Top 11 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know in 2022

b2b marketing strategies

The B2B marketing landscape is dynamically evolving, which means what may work today may not drive effective results tomorrow. 

74% of the B2B marketers set marketing goals, but only 3% achieve them.

Yes, these stats prove that if you want to stay ahead in the B2B marketing game, you need to keep on top of the dominating B2B marketing trends.

Top 10 B2B Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales In 2022

Here are the top 10 B2B marketing strategies you need to know in 2022- Don’t lag behind! 

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1. Use Behavior Analytics Software 

One of the best strategies most of the b2b executives use to increase their revenue is using a behavior analytics tool. They use these tools to get to know their customers and give them what they want. Behavior analytics tools usually offer session replay software, heatmapping tools, and web analytics features. 

Session replays record visitors’ journeys from the moment they eneter your website. You can see all of their interactions with your website such as what they click on, where they face troubles, what they like, and what makes them leave your website and turn to your competitors. One of the best behavioral analytics tools in the market is WatchThemLive

With WatchThemLive’s session replays, you can filter your users’ sessions based on their name, email, country, city, page, device, browser, etc. This helps you exclude your own team members, so you won’t waste your time watching their recordings. You can also understand what kind of devices your visitors use, so you can optimize your website based on that. When you watch their journeys from beginning to end, you can understand them completely. Watch this video to understand how session replays work:

WatchThemLive’s other great features that help you optimize your b2b marketing:

  • Heatmaps
  • Website analytics
  • Page optimization
  • User tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • Browser console recording

Sign up now and snag your FREE plan or ask any questions you have. 

2. Harness the Potential of Content Marketing 

52% of B2B buyers stated that they are definitely more likely to buy from a brand once they have read its content. 

There is a reason why marketers insanely love content marketing. Optimized and quality content is a great way to drive significant traffic to their sites. 

Also, content can generate leads into your sales funnel as content marketing can build trust and authority among the audience and opens the potential for exponential growth. 

Planning strategic and engaging content, encapsulating images, and text-rich content marketing will work together to create a story that will strike a chord in your audience’s heart. 

3. Use Video Marketing As a Powerful Marketing Tactic 

7 out of 10 B2B buyers say they spend time watching videos throughout their entire sales journey, whether it is through consuming content through Youtube or a website. 

The stats came as a surprise to us too! Businesses use video marketing to engage with the audience and promote their products or services.

By creating videos that could be shared across social media platforms, you can unlock the door to tap the pool of unexplored potential. You can also create videos around customer testimonials, product demonstrations, explanations and much more. 

4. Leverage Social Media Marketing 

Did you know that 84% of B2B executives trust social media to make a purchasing decision? 

Yes, social media is not only for B2C; it is also an excellent platform for B2B business models. Social media is not only the place for consumers, but many business leaders and executives use social media sites. 

You can connect with various business leaders, consultants, colleagues and vendors in the online environments.    

5. Practice Email Marketing 

According to 31% of the B2B marketers, email newsletters are the best ways to nurture leads. 

Email marketing is an archaic marketing strategy that B2B businesses have used from generation to generation. 

Nowadays, email marketing has become very personalized as new brands are competing every day. 

Therefore, create personalized, exciting and engaging emails to make them worthy of being opened by your customers. If the content inside the email is perfectly presented, then you can expect a call or an email from your prospect. 

6. Go Hard on Lead Generation Through Referrals 

Mouth-to-mouth marketing has always been the best way of marketing. Around 78% of the customer leads in the B2B business model are due to referrals. But in this age of digital craftsmanship, you can record your existing customers’ online testimonials to increase their referrals. 

You can also keep referral incentives based; these incentives can be enticing rewards like huge discounts or discounts on the next purchase, etc. Additionally, referrals can also be effective for positive word-of-mouth marketing, more testimonials, conversion rates and new lead generations

7. Put Effort Into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Search engine optimization, popularly acronymized as SEO, is one of the best marketing practices followed by various marketers around the world.  

Nearly 89% of the B2B buyers gather all the necessary purchase information through the internet. It is interesting to know that B2B buyers collect information regarding services or products they are planning to buy through the internet. 

Therefore, you need to play an intense game when it comes to ranking on various search engines.

Hire a savvy SEO team or a digital PR agency to carry out the SEO initiatives like load time, product descriptions, keyword research, etc. Planning out your SEO strategy every month can be an effective inbound marketing practice you can follow each month to rank higher. 

8. Build a Strong Strategy around LinkedIn Marketing 

4 in 5 B2B leads from social media come through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the premier platforms for B2B companies as the professional world eats and sleeps on LinkedIn. 

It is not necessary to interact through your company’s profile. You can interact as a decision-maker, business executive and thought leader on LinkedIn. 

You can weave your LinkedIn strategy around content creation, engagement with a new audience, and leaving a value-added comment. All these practices are great for networking with your audience and initiating a dialogue with the industry leaders. Also, having a solid presence on LinkedIn can position you above your competitors. 

9. Explore Customer Marketing 

Towards the end, everything boils down to the buyers. 86% of the buyers pay more for a better b2b customer experience. Yes, you have to focus on your customers before you plan a marketing strategy. 

Acquisition of your customers into your B2B sales funnel is the initial step. Therefore, mapping out the customer-centric strategy is crucial for any B2B business. Customers do not care about how big your company is; all they care about is the value your product or service can provide to them. 

10. Focus on Data-Driven Marketing 

40% of the brands are planning to increase their data-driven budget. Today’s marketers use data as a gold mine, and they have access to it at their fingertips. Marketers leverage these insights to create a data-driven marketing strategy to drive impressive results.

We all know how much value data carries, and it should be inculcated to drive your decision-making process. 

With emerging technologies like VR and AR, you can collect information about your customers. This data can be used to create more personalized marketing strategies that will optimize your b2b conversion rates

11. Roll Your Dices on Influencer Marketing 

63% of marketers agree that marketing would have better results if it included a B2B influencer marketing program.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where people from the same industry with a high social following promote your services or products. The traffic that this source generates is valuable as these industry-dominating influencers highly influence people. 

Try to contact respectable people in your industry that are trustworthy enough to borrow their credibility. This year you will see a tremendous increase in influencer marketing adopted by the B2B business module. 


We have explored almost all the prevalent marketing trends that will be followed in 2022 and beyond to unlock exceptional growth. 

Post-reading this blog, you should be able to determine which channel will work best for your business. Each strategy mentioned in this blog has the potential to add value to your business if executed properly. 

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to deciding which one will work best for your business. 

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