The Best AI Assistant Apps For Every-Day Usage in 2024

The Best AI Assistant Apps For Every-Day Usage in 2024

Artificial intelligence or AI is nothing like what was shown to us in the movies from the 80s or 90s anymore. It is reliable and still doesn’t want to end humanity in a brutal way. One area where people are most enthusiastic about AI is in the field of personal productivity and how to maintain a delicate work-life balance. These days, an AI assistant can practically act as a personal assistant, helping users with better time management, lowering stress levels, and concentrating on what is important to them.

These are not the only fields that an AI personal assistant can be helpful in. There are many fields in marketing such as email marketing that can get help from an AI email generator to boost its outcomes. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of these AI assistants that can help you in many different ways. So, without further ado, let’s start our journey.

What is an AI Assistant?

AI assistants are programs based on artificial intelligence technologies that will help people in their daily activities such as scheduling and gathering information for their usage. These applications with their unique abilities such as handling a wide range of tasks, understanding natural language, and the capability of learning and adoption are called AI assistants. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the main core of every AI application that helps them to understand and respond to text and voice commands. They can do a lot of the same things that human assistants can do, such as reading texts, taking notes, making phone calls, and much more. An AI virtual assistant can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection because it is mostly cloud-based. 

AI assistants have the ability to be connected to smart devices, further integrating them into your daily routine. The most advanced AI assistants are extensively customized through the use of self-learning algorithms. They could pick up on your speaking habits or preferences and make a personalized customer experience for you. 

This is not the end of the story. According to Statista, around %36 of developers use an AI assistant to help them in their coding process. However, there are thoughts and fears that these useful companions may someday do the job themselves and kick many people out of their jobs.

Top 8 AI Assistant Apps

Nowadays, there are specific AI assistants for different fields and they are designed to be perfect in specific areas. In this part, we are going to introduce you to some of the best personal AI assistants in the market for different day-to-day needs. 

1. Grammarly – AI Writing Assistant

Grammarly is a well-known and old player in the field of writing assistance and can be easily named as one of the best in its branch. 

Grammarly Homepage
Grammarly Homepage

Grammarly is far more comprehensive than just a spell checker. It examines your writing and makes recommendations that go much beyond basic accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence. It also can help you make your sentences more clear, offer more concise language suggestions, and even change the tone of your speech to be more formal, kind, or businesslike. 

Grammarly is a partially free AI writing assistant that gives you the confidence to communicate, whether you’re trying to improve your email marketing campaigns or working on a lengthy project. However, keep in mind that more advanced services need payment. So, if you are looking for an AI writing assistant free of payment, make sure to check all their services and which ones are completely free. 

2. Cortana – AI Voice Assistant

Microsoft created Cortana, an AI voice assistant, for the Windows operating system. With voice commands, Cortana assists users with tasks, reminds them of upcoming events, responds to inquiries, and makes suggestions. 

Cortana Homepage
Cortana Homepage

The ability of Cortana to comprehend and react using Natural Language Processing(NLP) is one of its main advantages since it enhances the conversational nature of the user experience. 

To deliver individualized support, Cortana keeps user preferences and other data in a ‘Notebook.’ This aids in its understanding of user habits and preferences so that it can provide more accurate and tailored recommendations. 

Cortana gives users control over their data. The personalization is transparent because users can view and manage the data that Cortana has access to thanks to the Notebook function.

3. Superhuman – AI Email Assistant

Superhuman is an AI assistant app that includes customizable inbox and keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency and speed. Furthermore, Superhuman utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance your email experience. 

Superhuman Homepage
Superhuman Homepage

All you have to do is write down a few keywords, the theme, and talking points, and Superhuman’s AI will create a finished document that is consistent with your writing style. By doing this, you can write emails more quickly and get rid of writer’s block. Additionally, Superhuman’s AI editor fixes mistakes and poor phrasing, enhancing clarity, and correcting emails in a way that preserves your distinct voice.

4. ReclaimAI – AI Scheduling Assistant

An AI assistant called can help you make extra time in your day. Reclaim saves you valuable hours each day so you can do more by automatically determining the ideal time for your meetings, projects, routines, and breaks rather than requiring you to manually schedule everything out.

ReclaimAI Homepage
ReclaimAI Homepage

With the help of their AI meeting assistant, you may improve teamwork by arranging times when everyone’s available and can be efficient. For essential appointments that you need to schedule as soon as possible through Scheduling Links, they even offer intelligent priority levels that reveal more available timeslots to meet above lower-priority events. 

5. ChatGPT – AI Chatbot Assistant

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, in November 2022. It is based on the GPT-3 family of large language models which are sophisticated AI systems that were trained through machine learning on a vast amount of text data. 

ChatGPT Homepage
ChatGPT Homepage

ChatGPT is appropriate for a variety of applications since it can produce realistic and cohesive conversations. It can be questioned, conversed with in-depth on a variety of subjects, and even asked to produce different types of original material.

ChatGPT is still in development, so it’s always learning and getting better. Although it occasionally makes some errors, the objective is for it to offer thorough and enlightening answers, especially to open-ended, difficult, or uncommon problems and questions. 

6. Socratic – AI Math Assistant

AI’s role in science is already crucial and is helping human beings in scientific matters such as fighting cancer, solving environmental issues, and many other problems in the scientific realm. 

Socratic Homepage
Socratic Homepage

Socratic is also an AI assistant that is ranked among the best educational AI apps and is intended to help students with their homework and math assignments. Using the app, students can snap images with their phone’s camera and then utilize artificial intelligence to generate visual explanations for the concepts.

Socratic is a multidisciplinary tool that can be used in many study fields. It is based on text and speech recognition. It works with the iPad and is accessible on both Android and iOS. 

7. Alli AI – AI SEO Assistant

The SEO automation tool Alli AI assists companies, agencies, and SEO specialists in the website optimization field in a matter of minutes.

Alli Ai Homepage
Alli Ai Homepage

It works with any CMS and is excellent at keeping track of targeted keywords and making recommendations. Alli AI also evaluates your website and offers a simple, tailored guide that walks you through each step to raise its position.

By optimizing websites automatically, Alli AI allows you to take charge of SEO activities and manage all of your SEO from a single dashboard.

8. Google Assistant – AI Personal Assistant

Google Home and other smart speakers, as well as Android smartphones, support Google Assistant. Numerous essential functions such as voice-activated search, tailored suggestions, smart home automation, reminder scheduling, and information retrieval from multiple Google services are available to you by using this AI assistant.

Hey Google Homepage
Google Assistant Homepage

Google Assistant is also renowned for its NLP skills, which include text and speech recognition as well as the capacity to comprehend context for more in-depth dialogues.


The rapid rise of AI in recent years has created lots of opportunities as well as questions in the minds of people who actually want to learn about it. Here are some of the most common questions about this matter:

1. What Does an AI Assistant Do?

An AI assistant uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to overcome many activities in different areas based on their design. You can use specific AI assistance for matters such as SEO and Scheduling to help you out.

2. Is AI a High Paying Job?

The highest-paying position in the AI field may vary based on several variables, including experience, industry size, and geography. Data scientists, business analysts, and machine learning engineers, however, can be among the highest-paid workers.


In the near future, AI won’t be a surprising or even a new matter. It is obvious that AI would be in every aspect of our lives and we can not deny it. Therefore, it is better to try to learn about it and use it so you can have the opportunity to be ahead of many others. 

Here in this article, we mention some of the best AI assistant tools in the market. There might be changes in the future, so don’t give up learning and searching for new assistants to help you out.

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