Website Tracking: The Only Guide You Need

Website tracking: the only guide you need

Today, the pace at which the world is changing is unbelievably fast. In most case scenarios, you cannot implement the methodologies used years ago and still expect success. Many companies bombard people with many marketing campaigns every day, and there is nearly no way to stand out in the crowd. Here is where website tracking comes into play.

Website visitor tracking is a relatively new and very effective marketing approach. When done right, website tracking can provide a win-win scenario for the company and its audience This article will go into depth and discuss website tracking and everything you need to know about it.

What Is Website Tracking?

Website tracking, also known as web tracking, is the process of gathering, storing, and analyzing online user activity on web pages. Older marketing approaches put irrelevant ads in front of the viewers and are centered around the product. However, website user tracking provides a more a customer-centric marketing approach. The focus here is on the customers, not the product. 

You want to give your users the best experience they can possibly go through. This is why consumer psychology is the basis of well-conducted website tracking.

By tracking their website, online businesses can gain various benefits. They can figure out the flaws in their website and then optimize those parts. They can also identify their strenghts and maintain their advantage there.


WatchThemLive is a website tracking software that gives you all you need to escalate your business to a whole other level. Using detailed heatmaps, session replays, web analytics, and a lot more, WatchThemLive offers the best service to boost your conversion rate. Sign up for FREE to see your business grow.

There are many website tracking use cases. Our focus in this article is on marketing so that we will investigate the marketing aspects of it. In addition to tracking the traffic coming to their website, marketing agencies use behavioral tracking to understand their customers better. Then, they use this analysis and put the obtained knowledge into use to divide their customer base using psychographic segmentation. Finally, they show relevant ads to every segment of the customers.

However, not every small business has the budget to purchase expensive website tracking software. There are tools that you can use to conduct free website tracking.

What Are the Benefits of Website Tracking?

Tracking website activity can be beneficial to both users and the company. Unlike the traditional marketing approaches that interrupted the users and ruined their experiences, this strategy can make them feel valued. Additionally, because of their resourceful experience, they feel better about the company and its ads.
Furthermore, the publishers also feel better because they are not worried that they will lose their viewers. Their viewers will feel valued that the publisher was thoughtful enough not to waste their time and energy with irrelevant ads.

Improving the UX means happy customers, which in turn bring revenue into the business. Keep your customers happy and see a rise in your CTR and conversion rate while keeping the bounce rate as low as possible. This leads to increased sign-ups and sales. Moreover, you can improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, including SEO performance. The insight you will gain will be priceless when making decisions

In general, irrelevant ads give the feeling of being neglected. They feel too sales-y. As a result, neither the company nor the users benefit.

What Are Different Approaches to Website Tracking?

Website tracking has many components. Basically, anything you can use to track the user’s activities on your website is considered website tracking. However, specific tools are generally more associated with tracking website activity logging.


Heatmaps generate data in a visual way that is easily comprehendible. You can see where your users have clicked and tapped more. This way, you can figure out if your CTAs are eye-catching or not. Additionally, you can see where your page is getting less attention and take action to improve it.


WatchThemLive offers accurate heatmaps that you can use to see where your users are interacting more with your website. You can then analyze and optimize your website in the way you see fit.

Heatmaps can help you maximize your conversion rate. Understanding the deeper layers of users’ behavior gives you access to their minds and preferences. When you adapt and tailor your business to your users’ desires and tastes, you can see your business grow.

WatchThemLive heatmaps

Session Recording

Session replays allow you to experience exactly what your users go through. They provide you with real-time video playbacks of your users’ sessions on your site.

Session replay

You can see what your users do on your website, how far down they scroll, where they are confused or frustrated, and where they are satisfied and happy. This helps you figure out if users are acting the way you want on your website and if they are interacting with your desired elements. After optimizing your website based on the data you obtained by website tracking, you can check your session recordings to see if there were any improvements.

What Should I Know About Website Tracking?

Knowing specific things can help you when it comes to website tracking. After all, escalating a business is not all fun and games.

Privacy matters. That’s right! You should comply with online users’ privacy rules when conducting user tracking, such as the GDPR. These rules ensure the privacy and safety of the users.

How Do I Track Website Activity?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many website tracking tools you can use for free. WatchThemLive provides you with the best website tracking tools you need to grow your business and generate revenue into your business. There are some steps you need to follow to track website activity.

1. Pick the Right Tool.

Make sure the web tracking software you are using is the right fit for you. Also, ensure that they are reliable and care about your privacy more than anything else.

WatchThemLive respects the privacy of its users. It is a tool that provides you with an all-in-one suite. It covers everything you need and gives you access to tons of features. You will not need any other tool to be able to track your online visitors.

Additionally, with WatchThemLive’s visitor profiling feature, you can put every user’s data in an individual folder. This helps you have a more comprehensive inventory of users’ interactions.

2. Install WatchThemLive’s Tracking Script.

This is the easiest step. You just need to sign up for FREE and add your website to WatchThemLive. Then, you will see a piece of code that you can copy to the head tags of your web pages. Afterward, you should verify your installation. As simple as that. Browse through these guides for more thorough, step-by-step instructions.

3. Now It Is Time to Conduct Website Tracking.

Finally, you will have access to the detailed heatmaps, session replays, and web analytics we have been talking about. You can gather the data you need and analyze it thoroughly. Then, optimize your website for the best results.


In this article, we talked about website tracking and its importance. You also learned the different approaches you can take towards web tracking. Lastly, we discussed how you can track website activity.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the information you need to start user tracking. Use these tips wisely and escalate your business NOW.

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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