Cheap Session Replay Tools for Businesses on a Budget

As a business owner, generating more and more revenue should be your top priority. Session replay tools are here to help you achieve it.

We know for a fact that website visitor tracking is the most efficient marketing technique known in today’s world. Session replay is one of the critical components of website visitor tracking. However, not everybody can afford expensive tools in the first place.

Most people start their businesses on a budget. Therefore, they should have some cheap but handy tools to generate revenue for them in the beginning. This article will talk about session replay and affordable session replay tools you can use to get your business going.

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What is a session replay?


Session replay, also known as screen recording, is a video captured in real-time by session replay tools. These tools capture videos from the website visitor’s screen during their visit. Session replays enable you to monitor every single move your visitors make. Mouse movements, clicks, turns, rage-clicks, etc., are all part of the game. Session recording tools help you practice behavioral targeting most efficiently.

Watching and analyzing session recordings, you have access to the golden treasure – your users’ thought process. You can then use this to figure out what attracts them, why they bounce, what distracts them from converting, and so on. After that, you can improve what needs to be enhanced and double down on what’s working out perfectly. You will achieve your conversion rate optimization (CRO) goals more straightforward than ever. As a result, you will be generating more revenue than you could ever imagine!

What is a session replay tool?

Session replay tools are software that lets you record user activity on your website. Afterward, you can watch the video playbacks to understand the users’ journey through your website comprehensively. A session recording tool enables you to track every activity your website’s visitors do on-screen, such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, etc.

What are the best and cheapest session replay tools?

Well, to be honest, here we are going to break some cliches, like the Chinese saying that goes, “Cheap things are not good; good things are not cheap.” Specific session replay tools provide you with fantastic services and features but are free or cost very little.

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1- WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive homepage

WatchThemLive (WTL) undoubtedly offers the best website visitor tracking services. It provides a FREE forever plan that provides you with way more than the paid plans of other services. its session replay software enables you to monitor your viewers’ behaviors while enjoying a fantastic UI and simple UX.

In the process of optimizing your conversion rates, you are going to need a powerful tool. This tool must provide you with useful, detailed information about your website’s visitors. Additionally, it should not be limited to one service and must provide real-time data. WTL does all this and is the tool you need! Not only does it offer you fantastic session recording software, but it also provides you with detailed heatmaps, page optimization, and many other services. Sign up for FREE to grow your business more effectively.


2- LiveSession

livesession homepage

LiveSession is a web analytics software with session replays that helps you solve your customer problems. It also gives you details about how people use your product and makes UX optimization a more straightforward task. You can find more engaging sessions without having to watch all of them. While watching a recording, you can select any particular element of your website and see how it’s used.

A customer journey is a path your visitors take when exploring your website. In LiveSession, you can watch and analyze your customers’ journeys. This might help you improve the sales funnel in your store.

LiveSession is not free but is not as expensive as some other platforms, making it an acceptable option for our list.

3- Browsee

Browsee homepage

Browsee is another session replay tool in our list, which in addition to its costly plans, has a free program. It enables you to prioritize your needs and lists your pages based on that. It also allows you to block pages and patterns for session recordings.

Auto-tagging sessions based on sentiments (rage-clicks, error encounter, confusion, high engagement, etc.) is a feature they provide to you. You can filter your sessions by UTMs, referrals, devices, and a lot more measures. Additionally, you can identify users to help success teams see why a user is not converting. You can track sessions across domains as well.

4- Lucky Orange

lucky orange homepage

Analyzing user behavior, visualizing the customer journey map, recording problems and bugs, and concentrating on specific user concerns all lead to a better UX (User Experience), which improves your company.

Lucky Orange is a conversion optimization suite that assists companies of all sizes to determine why their visitors are not converting to customers. It is a professional tool that website owners use to observe everything that visitors do on their websites, including dynamic heatmaps, session replays, and conversion drop-off detection.

The real-time analytics dashboard displays the number of your website visitors and keywords, regions, and even user languages. Session records and dynamic heatmaps also capture a customer’s clicks, scrolling, toggles, and motions.

5- Hoverowl

hoverowl homepage

Hoverowl is another item on our list that is not free but has a cheap starter pack. It can help you boost your sales and increase your return on investment (ROI). This is one of the many session replay tools that provides you with on-page analytics software.

Mouse tracking and heatmap tools are among the options this session replay software provides you with. You can create conversion funnels and replay recorded visitor sessions to understand how your viewers behave on your site. Hoverowl also integrates with third-party apps such as Shopify, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords.


As previously mentioned, session replay tools are available to assist you in creating more value and earning more money.

Session replay is one of the crucial components of website visitor monitoring. However, not everyone can afford pricey session recording tools in the first place. Most individuals start their enterprises on a budget. This article introduced and explained cheap session replay tools you may use to get your company rolling.

Armin Parvin
Armin Parvin
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