What Is CVR Marketing and the Formula to Calculate CVR?

cvr marketing

Every marketer has a unique technique and strategy for increasing business sales. One of the most reliable and proven techniques is CVR marketing. CVR, in a nutshell, is an advertising method to increase a company’s conversion rate. Therefore, knowing how to optimize your CVR can be a big boost in your revenue. 

Here in this article, we will go through every detail you need to know about the process of CVR marketing. All you need to do is stick around for a couple of minutes and enjoy the reading. So, let’s start.

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What Is CVR Marketing?

CVR itself stands for conversion rate or ratio that increasing it is the ultimate purpose of CVR marketing.

CVR marketing is a well-established marketing method that will boost your conversion rate and increase the number of users completing the desired action. This action can be anything, such as clicking a button, subscribing, completing a purchase, and confirming your email. However, all of these actions have one goal: increasing your revenue by boosting your conversion rate. 

What Is The Importance of CVR Marketing?

The better you do CVR marketing; the more your customers will complete specific actions that increase revenue. This is the most crucial reason you should use CVR marketing. Companies may run digital marketing campaigns, increasing the value of CVR marketing. 

These are the business aspects  CVR marketing can have an impact on:

  • Conversion rate and revenue
  • Lead generation
  • Production process
  • Campaign efficiency

What Is the CVR Formula and How to Work With It?

As you may have guessed by now, CVR is expressed as a percentage and can range from 0 to 100. A CVR of 0 indicates that no one has seen the prompt, visited the website, or downloaded the app. This means the goal you have in your mind isn’t fulfilled and users haven’t completed the desired action. A CVR of 100 indicates that everyone who was exposed to your campaign progressed to the end of the funnel.

conversion rate formula

The conversion rate formula is dividing your conversions by the number of total visitors multiplied by 100. This will show you the ratio of your customers that have completed the task they are supposed to. It is crucial to use some tools to track these numbers and help you analyze them. 

Best Tool to Track Data for CVR Marketing

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As we said before, you need a platform that can help you gather CVR data and analyze them. Right now, there are multiple platforms in the market that can help you with this matter. However, some of them do this job in the best way possible. One of them is the WatchThemLive user tracking platform.

So, what is WatchThemLive, and why is it doing this job with the perfection it requires? 

WatchThemLive is a user tracking platform, and as you may guess by its name, the essential job is gathering information about your customers. This information can be of any kind, such as their browsers, country, the path they take on your website, and more. Imagine a situation where you need to monitor some of the best and most loyal customers to see what they like about your website that makes them come back. User tracking service will give you this ability. 

It should be mentioned that the friendly UI and great support from their team can help you out and speed up the process.

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How to Improve Your Business CVR?

Here are some of the low-cost strategies you can follow to improve your conversion rate:

1. A/B testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, or multivariate testing, allows marketers to compare two or more versions of the same campaign to determine which is the most effective. Most major advertising platforms (such as Facebook) support multivariate testing natively, allowing marketers to eliminate the guesswork from their CVR marketing campaigns.

2. Good Button Design 

The style of your CTA buttons has a significant impact on whether or not your audience converts. The most successful ones are those that are circular or rectangular with rounded sides. Humans have an innate dislike of angles like those found in triangles or even right-angles.
According to psychological studies, that’s because they’re commonly connected with threats when seen in nature. You must keep this in mind while designing your buttons. 

3. Call-To-Actions 

If you want your call-to-action button to work well, you need to use a solid and urgent verb. They give your audience clear instructions on what to do next, as well as expectations for what will happen when they do it. This expectation will provide them the confidence to move forward on the path and complete their purchase. 


Performing tests and gathering data are essential for your business’ success. CVR marketing is the way to bring you out of the darkness. By using this method, you will see by yourself which one of your decisions is correct and which one is not. Therefore, you can make decisions with a bright light on the situation and future outcomes. Just remember to get help anywhere you need it and use platforms such as WatchThemLive to help you out in the process. 

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