Shopify Thank You Page: 6 Elements For The Best Design

shopify thank you page design tips

We usually say thank you to people when they give us something valuable. That’s why great shopkeepers and cashiers thank us when we buy something from them. Because we have given something valuable to them, our time, money, and trust!

According to Forbes research, being grateful in the workplace can have positive effects on people and employees. But why shouldn’t we think the same way about our customers? They are also people like us, right?

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On the customer side, when we buy something from a business, we expect the cashier to say thank you. It’s awkward if they just pack the items and watch us indifferently till we leave the store.

The same applies to online shopping; customers expect a touch of humanity in their transactions, and shopping online is not an exception. A good thank you page may make or break a customer’s buying experience. So, this page is an important factor in customer return.

If you are using Shopify and pursuing a customer-centric marketing approach, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Let’s walk through the steps of creating an ideal Shopify thank you page. Useful suggestions and examples of the greatest thank you pages can be found below.

What Is a Shopify Thank You Page?

A Shopify thank you page is the page that appears when you complete the last activity in a store. Normally, customers make the buying decision and proceed from the cart page to the checkout and pay. Presumably, the website sends a short thank-you note expressing gratitude for the purchase, as any buyer would anticipate.

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Though, Shopify thank you page is not only limited to online purchases. When a visitor subscribes to your newsletter or signs up, you can express gratitude with a thank you page.

Why Thank You Page Design Matters?

The short answer is for repeat purchase! A successful business’ conversion funnel doesn’t end with a customer’s purchase. The best eCommerce businesses are open-ended.

A Shopify thank you page helps to make your consumer feel appreciated. Showing them how valuable they are as individuals motivate them psychologically to return to your store later.

So, it makes it easier for you to retain a customer and open up new purchase opportunities. Aiming for increasing repeat purchases is a smart strategy. You can gain more revenue at a lower cost.

Simply put, if you are using your thank you page as a good-bye page, you are missing revenue, big time!

6 Elements of a Shopify Thank You Page Design

Designing such an important page on your website, an element that can make a customer return, is not that hard. To make the most out of your Shopify thank you page you should include as many as the following elements:

1- Customize your Message

Adding a personal touch to your thank you page design makes your customers feel a little more special. By including a customer’s name in your thank you note you purvey your respect and the person’s importance for you.

To go a step further in impressing your customer with your thank you page, include the customer’s shipping location. It leaves a personal touch on the customer’s heart and indirectly confirms their successful purchase.

For a non-purchase thank you page, such as a newsletter subscription, you can go creative and include another personal touch.

2- Give them a Reason to Return

Customers aren’t going to come back just because you customized the page with their name. They want a tangible, financial incentive to return to your shop in the future, in addition to the quality of the goods.

Offering discounts on next purchases or loyalty points is a good incentive for a customer to return to your shop. You can encourage the client to repurchase from you by using this method.

On Shopify thank you page, you can give them a discount that they may use on their next purchase. However, make sure you create a feeling of urgency surrounding it. As you can lose a customer if you give them enough room to get back to you!

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3- Extend the Connection

Thank you page is a great place for you to include your social media icons. So, you can ask your customers to connect with you on another platform.

One of the most efficient channels for keeping clients connected with your brand is social media. Getting them to follow you on your social media page, however, may be difficult. On the other hand, existing customers are more likely to convert if you encourage them to follow you.


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4- Ask for Referrals

We all know the power of word-of-mouth (WOM) for any business. You can nudge your customers to promote you using WOM, just by asking them for referrals. If you have a referral program in place, you can mention the value they get for each referral. If you don’t have one, simply ask them to share their experience buying from you with their friends.

5- Inform on Order Tracking

Accessing order tracking is a top priority for online buyers. They want to know where their shipment is and estimate the time they will receive it. The easiest approach to keep these clients happy is to inform them about the status of their orders.

You can include their tracking number on Shopify thank you page and inform them on how they can track orders. Here’s an example:

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6- Get More Information

When you are appreciating the buyers for their purchase from your eCommerce platform you can ask for more information. For example, you may want to ask their date of birth. Then, this simple data allows you to send out an email including a discount or impressive offer on their birthday. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with them and get re-engagements and repeat purchases from existing customers.


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Test Tools to Diagnose the Problems of Your Shopify Page

Now you know how you can optimize your Shopify thank you page to increase engagement, it’s time to test them. Fortunately, there are great tools to put your Shopify thank you page design ideas to test.

One of these great platforms is WatchThemLive analytics. WatchThemLive provides you with multiple tools that are designed specifically for the subject of this article. We will discuss two of them, in particular, to show you how WatchThemLive can be beneficial for your business: 

Heatmaps are one of them that enables you to see which parts of your page are getting the most attention. This way, you can put the most important element there for the highest effectiveness.

Session replays are another useful tool to keep you informed on the customer journey on your website. You can see for yourself how the customers are interacting with your thank you page.

Want to try out our tools to make your Shopify thank you page fantastic? Sign up now and start using WatchThemLive. 


Here we discussed Shopify thank you page elements and ideas to improve your customer experience to impact your bottom line. Also, we introduced tools such as heatmaps and session replays to test these thank you page ideas.

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