B2B Marketplace: Complete Definition + Top 10 Marketplaces in 2024

B2B Marketplace: Complete Definition + Top 10 Marketplaces in 2024

If you are a business owner and want to find your place in the market, make sure to consider being part of a B2B marketplace as soon as possible. In this rapidly growing market where no one is safe and must try their best to survive, being part of a marketplace can be the winning card you need.

But what are B2B marketplaces? And how can they be an assistance to your business? You may have some information about B2B SAAS marketing or some other B2B concept. However, the matter at hand needs a more direct and dedicated approach which here in this article we try to achieve this goal. 

So stay and learn how to boost your B2B business easily and in a short time.

What Is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B e-commerce platform that connects B2B customers and suppliers is called a B2B marketplace. According to Statista, the total value of the B2B marketplaces was over 20 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022 which shows the importance and influence of this concept in the marketing world. 

The main difference between the usual B2B platform and a B2B wholesale marketplace is that in the latter we have three parties: The owner of the platform, buyers, and sellers. This is in contrast to the single-vendor B2B e-commerce platforms that you are used to. 

A B2B online marketplace consists of retailers and wholesaler businesses and this is opposed to B2C, where buyers are individuals. Multivendor marketplaces make up the majority of B2B marketplaces.

What Are The Benefits of a B2B Marketplace?

Now that you are familiar with the definition of a B2B eCommerce marketplace, it is time to introduce you to some of the main benefits for your business by choosing a B2B marketplace and joining it. 

Benefits of B2B Marketplace
Benefits of B2B Marketplace

1. New Customers and Markets

By joining a B2B marketplace, you give yourself the chance to find and contact new customers and find markets that were not available to you before. Just imagine your revenue’s growth by building a converting B2B marketing Funnel and the new customers that are available to you now. 

2. Lowering The Risk

B2B marketing strategies are relatively straightforward, although they do require a substantial budget. Some businesses might have a problem managing this budget. However, by joining an online marketplace B2B, your sales and revenue will rise significantly. Thus, you shouldn’t be concerned about your long-term marketing plan.

3. Improving Brand Name

Being active on the internet and being part of a B2B online marketplace lends you additional strength and increases your visibility and power. By creating an eCommerce website that is SEO-friendly and meets all the standards, you have the power to market it in the marketplace and raise your brand awareness.

4. Finding Best Prices

It is natural in the market for prices to be different from each other. However, B2B marketplace software gives you the option to compare the prices with other vendors. This way, you have the power to choose between suppliers based on their services and prices. 

Top 10 B2B Marketplaces In 2024

Now, let’s look at some of the best B2B marketplaces in the market that you can choose based on your needs:

1. Amazon Business

Amazon is a well-known technology company that is performing well in multiple areas. Recently Amazon has been charged with tax evasion, having a strict workplace policy, and being anti-competitive. However, It is still seen as a major player in the business and cultural spheres. 

Screenshot of Amazon Homepage
Amazon Homepage

Amazon has a specific account type for businesses named Amazon Business. It offers a special set of capabilities not found in standard Amazon accounts and is designed only for corporate purchases. While it is free to sign up with Amazon Business, there is a membership fee that allows users to access more features.

2. eWorldTrade

One of the best marketplaces that is highly recommended and operates well is eWorldTrade. This platform is specifically made to provide users with trade transactions that are quick, dependable, and simple.

Screenshot of eWorldTrade Homepage
eWorldTrade Homepage

The main goal of eWorldTrade as a B2B marketplace is to remove all the obstacles in the way of transactions and become the most transparent platform in the market. 

3. DH Gate

DH Gate is a B2B marketplace platform dedicated to Chinese products, including clothing, jewelry, electronics, and other merchandise. They make it possible for companies to join them and enjoy a hassle-free business environment.

Screenshot of DHgate Homepage
DHgate Homepage

With up to 2.2 million merchants, you can find the simplest answer for your company’s needs in one location. DH Gate is effective in offering logistical solutions and safe payment which brings you the best B2B customer experience you can imagine.

4. GlobalSources

GlobalSources is another Chinese wholesale B2B marketplace that links Asian merchants with businesses from around the world. In addition to being one of the B2B e-commerce platforms, GlobalSources provides its suppliers with integrated marketing solutions, such as trade shows, electronic magazines, and private catalogs.

Screenshot of Globalsources Homepage
Globalsources Homepage

5. Alibaba

Alibaba, one of the biggest B2B marketplaces globally, has a database containing over 1 billion products from over 2 million suppliers. In Alibaba, customers can purchase anything they want. It doesn’t matter if you need electronic devices or home decoration items. All you need to do is visit their website and buy your products from other wholesale businesses around the world. 

Screenshot of Alibaba Homepage
Alibaba Homepage

6. Faire

With real-time reporting capabilities, Faire is a B2B eCommerce marketplace platform that aims to improve connections between manufacturers and retailers by giving them access to precise information about product lines, pricing history data, and more. Using Faire, buyers can stay up to date on industry trends and make well-informed decisions on how best to market their items to increase sales.

Screenshot of Faire Homepage
Faire Homepage

7. ECPlaza

As a leading international B2B online marketplace, ECPlaza has about 10 million users across more than 150 countries. ECPlaza gives customers access to a large selection of high-quality products at affordable costs from reliable vendors. 

Screenshot of ECPlaza Homepage
ECPlaza Homepage

Furthermore, the company offers ensuring services including quality assurance inspections and translations, which helps to build strong trust with customers.

8. SeeBiz

By using the global B2B wholesale marketplace SeeBiz, buyers can establish connections with verified suppliers from all over the world. Its user-friendly features, such as price comparison tools, product reviews, and rapid quotes, make it simpler and faster for customers to find what they need in the vast number of buyers and sellers.

Screenshot of SeeBiz Homepage
SeeBiz Homepage

9. Novi

Novi is an online platform that uses its cooperative marketplace to link vendors and customers of business software solutions. This is the one location where buyers may find a comprehensive selection of solutions for their business needs, from web development tools to project management systems.

Screenshot of Novi Homepage
Novi Homepage

10. Ankorstore

Ankorstore is a B2B wholesale marketplace dedicated to local artisans who want their products on the market. Customers may easily find what they need without having to bother about finding different sellers thanks to flexible payment options.

Screenshot of Ankorstore Homepage
Ankorstore Homepage


The B2B marketplace and how it works can raise many questions. We tried our best to cover all the important aspects of this concept. However, it is possible that some of your questions have not been answered. So, here are some frequent questions about B2B marketplaces:

1. What Is The Largest B2B Marketplace in The World?

The biggest B2B wholesale marketplace in the world is Alibaba. Currently, they offer a variety of products, from electronic parts to house furniture. This gives the customers the option to choose between multiple suppliers. 

2. What Is The Future of B2B Marketplaces?

The future of B2B marketplaces is bright as it is expected to double in market size in a few years. This means more revenues for existing players in the market. 


As a business that is working in wholesale markets, it is important to know and understand the importance of a B2B marketplace. These kinds of markets allow you to get in touch with other businesses like yours and conduct trades with them much more easily. Make sure to go through our list of the best B2B marketplaces and choose one based on your needs.

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