Must-Read Books to Master Conversion Rate Optimization

conversion rate optimization books

We know the importance of conversion rate optimization and how challenging it can become. It may have happened to you as well to put all your time and effort into increasing your SEO. however, in the end, you only get a couple of customers out of thousands of visitors and have a poor conversion rate. To solve such problems, the first step to take is to troubleshoot, ask for conversion rate experts’ help, and then learn how to solve the problem and improve your site conversion.

We did our best to create a list of the best optimization books that help you improve your website conversion rate optimization. You can see a list of books in the following table. These are the best CRO books that give hints for learning more about conversion rate optimization.

Speaking of CRO: reading books is always one of the best possible ways to gain knowledge in different fields and purposes. But without a doubt, it will take a while for you to finish whatever book it is you’re reading. Plus immediate implementation of the tactics you learn may not be feasible. Or perhaps it’s best to say you’d need additional time to master what you’ve learned. And in most cases, time may not be on your side.

Instead, you can take a shortcut and rely on a conversion rate optimization tool like WatchThemLive and use a wide variety of features such as heatmaps and user session recordings to optimize the conversion rate. By using these features, you can understand customers’ wants and needs, expectations, and behavioral patterns and build a perfect website based on this information. If you’re interested, sign up and see what’s next! 

No.BookAuthorDescriptionBook Cover 
1Don’t Make Me ThinkSteven KrugIt is an excellent book for beginners and a guide for advanced users on web usability. The book mainly discusses the basic steps of web design and how to get started with web usability. WatchThemLive
2Positioning: The Battle For Your MindAl Ries and Jack Trout Positioning book comes in 22 chapters and is not about creating something new. It is about what you do to the mind of the prospects to make yourself seem different. This book can help you understand how to deal with customers and functions from a marketing perspective.“WatchThemLive
3Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and ConversionBen HuntYou can go through all the steps of conversion rate optimization with this book. Some techniques like solutions considering web design, classic optimization techniques, targeted testing, and appropriate analysis are discussed.WatchThemLive
4Statistical Methods in Online A/B TestingGeorgi Zdravkov GeorgievThis book teaches efficient decision-making and the necessities of online controlled experiments. It also offers accessible statistics with practical examples. Conversion rate optimizers, product managers, and growth experts are other factors that are discussed in this book.WatchThemLive
5The Power of ExperimentsMichael Luca and Max H. BazermanWe recommend this book to those who are looking for case studies of real-time experiments. The authors explain the importance of experiments for decision-making in a data-driven world. Reading this book can help you to become part of the experimental revolution.WatchThemLive
6Winning the Game with UX Design and CROAlexander RådahlThis book offers real-world, time-tested methods that any web developer can use. This is a valuable conversion book for optimizing the user experience and increasing the conversion rates and engagement metrics of your website. WatchThemLive
7Opting Into Optimization R. Jon MacDonald This book introduces leading conversion rate experts who have been implementing opt-in optimization into their marketing. It is also proven to help eCommerce leaders to build thriving businesses.WatchThemLive
8Call to ActionBryan EisenbergThe gist of the book is foundational information on planning, achieving, and evaluating your performance results. If you have the desire and commitment to create phenomenal results, then this book is your call to action.WatchThemLive
9Conversion Rate Optimization Dr. Ali NasserFocus on CRO to get better performance; this book provides solutions to possible issues and teaches you how to focus on CRO and gain knowledge to overtop the competitors in other digital interactions.WatchThemLive
10Experiment! Colin MacFarlandExperiment book shows you how to improve your website’s conversion rate by running experiments and discovering what to do considering customers’ behavior and decisions. WatchThemLive
11Kill Your Conversion KillersJoris Bryon To learn the correct way of running A/B tests, building friction-free design and UX, and mastering in how to convert prospects to customers.WatchThemLive
12Obviously AwesomeApril DunfordIf you are looking to see if you are unique to your customers, this book can help you. It gives actionable insights and leads into how to evaluate your differences from competitors and teaches you ways of communication.WatchThemLive
13How to Double Conversion RatesJosh Panebianco The book is mainly about A/B tests and gives you hints to improve your site. By reading this book, you can learn about three factors influencing conversion rate and four steps to creating attractive offers.WatchThemLive
14You Should Test ThatChris Goward This book helps with understanding necessary testing procedures and teaches you how to encourage people to take part in your CTAs. This book is an excellent guide for converting leads into customers.WatchThemLive
15Making Websites WinKarl Blanks and Ben, JessonThe authors have introduced a specific method to increase the conversion rate by showing how different behaviors result in success or failure. WatchThemLive
16Selling to WinRichard DennyThe book’s kernel is that selling is not the matter; knowing how to sell well is! You should be able to convince people to purchase. The steps you must go through are: building a relationship, targeting customers, identifying an issue, and offering a solution with your product or service. WatchThemLive
17Convert Every ClickBenji RabhanInternet technology and online life have changed the way we optimize businesses, marketing, and websites. This book introduces an expanded version of CRO and gives you a psychological view of optimizing. It helps you examine your website strategy and use the CRO psychology and methods to get higher profits.WatchThemLive
18Landing Page OptimizationTim Ash, Maura Ginty, and Rich PageLanding page optimization includes case studies with before and after results and new information on website usability. This book helps you improve your conversion by providing you with the preparation of all types of content, result interpretation, and introducing seven common design mistakes.WatchThemLive
19Sales Therapy Grant LeboffReading this book can assist you in building a well-worth online relationship. Additionally, it discusses how to include personalized sales on your website and how to apply some critical strategies. WatchThemLive
20Thirst for CROAdvit SahdevThis is an ideal book for people with no or little online marketing knowledge, as it covers CRO in detail. This book also teaches you how to optimize your website and use CRO tools to convert visitors to customers.WatchThemLive


There are numberless conversion books on the market, some are old but timeless as they provide relevant information. We have listed a few of the marketing, advertising, and psychology books on the subject of conversion rate optimization. To get good conversion rate optimization, you need to expand your scope. You will need to understand SEO, web analytics, and UX, to test and tune skills. You can also Sign up at WatchThemLive and use its free features to improve your CRO.

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