Best 10 Adobe Analytics Alternatives and Competitors

Best Adobe Analytics Alternatives and Competitors

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Looking for the best Adobe Analytics alternatives?! If yes, then you are in the right place! We’ve got you covered in this blog.

As you know, to avoid cart abandonment and improve conversion, online business owners and webmasters should review and analyze their websites on a daily basis. Adobe Analytics is one of the real-time website analytics tools that can integrate with other third-party resources, but there are also shortcomings.

while it is an efficient platform that gathers data-driven analytics, you can’t use it to monitor user behavior. In this article, we are going to cover a comprehensive Adobe Analytics review and the limitations of this CRO tool. In addition, we have a list of the best 10 Adobe Analytics alternatives to help you find a reliable service.

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Now, Let’s jump into our Adobe Analytics review, shall we?!

What Is Adobe Analytics ( AKA Omniture SiteCatalyst)

It is one of the most popular marketing analytics tools in the online business industry that allows you to have an advanced segmentation of your data set. This CRO tool promises to help you achieve a better understanding of your customer’s needs and expectations.

 Adobe Analytics acquired Omniture in 2009, and then Adobe Omniture Analytics was rebranded under Adobe Marketing Cloud 3 years later. With this analytics tool, you can gather your website data in one place, make decisions about your customers, and create valuable content for them. 

It offers analytical data for several metrics, including:

  • Entry/ Exit pages,
  • Custom event tracking,
  • Retention rate, 
  • Conversions,
  • Engagement,
  • Standard event tracking,
  • Return,
  • And, sessions.

Moreover, Adobe Analytics (Omniture) provides various reports, including real-time and retroactive reporting, custom reports and dashboards, page view trending, and segmentation.

By now, you know the answer to the ‘what is adobe analytics’ question. Now, do you think this type of reporting and data is sufficient for your website optimization? By these statistics, can you make the best decisions for your business? Absolutely not.

Let’s see how Adobe Analytics falls short and the reasons why you need an alternative. Ready for a ride?! Let’s go!

Why Should You Consider Adobe (Omniture) Analytics Alternatives

Although it can work wonders for certain businesses, here are some of the areas where Adobe Analytics falls short. Now, let’s delve deeper into each of its shortcomings. Ready?!

1. It Is Hard to Set It Up

If you want to use Adobe Analytics, it is necessary to know that your teams are required to perform a difficult process to create an event tracking plan and to make sure it works right. 

2. You Should Tag Events Manually

In this day and age of automation, Adobe Analytics requires you to tag events manually. If you’d like to improve your productivity, you should probably consider switching to another similar tool.

3. It Is Designed to Work With Adobe Products

If your business isn’t an Adobe shop or if your team doesn’t use Adobe software, you will face problems in your path. For example, its analytics features won’t work well or give you compatible data.

4. User Interaction On Adobe Analytics Is Not Clear

Although it is a popular analytical tool, it can’t provide detailed reports of your user interactions on your website. So, you need another behavioral analytics tool to describe how your visitors interact with your website.

5. It Does Not Offer Heatmaps

The heatmap tools show users’ interactions (such as clicks, mouse movement, and scrolls) on your web page with different colors. And each color on heatmaps gives you a visual cue to your visitors interactions. By analyzing this valuable information, you will figure out which section needs to be improved and which areas got the most attention.

Remember that Adobe Analytics focuses on marketing campaigns and your website as a whole. But it is not a good option if you want to reach more people on your website, improve its ranking, and boost your conversion rate.

6. Adobe Analytics Pricing Does not Offer A Free Tier

Unfortunately, considering these shortcomings, it does not deliver good value for the price. That’s because while Adobe Analytics pricing subscription offers a free trial, it doesn’t have a free tier. 

In other words, after the first Adobe Analytics login, you’ll have to pay. So, if you want to know if it works efficiently, you should pay to play! And one of the worst parts is that there’s no preset plan!

Adobe analytics pricing is completely customized. It offers 3 plans, including Select, Prime, and Ultimate. For detailed Adobe Analytics pricing information, you must contact their team directly.

Now, let’s get right into its alternatives, shall we?!

What Are the Best Adobe Analytics Alternatives

By now, we have explained some of the reasons why you need alternative tools for Adobe Analytics. Here are the top alternatives you can use instead of Adobe.

1. WatchThemLive: Best Free Adobe Analytics Alternative

WatchThemLive behavioral analytics tool promises to provide all necessary data about your website and your visitors’ interactions. If you’d like to enhance your conversion rate and avoid cart abandonment, WatchThemLive is here to help you.

 It gives you a summary of how your visitors behave and what has happened on your website through its impressive features like session replays and heatmaps. 

if you’re ready to start with the best, don’t waste time, and sign up now!

WatchThemLive’s Features

Interested in knowing more about this all-inclusive analytics tool?! Keep reading to get familiar with its impressive features.

Website Analytics

looking for a tool to measure your website’s performance?! WatchThemLive helps you with developing your website optimization and digital marketing strategies for improving UX. Moreover, it enables you to measure the performance of your website campaigns.

In addition, it tracks your website traffic and categorizes all you need to know about your visitors. For example, it shows you the number of visitors, page views, session length, traffic sources, your visitors’ countries, referrers, and more. 

Sign up now and get immediate access to your website analytics data in detail.

Session replays

Want to know the reason behind each user’s behavior? You’re in right place. WatchThemLive provides a real-time video of all your visitors’ sessions on your website. Its session replay software (also called session recording) enables you to watch every movement of your visitors, such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, and rage clicks.

WatchThemLive session replays
WatchThemLive’s Session Replays

With session replays, you will find out what makes your visitors drop off and what attracts their attention, and so much more. Then this considerable data helps you to find your website barriers and fix them all. Awesome, right?!

But what sets WatchThemLive apart from similar tools? 

It displays a console error that notifies whenever an error is detected. Moreover, you can share all recorded sessions with your team members and developers to fix the problems! The good news is that you can export all your data into CSV and PDF. You can also use its ‘advanced filtering’ and narrow down the data. 

WatchThemLive's session recording

WatchThemLive offers a heat mapping tool that helps you aggregate and evaluate visual data on your web pages. Its heatmaps observe your visitors’ actions on your web pages. This type of data visualization will make more sense compared to numerical or quantitative data. 

WatchThemLive Heatmaps
WatchThemLive’s Heatmaps

Why is it so important?! Well, it will show you the areas on your web pages that got the most (or even the least) attention from your visitors. This will help in CTAs and running campaigns. By knowing the most attractive areas, you will be able to improve your website’s UX and UI and enhance your conversion rate.

Why are you waiting?! Sign up now and get instant access!

WatchThemLive’s Other Features

 Now, let’s take a look at WatchThemLive’s other services briefly:

  • Goal tracking: With this service, you can easily set up custom events and track visitors’ conversion paths.
  • Live chat: WatchThemLive’s live chat feature is a unique and invaluable tool that enables you to get access to your visitor’s session(recorded video) after s/he leaves a message on the chatbox.
  • Video testimonials: Trying to access your customers’ feedback about your website?! Looking for great social proof to improve your sales?! Well, this new feature will allow your satisfied customers to record a video seamlessly. It provides questions, and all they need to do is answer them! 
  • Funnel analysis: With this feature, you can trace your visitors’ journey in the funnel, optimize it, and gain a report of each stage on the funnel. This feature gives you a report about the number and percentage of visitors who completed each stage on the funnel.

If you’d like a preview of how WatchThemLive can optimize your web conversion and analyze your website much better, sign up now and take full advantage of its free plan!

2. Google Analytics (and GA 360): Adobe Analytics Alternative

Google Analytics is a popular tool when it comes to website optimization and analysis. As a website traffic checker, Google Analytics claims to help you reach insights and resolve technical issues. However, it can’t offer any recorded video of your visitors’ sessions. So, you can’t know why your visitors do what they do.

Google Analytics (and GA 360): Adobe Analytics Alternative
Google Analytics: Adobe Analytics Alternative

Google Analytics Pros

  • It is easy to use,
  • It claims to offer general insights into web performance,
  • Google Analytics Heatmaps are availabe,
  • Plus, it promises to optimize your ad spend.

Google Analytics Cons

  • You should set up events manually,
  • It doesn’t provide session recordings,
  • It’s  a bit confusing to learn where all features are located, 
  • Its traffic data also includes bot activities,
  • And, its website traffic analysis includes internal users.

3. Heap: Adobe Analytics alternative & competitor

It is one of the website analytics and behavioral tracking tools that allow you to see your visitors’ actions across your website and mobile application. According to their claims, this software enables you to increase conversion rates across channels and optimize the in-app experience.

Heap: an alternative to Adobe Analytics
Heap: An Alternative to Adobe Analytics

Compared to Adobe Analytics, this service offers better feature updates and a robust roadmap, but there are also considerable weaknesses in this tool. Keep reading to take a look at its pros and cons!

Heap Pros

  • The dashboard where the recorded sessions are located is well-designed,
  • It automatically captures event data (including sign-ups, checkouts, device type, and more).

Heap Cons

  • It is difficult to set up,
  • There are limitations on the number of customizable features to add on the dashboard,
  • You may find some issues while working in shadow dom and interacting with iframes,
  • Plus, some of its data parameters, like ‘data range’ or ‘ filter results, ’ seem to overlap.

4. Mixpanel: One of The Adobe Analytics Alternatives

This service generates behavioral analytics reports to help you better understand your user experience. Using this tool, you can create user profiles and compare their behaviors. It claims to give you an overview of what your visitors miss on your website, what they are interested in, and how they prefer to interact.

Mixpanel: One of The Adobe Analytics Alternatives
Mixpanel: One of The Adobe Analytics Alternatives

Mixpanel Pros

  • The dashboard easy to navigate,
  • They have a certificate that will help you understand what you need,
  • It claims to provide a very detailed report on your customer journey analytics,
  • And, it can assess retention.

Mixpanel Cons

  • There is a learning curve with its features and navigation process,
  • The lack of a mobile version is frustrating,
  • Plus, it takes a long time to load graph data.

5. ContentSquare: An Alternative for Adobe Analytics

With this software, you can discover the complete customer experience, including how they behave on your site, from login to logout. It claims to give you a customer journey map by using analytics data.  Its behavioral data will show you the web pages your customers have visited as well as their orders. 

ContentSquare: An Alternative for Adobe Analytics
ContentSquare: An Alternative for Adobe Analytics

ContentSquare Pros

  • It is easy to dig deeper into your analytics data,
  • You can segment in different ways,
  • It offers VoC (voice of Customer) features,
  • Plus, it offers session replays.

ContentSquare Cons

  • The process of updating maps is a bit pain in the neck (especially when you add a new page),
  • There are sometimes issues with its A/B testing and integrations,
  • You can’t upload a CSV/XLSX list of mapping criteria; you should put them in manually,
  • Moreover, its loading time and random glitches are problematic.

6. Kissmetrics: An Alternative to Adobe Analytics

Unlike other tools that display the number of your website pageviews, Kissmetrics is working with a different approach. It focuses mostly on visitors’ data and what they do on their journey. 

According to their claims, with the information and data you can get from this service, you will find out the methods to convert visitors into customers by understanding and engaging each customer expenctation.

Kissmetrics: An Alternative to Adobe Analytics
Kissmetrics: An Alternative to Adobe Analytics

Kissmetrics Pros

  • It has a decent user interface which makes understanding everything simpler by visualization,
  • You can assign a URL to a specific funnel to test conversions,
  • Plus, its A/B testing feature works well.

Kissmetrics Cons

  • It doesn’t have a good support team to cover all customer queries,
  • It charges extra even for a simple service,
  • Sometimes, the app takes a long time to respond,
  • Its setup process is time-consuming,
  • Moreover, It does take a lot of effort and time to set up.

7. Matomo: Adobe Analytics Alternative

This service was previously known as Piwik, and you may still see this name in some places. In fact, Matomo Analytics can be considered as one of the Adobe Analytics alternatives. According to their claims, it is an open-source analytics platform that provides behavioral analytics metrics, log analytics, and mapping user journey.

Matomo: Adobe Analytics Alternative
Matomo: Adobe Analytics Alternative

Matomo Pros

  • It is an open-source service,
  • No third party can access your data,
  • It has 2 hosting options: Cloud, and on-premise.

Matomo Cons

  • Its user interface is so tricky, especially for new users,
  • In addition, it’s hard to set up,
  • It doesn’t have a user-friendly plugin,
  • On the top of these, only its Enterprise subscription has unlimited tracking features.

8. Amplitude: Popular Analytics Platform

This platform is placed in the group of SEO tools that claim to retain your visitors and convert them into potential customers. But how? According to their claims, it provides customer behavior analytics, and website review data to achieve this goal.

Amplitude: Popular Analytics Platform
Amplitude: Popular Analytics Platform

Amplitude claims to answer questions like: What is the impact of your last version? what marketing efforts make your visitors come back? But let’s take a look at the pros and cons list and then conclude if it is a good option or not.

Amplitude Pros

  • Its’ A/B testing feature works well,
  • The visualizations in the reports are simple,
  • Its’ reporting is more user-friendly than other tools.

Amplitude Cons

  • It takes a long time to load,
  • It is necessary to use a developer’s assistance for the first setup,
  • In addition, it needs more automation to eliminate manual work.

9. Fullstory: Another Alternative for Web Analytics Adobe

This service is an analytics tool to understand user behaviors, optimize channels, and drive more conversions. With Fullstory, you will be able to use tools like session replays and heatmaps. It might be a decent option for B2C and D2D brands.

According to its official website, Fullstory helps you to improve UX, increase customer loyalty, and determine pain points in your customers’ journey.

Fullstory: Alternative for Web Analytics Adobe
Fullstory: Alternative for Web Analytics Adobe

Fullstory Pros

  • It has a decent customer support service,
  • It can identify issues in UI,
  • Moreover, it offers visualized data and heatmaps.

Fullstory Cons

  • You can’t track every event you want,
  • It can integrate only with Segment and Tealium,
  • There is no feature to track specific user IDs,
  • It is expensive,
  • Plus, there is a learning curve, especially for nontechnical clients.

10. Tableau: Adobe Analytics Alternative

It is a business intelligence (BI) tool and data analytics platform designed to help you gain better visibility and understanding of data and make decisions. To sum up, it comes with features like advanced visualizations to help you make sense of all of your data.

Tableau: Adobe Analytics Alternative
Tableau: Adobe Analytics Alternative

Tableau Pros

  • It offers a clean dashboard,
  • Plus, it provides advanced visualized data,
  • And, it offers organized reports.

Tableau Cons

  • It doesn’t have a free tier,
  • Its pricing is so expensive,
  • Although it has analytics features, it is more of a BI tool,
  • It is difficult to navigate,
  • Plus, you must spend time and resources to train your team (if you want to use Tableau).

Final Verdict on Best Adobe Analytics Alternatives

Which website analytics tool surpasses Adobe Analytics? What are the best Adobe analytics Alternatives? A better approach than picking a tool blindly is comparing different tools. To help you save time, we provided an Adobe Analytics review and selected 10 of the best alternatives for the service.

Now, if you are curious about the final winner, you can subscribe to WatchThemLive. It does everything you can expect from a behavioral marketing and CRO tool.  Moreover, It also provides session replays, heatmaps, live chat, and video testimonial features which are genuinely useful and unique.

In general, WatchThemLive is a powerful and easy-to-use analytics and CRO tool. It can be the ideal choice for your business!

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FAQs on Adobe Analytics Alternatives

So far, we have enlisted the 10 best alternatives for the web analytics provided by Adobe. Now it’s time to take a look at the frequently asked questions.

1. What Is Adobe Customer Journey Analytics?

It refers to analytics capability that allows you to use powerful toolkits like Analysis Workspace to collect and monitor data from multi-channels. Adobe customer journey Analytics can help you visualize, filter, and break down all data, and it is combined with Adobe Experience Platform’s power to hold all kinds of data types.

2. Google Analytics vs. Adobe Analytics: Which One Is Better?

The main point is that the decision to choose between 2 similar tools isn’t a straightforward one. It depends on your business goals, the nature of your business, your budget, and expert resources. In the following, we prepared the basic information of Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics (GA) is a suitable tool for small websites, startup companies, and blog-oriented websites. It works on a real-time basis and provides organized business reporting tools.

It provides many features to collect reliable data for website optimization. Its key feature is data filtration that narrows down your visitors’ information based on IP address, date, UTMs, and more. You can also check users’ behaviors, bounce rates, click-through rates, etc.

On the other hand, Adobe Analytics Omniture is more helpful for large and complex companies and businesses. Similar to GA, it is an analytics tool to check customer experience and find new insights into website issues. Adobe analytics key features include real-time multichannel data collection and website effectiveness measurement.

The final verdict is yours to pass!

3. Does Adobe Analytics Have An API?

Yes, Adobe Analytics APIs are a collection that can power its products, such as Analysis Workspace. With APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), you can create data-rich user interfaces and manipulate and integrate data.

Adobe Analytics APIs allow for the creation of reports to explore or find answers to important questions about your data. In other words, with Adobe Analytics APIs, you are able to call Adobe’s servers to do any activity that you can do in the user interface.


It is important to know that although Adobe Analytics may be one of the popular web and traffic analysis options, it has so many limitations will make you reconsider. There are many alternatives that are better than Adobe Analytics and can help you achieve your goals. All analytics features and privacy policies can play an essential role in determining the best option. We hope our list has helped you decide which Adobe Analytics alternative is suitable for you!

To make this decision-making process easier, we recommended WatchThemLive as the best alternative to get perfect and valuable recording data. So, if you’ve decided you want an all-in-one behavioral analytics tool to cover all adobe analytics dashboard limitations, WatchThemLive is the number one tool. 
Sign up now on WatchThemLive and take full advantage of its free plan to guarantee your progress!

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