7 Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing to Optimize Conversion Rate

Tips for effective content writing to optimize conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization refers to practices that help to increase the number of visitors to your website who complete your desired actions. This is a crucial key performance indicator for every content marketer. Several factors determine your conversion rate optimization, but one that stands out is your content’s quality and overall text appeal. Hence, it’s important to improve the quality of your content. You can do this by focusing on the content type, value of information shared and content style. Creating great content is one of the most effective ways to boosts your CRO.

In this article, we discuss several techniques and tips that you can use to improve your conversion rate optimization through content writing approach. 

Content Writing Strategies

So, let’s waste no more time and get into content writing tips for optimizing your conversion rate.

1. Know Your Audience

You must first know your audience to create content that converts them. It’s impossible to write content that can motivate and engage your users effectively without knowing who they are, even if you hire the best essay writers to help you. Knowing them lets you determine their pain point, behaviors, and other information you need to engage them effectively. You should know about your audience’s needs, wants and desires and their awareness level of what you’re offering. Their awareness levels inform the type of content to write and whether you’re addressing people who know about the product, the problem, the solution, or don’t know anything. Your audience will be in any of these phases, and knowing their level allows you to create content tailored to them.

WatchThemLive is a behavioral analytics tool that helps you get to know your audience completely. It offers session replay software that allows you to watch visitors’ interactions from the moment they enter your website until they leave it. When you watch their replays you can see what type of pages they visit, where they click, where they struggle, their pain points, etc. You can use session replay insights for your other marketing activities as well. Watch this video to learn how: 

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2. Write Topic-driven Content

Writing topic-driven content allows you to mold the content in any direction you desire. Ideally, you want to write about a topic your audience finds attractive. Then you use your writing prowess by creating eye-catching and appealing content on the topic. Some popular and valuable content types are:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to articles
  • Latest details and advancements in technology
  • News articles to alert readers or raise awareness with promotional material

Topic-driven content also frees you from the conventional style of searching for keywords to use in content. This allows your content to be more entertaining to readers. 

3. Use Effective Headlines

Your headline is important because it’s the first thing visitors see when they visit your website. The headline wraps up your entire pitch in one bold sentence. The goal should be to pique the visitor’s interest, solve a problem, be instructional, or answer a question. 

These are some of the common types of headlines that have an impact and help generate better leads:

  • Direct headlines
  • Command headlines
  • Question headlines
  • Instructional and How-to headlines
  • Problem-solving headlines

You will likely lose many potential leads if your headline is poorly constructed. Three tips for writing an effective headline are:

  • Be straightforward
  • Use numbers
  • Ask a question

4. Focus on Solving Problems, Not Making Sales

From the first point of knowing your audience, you would have determined what their problem is. Then you can create content geared towards solving their problems. However, there are two main things that you also have to know about your audience: 

  • Do your targets know they have a problem?
  • Does your audience know what their problem is?

If the answer to these questions is “No,” then your first task is to help them see that there’s a problem they need to solve. If you succeed at this, you’ll have an incredible conversion rate. 

This means your content should be about providing solutions to a problem. This is the same method that writers at pro essay writing use to provide value to their audience. 

5. Organize Your Content Copy in a Readable and Coherent Manner

Make sure that your readers can easily scan through your content. This can only happen if you make it easy to read. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Put the main idea first. This helps you gain their attention before progressing into specifics to reinforce the idea. 
  • Organize your content: Break the content up using headings, lists and subheadings. You can also emphasize with italics and bold font. 
  • Link ideas together: Use transitions words and phrases, such as but, in addition to, moreover, etc. 
  • Avoid using jargon. Use more general terms instead. 
  • Direct the content to the reader: Write your article in the second person pronoun by using “you” instead of other third-person pronouns like the customer, she or he. This makes the content more personal. 
  • Use present tense and active voice mostly. 
  • Add images, charts, and graphics to your content to reinforce your ideas. 

6. Use Live Video Content

Recording live videos on your platform is an effective way to boost your conversions. Videos are currently the most consumed content, so that you can take part in this traffic through live videos. According to HubSpot statistics, Facebook live videos have a 4.3% engagement rate, higher than the 2.2% for non-live videos. Whatever you’re showing or saying in the video is the content you deliver to your audience. 

Many people worry about this because they aren’t sure what the live video session will be about. Using storytelling in your live videos is a good way to gain your audience’s attention. You can also show a workstation in your background to show how much effort your team makes to solve their problem. 

7. Use a Strong CTA

For your content to convert your website visitors, it has to include a compelling CTA because the goal of the content is to get the audience to take action. Solicit this action from them intentionally. Whatever you want them to do, whether it’s to make a purchase, signup for your newsletter or complete a survey, ensure to include a CTA in the content to guide them to this action.

Here are tips for writing a good CTA:

  • Be straightforward
  • Use action verbs
  • Be persuasive
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Speak to the reader directly


Content writing is an effective way to optimize your conversion rate, but you must write your content excellently. This is the only way your content can effectively convert visitors. This article discusses several tips to help you achieve this. 

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
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