What Is Email Marketing? The Best Guide To Grow Your Business in 2024

What Is Email Marketing The Best Guide To Grow Your Business in 2024

The first man who made the idea of email marketing come to life was Gary Thuerk in 1978. About 55 years ago Gary, who is famous as the father of spam, sent a few hundred emails at once and started what we know nowadays as email marketing. To this day, It is still one of the most effective and popular ways of marketing. 

It is a fact that this kind of marketing can be a challenge sometimes. You as a business owner or someone who works in marketing probably have a list of hundreds or even thousands of emails. However, you probably have no idea where to start and which emails to send to benefit the most. 

As a key component of outbound sales strategies, email marketing plays an important role in bringing in new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones. It is so crucial that around 84% of businesses report that they use email marketing to drive more sales. Therefore, in this article, we take a deep dive into this matter and name its benefits for your business. 

So, stay with us till the end and get the answer to all your questions.

What is Email Marketing?

To put it simply, email marketing is a type of digital marketing where businesses advertise both new and old products and services to their present and potential customers. This is done by utilizing email as a communication medium and providing promotional or educational content. 

When a business plans to inform its target group about a product, a market or industry event, or anything similar, email marketing is an invaluable asset. This is where most companies segment potential targets based on their data which has been gathered by behavioral tracking software or other data-gathering tools. This way, they can send more specific emails to different groups of customers, offering a personalized customer experience

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

Although the term ‘email marketing campaign’ is frequently used, many people are unaware of its precise definition. The exact meaning of this phrase is ‘a sequence of individual email messages sent over a period of time to multiple recipients.’ 

For a campaign to give valuable content and/or relevant offers at the right time, it must be carefully planned, timed, and based on customer-centric marketing strategies. Additionally, it’s critical to maintain consistency in both design and messaging while running email campaigns. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best email marketing examples in the next section.

5 Best Email Marketing Examples With Great Success

An email marketing campaign’s success or failure usually is determined by the company delivering it, its target audience, and its goals. To put it another way, an effective campaign for one company may not be so effective for another.

Nevertheless, there are companies that run their ads so effectively that they ought to be mentioned, if nothing else. And we are going to do just that right now!

1. Uber

One of the best email marketing examples out there is Uber. They have a really simple yet elegant email campaign. The fact that Uber’s newsletters are concise and to the point is something that is worth concentrating on. 

Typically, the content is not too long and features an obvious call to action, making it ideal for subscribers who are time-constrained and won’t read the whole message. In fact, this readability can be one of the variables that have an impact on customer satisfaction metrics

There’s always a link available for people who wish to find out more. Uber consistently sends out new promos and offers a fantastic map of your travels that includes thorough details.

Uber Email Marketing example
Uber Email Marketing Example

2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed’s newsletter is one of their top traffic sources. When it comes to creating engaging content, they are the best. Their email subject lines and previews make you read it right away! This Week In Cats is the most significant newsletter available.

Yes, it is as astonishing as it seems. You can read the greatest and cutest cat stories every Friday. These newsletters provide various links and adorable cat photographs. Additionally, you may always ask Dumb Cat for guidance; And who knows, maybe he’ll respond in the upcoming email.

BuzzFeed Email Marketing Example
Email Marketing Example: This Week In Cats Newsletter from BuzzFeed

3. Airbnb

Airbnbs’ email marketing efforts look promising. Everything you could possibly want is included in the design: clean, simple content, a distinct goal, and vibrant colors. Airbnb is doing a fantastic job at maintaining a clear call to action or CTA in each of its emails. You also will receive city guides with each letter that you get in your inbox.

Airbnb email marketing example
Airbnb Welcome Email Example

4. Aesop

Aessop’s emails are the best example of how email marketing should perform. They are filled with all the essentials, including intriguing text, strikingly simple artwork, and a color palette that catches all your attention. You can find out where to go, what to see, and what to listen to in their emails. There is also a CTA button to click on if you would like to read more after the very brief description.

All and all, Aeosop has one of the best mail marketing in the industry, and it is there for a reason. 

Aesop email marketing example
Email Marketing Example From Aesop

5. Starbucks

This example is about welcoming emails. The first email that your clients receive after signing up with you is a welcome email. Starbucks is a well-known coffee company that has a very captivating marketing approach.

This Starbucks example demonstrates how the company greets consumers with emotions of gratitude while outlining its features and advantages. This is a smart example of how marketing by email works; By getting close to your customers and connecting with them. 

Starbucks email marketing example
Starbucks Welcome Email

Top 7 Email Marketing Tips and Strategies

In this part, we go through some of the best tips and strategies that you can use in your campaigns to deliver an exceptional customer experience:

Top 7 Email Marketing Tips and Strategies
Top 7 Email Marketing Tips and Strategies

1. Personalize Your Messages

By personalizing we don’t mean that you need to send a different email to each one of your customers. The meaning of this phrase is that you need to gather customer data and know your customers. Therefore, the message you send will meet their needs and interests at the same time. 

Personalized emails seem less like spam for customers. It also helps your subscribers feel more connected to you and raises your email conversion rate drastically.

Knowing precisely to whom you want to send emails and what messages will appeal to each group is crucial for email marketing success.

2. Segment Your Audience

You’ve likely heard of ‘audience segmentation.’ It is, in fact, a great email marketing strategy. In order to deliver your subscribers more personal material, offers, and other messages, you can categorize them into groups depending on their behavior and interests.

This is a crucial component of email marketing since it enables you to send customized emails to specific customers.

You can make several email versions using this technique, such as a welcome email, a thank-you email, and a follow-up email. This way you give yourself a chance to make loyal and long-term customers.

3. Craft a Welcome Series

Upon signing up, making a payment, or creating an account, new subscribers typically receive automated welcome emails. This is an important step in your email marketing journey. 

One thing to keep in mind when designing a welcome series is that you should be aware of the customer’s current stage in the brand experience. Therefore, it’s best to create each email with a clear aim and send it out at the specific time and stage that your customer is in right now. 

After they join up, a welcome series is a fantastic method to keep prospective consumers interested. However, consider that they nearly always receive emails from businesses, so you must make yourself stand out.

4. Implement Automation

You’ve now made the effort to create an email list and email series for different occasions. The next step is to automate their delivery so you can stop sending them out manually every time you need to.

There are lots of email marketing software out there that can help you in this matter. With the help of these apps, you can set up automated emails to be sent out when specific events occur, including when a user opens an email, clicks on a link, or makes a purchase.

By doing this, you can avoid manually sending those emails, which can save time and reduce stress while managing a large number of distinct subscribers.

5. Mobile-friendly Designs

In today’s era, it is of utmost importance for your email marketing to be mobile-friendly. For instance, any product images or sales information in your emails ought to be simple to access on mobile devices.

Additionally, customers should have the opportunity to see the brand’s website on their phone in their preferred browser after clicking on the promotion, link, or image.

When creating mobile-friendly emails, the following are important factors to take into account:

  • Important links should be placed at the top of the page rather than the bottom,
  • Graphics should be kept simple,
  • Use text only where it makes sense,
  • picture optimization,
  • Make sure to experiment with font and margin sizes.

6. A/B Testing 

It is recommended to A/B test your emails because it will increase the rate at which your customers will open them. It’s also a great approach to increase the number of people who support your service or product.

However, determining what is most effective for you and your audience can be difficult.

Email Marketers can determine what works best for their business with the aid of A/B testing. For instance, it’s frequently required to split-test various email versions in order to determine which one performs better while creating email campaigns.

Additionally, you can try several topic lines. Email subject lines are among the most crucial components. They’ll assist in figuring out whether or not someone reads your message. And if the subscriber is captivated by it and wants to know more.

The majority of email automation systems allow you to test your emails by A/B method. Furthermore, A/B testing has advantages that can be used beyond email. A/B testing will be helpful in multiple ways, such as when you are designing your website and want to see the difference between designs.

7. Clean Your Email List of Non-Openers

Maintaining your subscriber list is crucial. All of the subscribers on your list who did not open the email are included when you press ‘send’ on your newsletter. it’s best to remove someone from your list if you notice that they are not responding to any of your emails.

The main reason for this tip is to avoid destroying your relationship with customers who have already bought from you or who have lost interest in the brand. In email marketing or any other marketing type, it is crucial that you don’t overburden them.

Using an email management tool to get rid of the targets that don’t open your emails can help you keep track of your subscribers and cut down on time spent on this tedious work.


Before finishing up, let’s address a few frequently asked questions to provide more clarity:

1. What Are the 4 Types of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is essential for businesses to promote their product or service, build relationships, and drive customer action. The main 4 types of email marketing that are being used by businesses are transactional, promotional, newsletters, and retention.

2. Is Email Marketing Free?

Free email marketing tools are applications that you can use to raise your email marketing efforts at no cost. However, these free tools may have subscription plans which give you more options and abilities. 

3. What Are the Responsibilities of Email Marketing Jobs?

An email marketing Job is a position in an organization that concentrates on organizing, developing, and carrying out email marketing campaigns to interact and connect with clients.

Email marketing jobs have lots of benefits for businesses such as:

  • Having a direct communication channel,
  • Possibility to reach targeted audiences,
  • Measurable results and analytics,
  • Saving time and costs by using email marketing automation tools.

One of the options that businesses own is that they can hire email marketing jobs remote. It is totally doable based on responsibilities and the work field of this job. 


Hopefully, you have a deep understanding of email marketing and how it works. We tried our best to go through every detail matter step by step so you can follow and learn from them. Now, it is time to build your plan and make an email marketing team to reach out to your new and existing customers for extra bonding. This is a great way to guarantee your connection with your customers and make them loyal to you. 

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