5 Amazing Remote Usability Testing Tools for Startups

remote usability testing tools

If you are eager to gather information about your customers’ problems and what they want, usability testing is the way to go. You can constantly improve your product using this insight. The goal is to provide a fantastic user experience that will automatically result in satisfied consumers by using remote usability testing tools.

Choosing a remote usability testing tool is an important element of the process, especially if it is your first experience in this area. The tool you’ll need, if any, will be determined by your main purpose and method of testing. There are many ways to perform this matter, such as website visitor tracking, session replays, and so on. This can be overwhelming at first, but with some help and research, you will find the right tool for your business. 

So let’s start our journey through some of the best remote usability testing tools. 

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What Are Usability Testing Tools?

remote usability testing tools simplify the usability testing process and provide practical insights into how your audience interacts with your product or service. They may assist you with putting your prototype or website in front of real people, allowing you to observe them. You will find things like how they complete tasks or discover potential sources of the difficulty. The ultimate goal is to receive and track customer feedback more quickly and efficiently. The next step is to evaluate this data to make better decisions and provide the best possible user experience using one of the following remote usability testing tools.

Top 5 Remote Usability Testing Tools 

There are lots of remote usability testing tools on the market that can be inspected from different aspects such as price, use cases, and capabilities. The majority of them provide remote, moderated, and unmoderated usability assessments, as well as screen recording, interviews, surveys, and a variety of other options.

Our list below will help you find out which one of these free remote usability testing tools is suitable for your business. 

1. WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive homepage

WatchThemLive is a remote user testing tool and it’s the best answer to your needs. This platform provides you with lots of features such as heatmaps, session recordings, website visitor tracking, and so on. But here we want to talk about the session recording service. As you may already know, session recording is a technology that will give you a record of exactly what your users do when they are on your website. In this case, this is exactly what you need.

You can test the new changes on your website with your users and see if they’re doing well or not. Something that must be mentioned here is how user-friendly their service and design are. You will feel comfortable all the way through your journey with their software. 

The rest is about your decision-making according to the data you have gathered using one of the best remote usability testing tools. Let’s see how their service performs. 

Don’t forget to give this platform a try. Their free and can make your life much much easier. Sign up here to get all these perfect features for your business. 

2. UserZoom

UserZoom homepage

As one of the free remote usability testing tools, UserZoom provides several options for detecting usability issues through its platform. Users can be interviewed while using your app, and you can watch the interviews and sessions afterward.

Furthermore, UserZoom provides research templates in case you’ve never done remote usability testing before. This will give you much more flexibility at the start. 

Other analytics options offered by UserZoom include usability benchmarking, tree testing, card testing, and surveys, in addition to usability tests.
They consistently emphasize being in contact with their customers while designing their products.

3. Lookback

Lookback homepage

Lookback is one of the remote usability testing tools for procedures that require observing how users interact with an application. Lookback’s testing tools allow you to observe what your users see in real-time and obtain their reactions. Participants will get a copy of your app and will begin a live session or self-test when you set up a remote test. Recordings display in your dashboard automatically, where you may group them and make decisions according to them.

Lookback is particularly famous for doing remote user research in real-time. The platform is so easy to use and helpful. It shows how customers move through your user flow, display their emotions, and communicate with them directly.

But remember that these specific remote usability testing tools only give a free trial and you must pay for your service afterward.

4. UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub homepge

UsabilityHub is a user research tool that allows you to perform lots of research on your product and gather information. The UsabilityHub platform is mostly known for the variety of tests that it can do. surveys, preference tests, five-second tests, and many more can all be set up and running in no time. Furthermore, it features a built-in panel with over 170,000 on-demand testers.

UsabilityHub is particularly well known for its simplicity and ease of use. Click visualizations, open text analyses, work time analytics, and other features are included in their reporting.

But there are some cons that are helpful to know about. First, you should know that lack a little bit in the tutorial part for newcomers. It’s a bit hard to grasp the point at first. 

Another thing is that it doesn’t offer is video/audio recorded, immediate feedback, which sometimes gets better insights than when someone has to think about an answer and type it out.

5. TryMyUI

TryMyUI homepage

TryMyUI is another remote usability testing software that lets you perform website usability tests and record videos of users doing the tasks you’ve specified. Its fundamental features are similar to those of other user testing tools, such as impression testing, written questionnaires, demographic curation, and so on. Their reporting feature, by the way, lets you do more specific actions on your data including highlighting reels, leaving comments on videos, and so much more. 


Having a way to test your products or even a small change that you have made can play a big role in your success. You can simply see how your users interact with your product. This is the best way to see your flaws and fix them to increase your users’ satisfaction. In this article, we tried our best to introduce to you some of the best remote usability testing tools. These tools can make the process much easier and more reliable. 

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