9 Powerful Digital Analytics Tools To Try In 2024

9 Powerful Digital Analytics Tools To Try In 2024

Knowing the answers to questions like ‘How is my website performing?’ and ‘Does my social media bring enough engagement?’ is usually harder than you would think. There are lots of metrics and variables in play that can change the answers completely. This is exactly where digital analytics tools would shine.

By using one of the famous and well-known digital marketing analytics tools, you give yourself the chance to have a complete and thorough view of the performance of your website or other mediums that you are using. The main goal of this article is also to introduce you to some of the best digital marketing analytics tools in the market so you can choose from them.

So let us start.

What Is Digital Analytics?

To understand the main purpose of these digital analytics tools, we must first know the meaning of digital analytics.

The process of gathering and examining product data from various digital sources to guide marketing and product strategy is known as digital analytics. Companies of all sizes must learn how to utilize digital analytics to fuel new features like minimizing churn, promoting experimentation, and enhancing the value of existing consumers. These are all the practices that big tech companies such as Amazon and Netflix are well-known for using to power new features.

Obviously, these companies have their own digital analytics tools and behavior analytics tools for these matters, but we are here to fill this gap and name some of the best analytics tools for digital marketing so everyone can access this important information. 

Top 9 Digital Analytics Tools In the Market

According to Statista, ad spending in the digital market is supposed to reach US $740.3 billion at the end of 2024. This alone shows us the importance of digital marketing analytics and digital analytics tools to ensure that money is not wasted and that it brings revenue to the business. 

Therefore, we will introduce some of the best digital analytics tools in this part that will bring in important data to every company and business:

1. WatchThemLive

Let us start with one of the best digital analytics tools in the market that can change your perspective a lot.

WatchThemLive is a digital analytics tool that can provide you with various services that will help you identify your website’s strong and weak points. This way, you can easily make decisions to fix the problems and give more energy to the strong parts.

WatchThemLive Homepage
WatchThemLive Homepage

Some of the services that WathThemLive will provide you are Heatmaps, session recording, user segmentation, and deep analytics. Each one of these services can easily change any business’s route in the best possible way. 

For instance, WatchThemLives session recording is the best tool to find out which part of a website’s sales funnel is making problems or which part is hard for customers to navigate the most. These kinds of data are game-changing for any business that wants to rise and flourish.

So, when we tell you that this is one of the best digital analytics tools that you don’t want to miss out on, we are for real. 

2. Google Analytics

Next on the list for digital analytics is Google Analytics. Without Google Analytics, I don’t think the term ‘digital analytics’ would have been in the shape it is nowadays at all.

The way businesses view webpages has been changed by Google Analytics. In the past, the design and appearance of a website were important, but as the Internet has grown, websites are now increasingly concerned with marketing effectiveness.

Google Analytics Homepage
Google Analytics Homepage

Google Analytics includes a variety of data, such as page views, drop-offs, the top pages that users last viewed before leaving, geolocation, product performance, form inquiries, visualized user flow, mobile devices, operating systems, and versions of the operating system. These are all information that a good digital analytic tool would provide you with. Google Analytics, or GA, will be a great tool in your arsenal for the purpose of digital analytics.

However, Google Analytics can’t fulfill all of the needs that a business may have on its way to success. So, it is better to choose another application from the list alongside GA to help you out more.

3. Hotjar

Hotjar is considered one of the digital analytics tools for gathering user feedback and comprehending people. This digital analytic tool offers polls, survey questions, user recordings, and heat maps. The best use case for Hotjar is when website owners wish to contextualize Google Analytics data which we talked about in the previous part.

Hotjar Homepage
Hotjar Homepage

Hotjar offers heatmaps, which are screenshots that show where people are clicking and pointing their mouse cursors. These data provide some really useful, practical insights.

Take advantage of its visitor recording feature to find out what individual users are doing and which part of your website is the bottleneck so you can solve them and raise the quality of customer experience

However, keep in mind that Hotjar’s limited data retention, pricey feature set, and poor support accessibility make it less effective as one of the digital analytics tools in the market.

4. DashThis

DashThis is another product on our list of digital analytics tools. DashThis is a tool for marketers looking for a quick and easy solution to compile all of their data from various marketing channels and generate reports. Additionally, it enables you to quickly construct dashboards for all of your data and make decisions based on them.

DashThis Homepage
DashThis Homepage

This digital analytic tool has the power to be modified to accommodate various business objectives and reporting specifications, ranging from marketing agencies to healthcare organizations. 

Keep in mind that one of the major downsides of DashThis is its storage management. Lots of the customers have problems with not being able to archive old reports that are not relevant anymore and are taking space of their dedicated space. 

5. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a connection between Google Sheets and Google Looker Studio. When it comes to reporting and digital analysis tools, Supermetric is an invaluable digital analytics tool.

It combines information from several data sources. You can integrate your Instagram social profile, LinkedIn advertising, or Facebook advertising into Google Looker Studio. You can also upload Excel files that belong to you.

Supermetrics Homepage
Supermetrics Homepage

Supermetrics offers capabilities with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel in addition to a smooth interaction with Google Looker Studio.

One of the things that overshadow the quality of this app is its customer support. Many reviews on different platforms complain about getting no response from them and this is not a good sign for a business at all. 

6. Crazyegg

Crazyegg mainly focuses on user behavioral tracking on landing pages and websites. When it comes to increasing conversion rates, Crazyegg is quite helpful and is the go-to option. It provides a number of technologies, such as scrollmaps, heatmaps, and user session records, to assist you in understanding how users are interacting with your website.

Crazyegg Homepage
Crazyegg Homepage

Additionally, Crazyegg provides A/B testing so you can, for example, compare statistics and heatmaps before and after making changes to your web pages. This helps you to see if the results are what you wanted or not and can be reversed easily. 

One thing that is worth mentioning is that Crazyegg has an unusual payment method between digital analytics tools which can be unnatural for most people in the business. They ask for yearly payments in advance instead of monthly payments which is unusual for businesses in this field. This can be a red alert for most of the customers. 

7. Clicky

Clicky is one of the digital analytics tools that is used by over a million website owners to gather user data. It allows you to track, examine, and react to your website visitors instantly which is a great deal in today’s market. 

Clicky keeps track of page views and specific website visitor events to provide you with comprehensive information for your website optimization.

Clicky Homepage
Clicky Homepage

This digital analytic tool is powered by heat maps which will help you to increase engagement on your website by revealing how users navigate your site in terms of different activities such as scrolling, clicking, and the pages they have visited. 

One other feature that Clicky brings to the table is that it can identify fake traffic to your website and block it. Therefore, your data will be more reliable. 

Clicky has a big issue in that it does not have a heatmap on its base plan. Heatmaps are some of the most common and essential tools in any digital analytics tools in the market and this can be a huge negative point towards Clicky.

8. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the digital analytics tools in the market that is worth mentioning in our list of the best digital analytics tools in 2024.

Ahref offers a large amount of data for general uses in digital marketing, but what sets it apart from other web analytics tools in digital marketing is that it has its own technical SEO audit tool. Its extensive content idea explorer will be beneficial to content marketers as well.

Ahrefs Homepage
Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is capable of scraping websites to provide a rough overview of their main pages. It also has the ability to assess the content gaps between websites, which is useful for benchmarking against competitors or industries. In-depth keyword research also may be done by SEO professionals thanks to its integrated keywords explorer tool.

Ahrefs is a great tool. However, there are some flaws such as having no free trial and one-user limitation for any plan that can be a headache sometimes.

9. Hubspot

Hubspot is well-known to marketers for its CRM platform for managing leads. However, they also have dashboards and digital analytics tools of their own. Apart from its ability to collect leads, Hubspot provides several integration options with other tools that are popular in the marketing world. This makes it possible to track customers while they are going through their sales process and integrate data seamlessly.

hubspot Homepage
Hubspot Homepage

Businesses can easily build and manage campaigns with Hubspot’s user-friendly interface, which leads to a marketing overflow that is easy to manage and improve. 

Hubspot is a good platform among digital analytics tools that can help businesses out. However, Its complicated pricing structure has a negative effect on its product. Additionally, their services can get high in price very quickly. 


Now that we have the digital analytics tools definition and some of the best examples in the market, it is time to answer some questions that are not directly answered in the main body of this article:

1. What Are The Four Types of Digital Analytics?

Predictive, diagnostic,  descriptive, and prescriptive analytics are the four main pillars of the modern analytics model. Each type of analytics helps your company better understand what your data reveals and how to use those insights to drive business objectives.

2. Can a Beginner Learn Data Analytics?

It is possible for anyone to learn and work in data analytics. To choose a job in data analytics, it would be beneficial to have the following requirements: the capacity to work with quantitative data and figures, a background in programming, and some mathematics knowledge. 

3. What Are The 5 W’s of Data Analytics?

The fact that digital tools allow us to store and track data in a way that has never been possible before has fundamentally altered the way we view data. The 5Ws of analytics that are famous in this field are the who, what, when, where, and why.


To remain competitive in the current economy, a significant amount of information is required. This data must be about how to react to certain events, which products to advertise for, which group of people is the business’s main audience, and many more. In this information-reliant market, digital analytics tools are the saviors of businesses. They gather this data for you so you can keep going forward and being able to compete. So don’t miss out on them. 

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