Top 10 Website Click Tracking Tools in 2021

Top 10 Website Click Tracking Tools in 2021

As a marketer, it is vital to know if your efforts are actually paying back and raising your return on investment(ROI). This is where the click tracking process and website click tracking tools come into play. 

Click tracking will give you insight into which one of your website elements, contents, or advertisements is getting more clicks and, therefore, you increase your chances for better conversion rates. They also help you understand the weaknesses and strengths of your marketing campaigns. 

It is usual for head managers to ask for detailed information and specific returns for their expenses. Website click tracking tools will give you these answers besides lots of other benefits. 

Here in this article, we will discuss how these tools work and how they benefit your business. Then, we’ll make a list of the best Website click tracking tools accessible at the market right now.

So, let’s begin our journey with some definitions.

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How Do Website Click Tracking Tools Work?

There are three methods for using a click tracking tool:

  • Email tracking
  • Link tracking
  • UX click tracking

Each one of these has its unique usage and benefits. For example, email click tracking will provide information about how many people open your mail and where they clicked. Or UX click tracking will gather data about how your UX design is performing. Such as, where your website is more interactive or where your website conversion points are.

However, link tracking is a bit different in terms of working. Website click tracking works by replacing the link in the body of a message with a link to your own portal, redirecting the user to the final destination.

For instance, If you paste a link like, we will create a new unique link for you. When a customer clicks on this link, our click tracker will increment by one. After this process, the customers will be redirected to the original destination without knowing what has happened in the background.

This process will help us to count the click and where they come from. 

Website Click Tracking Tools: How Do They Benefit Your Business?

You must assess how everything works to ensure that your marketing activities are productive and yield a great return on investment.

Website Click tracking tools help you see the direct impact of marketing efforts such as ad campaigns on your company’s growth. Instead of sifting through mountains of data to figure out where your visitors are coming from, you can use click tracking to do it quickly. You can observe which links your visitors are clicking and where they are coming from and calculate your conversion rates with click tracking tools.

website click tracking - statista

As shown in the picture, all big tech companies use tracking tools to analyze customers’ behavior and make better decisions. So, why shouldn’t you get the advantage of this technology? 

Top 10 Website Click Tracking Tools

Here we are going to list the best website tracking tools in the market. Since there are many, we try to make strict conditions for our list. So, you find out about the very best in the market.  

These are our top 10 website click tracking tools for your business:

1. WatchThemLive(WTL)

WTL provides a FREE plan that offers more than any other paid plan in the market. 

We will cover all your needs, from website tracking tools to other beneficial services such as session replay and heat mapping.

Our Session Replay service will allow you to observe your visitor’s behavior with a great UI and straightforward UX design.

Another great tool is our Heat map service. This tool will let you know which parts of your website have attracted more attention or have issues interacting with customers.

If you are interested in our free services, here is a great start.

watchthemlive pricing
WatchThemLive Pricingpage

2. ClickMagick

Take any list of the best website tracking tools, and ClickMagick is almost guaranteed to be in the top three. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows you to track and optimize all of your marketing models at once.

The link tracking tool in ClickMagick is extensive, allowing you to track an entire sales funnel. It works with almost every advertising channel and the product even also comes with advertising campaigns.


3. ClickMeter for Website Click Tracking

ClickMeter is another prominent website tracking software in the present digital market. Apart from marketing companies, it stands out since it has specific tools for publishers and marketers.

Just like WTL, the click-based link tracking feature can track the viewer’s location. In real-time, users may monitor and share the results of their links.

website click tracking - clickmeter

4. Bitly

This link tracker, formerly known as, continues to conquer the marketing industry with its benefits. Bitly is a website tracking tool that helps marketers to create short links to fuel digital marketing campaigns. It is designed for small or more significant companies with no limitations. It currently acts as a fantastic tool for monitoring the performance of links through analytics, among other things.

website click tracking - bitly

5. for Website Click Tracking

A few well-known marketers use as a secret weapon. It is regarded as one of the most significant link tracking tools in the world. It allows you to track your items in real-time.

To grow your business, you may effortlessly target and retarget your traffic. That is to say, can help you with email marketing, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, blogging, and more.

website click tracking - click

6. Voluum

Voluum is a service that tracks URLs. People from many types of businesses have also utilized this software to track and optimize their advertising campaigns. This is, however, a website click tracker that may do a variety of tasks for a website. It optimizes and speeds up your website. You can also collaborate with your colleagues. As a result, numerous businesses and entrepreneurs use and promote Voluum to boost sales and revenue.


7. ClixTrac

ClixTrac is a free website click tracking software that is one of the best. ClixTrac’s free plan is being used by many new businesses to help them grow. ClixTrac, on the other hand, is extremely simple to use. You can start using it without even installing it. You don’t even have to set up any scripts or databases. As a result, as a click tracker online, beginners can start with ClixTrac.


8. Improvely

Many different types of website click tracker software have been developed all around the world. However, Improvely is one of the best link trackers. Millions of individuals use this program.

It does, however, assist you in a variety of ways that are useful to the site. Improvely helps you to spot abnormal click activity on your website instantly.

This also keeps track of which traffic sources are working well and which are not. You can adjust the test rules even though it has an A/B test built-in.


9. Click gum

Today, Click Gum is one of the most popular free affiliate link tracking software. It improves the speed and profitability of your website. In addition, It aids in marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on. You can, however, utilize this for free.

Although, you would not use all of the software’s features at that time. 


10. AdsBrige

AdsBrige is the best affiliate website click tracking software. Their worldwide coverage is between top-tier companies right now.

So, traffic can quickly travel through the shortest route. Moreover, AdsBridge has global coverage. They cover more than 160 countries. 

ads bridge


Nowadays, there are multiple choices for each one of our needs. You are not constricted with one brand, and it gives you much more power in your decision. It also makes things more complicated. Here, we tried to simplify this process and introduce the top 10 website click tracking tools in the market. We hope it makes your decision-making much easier.

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