. 

Today, investing in customer delight is becoming more and more crucial as people can easily leave you for the competitors. And they can quickly spread their negative feedback on social media and other channels if you don’t live up to their expectations. 

In addition, it can help you reduce your customer acquisition costs as it enables you to leverage existing customers

Why Should Product Teams Care about Customer Delight?

Now, let’s go into more details about the benefits of customer delight and why it matters for product teams:

1- Building Customer Loyalty

Delighted customers know you care about them, so they will stick to your brand for a longer time. They will become repeat customers, bringing in more profits to your business. 

It’s necessary to hear your customers’ voices to find out what they need and expect from you. You also have to respond to their complaints effectively. When your customers feel heard, you will have the chance to strengthen your connection with them and make them delighted. 

2- Staying Ahead of the Competition

Delighting your customers will help you distance yourself from the competition. By building strong brand loyalty, you can be sure your customers will choose you over competitors. 

3- Receiving Constructive Feedback

Delighted customers are more likely to give you helpful feedback. Their feedback will help you gain clear insights into how customers engage with your products or services and how you can improve them. 

4- Creating Customer Advocates

With customer delight, you can turn your customers into brand advocates. When people promote your brand, you will start getting more and more customers. 

Making customers market your business is highly cost-efficient, as well as incredibly effective. In fact, 92 percent of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations. 

a chart showing 92 percent of people trust word of mouth recommendations

5- Protecting Brand Reputation

A good brand reputation is a shield against negative publicity. Having delighted customers will help you reduce the impact of negative reviews and complaints on different channels. Some of them might even defend you against the negative reviews. 

How Do You Achieve Customer Delight?

Let’s take a look at how you can achieve customer delight:

1- Understanding Customer Pain Points

First and foremost, you need to solve the problems your customers are facing to make them delighted. You can collect information through surveys, social media, tracking customer behavior, etc. to identify pain points and resolve them.  

2-  Predicting Customer Needs

You should use the data about customers’ behavior and interactions with your business to discover what they will need. This way, you will know what your customers want before they do so you can give it to them.

3- Being Timely

To delight customers, responding to them as quickly as possible is a must. It’s necessary to respond fast and efficiently whenever someone reaches out to you to show them they are your priority. 

4- Helping Customers Succeed

You must know why customers need your products or services to help them succeed. It’s an excellent idea to do persona mapping and create a buyer journey map to understand why people buy your products or services. This way, you will be able to easily discover customers’ problems to solve them.

Also, you can provide them with educational content to enable them to overcome their problems by themselves. 

5- Empathizing with Customers

By showing your customers you really care for them, you will win their hearts. Try to understand your audience on a deeper level to figure their underlying needs. Hence, your product team will be able to create an optimal user experience.

6- Listening to Customers

By listening to what your customers say, you will get useful insights into how to improve the customer experience. That’s why you should pay attention to customer feedback. 

7- Surprise Customers

Besides solving customers’ problems, you can make their experience with your brand unforgettable by giving them more than they expect. Surpassing your customers’ expectations is a great way to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition. 

There are many things you can do such as:

8- Apologizing Whenever You Make Mistakes

Making mistakes will annoy your customers. By making a sincere apology and resolving the problem, you can preserve your relationship with customers.   

10- Building a Customer Community

Building a community can create a sense of belonging for your customers, which people love. The community enables people to connect with other customers and employees. They can talk about products, share information, add reviews, etc. 

How Do You Measure Customer Delight?

Let’s see how you can measure customer delight. First, you need to know that measuring customer delight differs from one business to another. That’s because the delightful experience you need to create for customers is different for each product. 

To create delight, you must have a deep understanding of your customers and you need to develop a customer-centric product strategy. Therefore, if you want to measure delight, you have to take a deep dive into customers’ behavior to understand their perception of delight.

Using a behavior analytics tool such as Watch Them Live is an excellent way to get the insights you need easily.  

How Can Product Teams Measure Customer Delight Using Watch Them Live?

The key to customer delight is creating a great user experience. So, you have to measure and improve the user experience in the first place. That’s why a user behavior analysis tool comes in handy. These tools give you insights into customers’ needs, interests, pain points, and the friction points throughout their journey. 

Let’s see how the features WTL offers can help you:


By using the heat mapping feature, you can find out what’s causing friction in the sales cycle. It helps you eliminate friction points and improve the user experience. For example, you can set up a heatmap on your landing page to figure out why it’s not converting. Maybe there are elements distracting visitors’ attention from the CTA, or the design is not user-friendly. 


Session Replays

Using the session replay feature, you can clearly understand customers’ pain points. It helps you empathize with them as you can exactly see and understand their experience. For example, you can find out why visitors abandon your website. It might be the poor website navigation that makes it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for, or maybe the pages take too long to load. 

Session replay

Try out Watch Them Live now and find out how to delight your customers! Choose the plan that suits you best and get your free trial.



These days, customer delight is necessary to boost business growth and survive the competitive market. Try to gain a deep understanding of your customers to create a memorable experience for them and exceed their expectations.

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