AI Email Generator: The Ultimate Guide You Need in 2024

AI Email Generator The Ultimate Guide You Need in 2024

Nowadays everybody is talking about AI (Artificial intelligence) and Its impact on human life. You can’t find a field of work that hasn’t been influenced by this phenomenon. Therefore, it is just normal to think of the ways that AI can impact marketing business and the answer in our case is AI email Generator.

Email marketing can be a tedious and time-consuming activity for marketers. It requires lots and lots of small and repetitive tasks to create a personalized or oriented email for each customer group and segment. This is where the help of an email generator is needed. 

There are many of these tools in the market. However, it is important to know how they work and be aware of the importance of them so you can use them in the best way. This article is about to provide you with all the information you need about AI email Generator. So stay with us till the end. 

What Is an AI Email Generator?

A technology that uses artificial intelligence and templates to write a persuasive and personalized email for different audience segments is called an AI email generator.

According to Statista, %50 of email marketers believe that the effect of AI on email marketing is much better than the traditional ways. This alone shows the importance of AI in email marketing. 

With the use of the most recent data and patterns gathered from analyses of successful emails, an AI email writer can produce personalized, impactful, and captivating emails that increase open, response, and email conversion rates

An email generator AI makes sure every word has a purpose and addresses the requirements and interests of the audience. This is in contrast to traditional email writing, which had to rely on the creativity and writing skills of marketers to deliver a well-written email.

Top 5 AI Email Generators In Current Market

Let us go through some of the best AI email writers that exist in the market and you can try them through their free plans to see which one suits you the most:

1. Jasper

One of the best AI email generators in the market is Jasper. You can easily count on this tool as a multitasking AI which will help you in many ways.

Jasper email generator screenshot
Jasper Homepage

Jasper offers multiple features such as campaign management, chatboxes, brand voicing, and many more. For instance, brand voicing will gather all the information from your business strategy and goals and make the best suggestions and email templates for you based on them. This way, your emails are completely in the same direction as your business and serve your ultimate goal.

Jasper is also accessible through browser extensions and their dedicated API which gives you plenty of choices to use them in any way you prefer. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to access through browsers and API,
  • Brand voicing,
  • A variety of resources to help you through your journey,
  • Strong AI companion for emails as well as titles,
  • Built-in Grammarly integration,
  • Plagiarism checker (costs extra).


  • Creator plan: $39 per month/seat,
  • Pro plan: $59 per month/seat,
  • Business plan: Personalized AI features with additional control, security, team training & tech support, and a Negotiable price.
Jasper Pricing Page

They also offer a free 7-day trial plan. 

2. Nanonets

Nanonets is a completely free AI email generator that can meet all your expectations from an AI email writer. As they claim on their website, you can use this tool best in streamlined customer support and automated email campaigns. 

Nanonets email generator screenshot
Nanonets Homepage

All you need to do is give the purpose of your emails, specific instructions for the generator if you have any in mind, and receiver and sender information for a much more detailed and personalized outcome. These are all the steps needed for an AI-generated email to be ready for sending.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive technology, which gets better over time,
  • High number of trusted users,
  • High level of security for personal information,
  • Integrations with MailChimp, WhatsApp, Alack AI, 


  • Free.

3. Flowrite

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and strong email generator, Flowrite is the way to go. You can easily manage your communication with other parts of your business and customers as well. All Flowrite needs is your purpose of the email and personal information such as the name or department that the receiver works in. 

Flowrite email generator screenshot
Flowrite Homepage

This internal communication is a new service that Flowrite is offering to businesses alongside their usual individual plans for email generation. 

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with Gmail, Twitter, Outbox, Linkedin, MailChimp, and many more popular platforms,
  • An Immerse number of templates for daily conversations,
  • Personalized email replies based on the received email,
  • Checking grammar and spelling errors.


  • Light: $4/month for 200 messages/year,
  • Premium: $12/month for 2000 messages/year,
  • Unlimited: $24/month for unlimited messages/year,
  • Enterprise: Negotiable price for businesses.
Flowrite Pricing Page

You can use their free 14-day trial plan before considering any purchase.

4. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse AI is an AI-oriented business focusing on SEO fields such as blog writing and other writing-related topics. This makes them a reliable source for AI text generation. Therefore, it is safe to say that their AI email generator is among the best in the market. 

You can easily use the Hypotenuse email generator for lead generation purposes or as they suggest, cold emails that seal the deals for you. 

Hypotenuse AI email generator screenshot
Hypotenuse Homepage

One of the best features of Hypotenuse is its support for more than 30 languages, which makes it unique in this case. 

Key Features:

  • Plagiarism checker,
  • Integration with Shopify and WordPress,
  • Being SEO-friendly based on their experience in this field,
  • Plenty of blog posts and resources to help you out


  • Individual: $29/month for 50000 words,
  • Terms: $59/month for 120000 words,
  • Enterprise: Negotiable.
Hypotenuse Pricing and Plans
Hypotenuse Pricing and Plans

Consider trying Hypotenuse’s free 7-day trial plan before any purchase.

5. Rytr

Rytr is a straightforward AI email generator that excels in its job. You can use this tool by voice commands or the old-school writing way. Rytr has some of the best features in the market such as Chrome extension and being multilingual.

Example of Rytr Email Marketing Service
Example of Rytr Email Marketing Service

The process is like this: first, you need to choose your language and then the tone of your email. Afterward, you need to choose your use case for the email and finally, a keyword or any specific content you need in the email, and that’s it. 

Key Features:

  • Generates 3 suggestions for each email,
  • multilingual support,
  • Many use cases such as SEO title generation, paragraph content, Call to action creation,
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.


  • Free: 10k characters per month,
  • Unlimited: $7.5/month,
  • Premium: $24.16/month with custom use cases.
Rytr Pricing Page
Rytr Pricing Page

The Importance of AI Email Generator

Communication with the customers is an essential part of every marketing technique. It is important to be in touch with your target audience at every step of their purchase. Therefore, emails as one of the most common and used methods for this matter are very important to maintain this bond. Here, we go through the impacts that using an email generator can have on your business:

importance of AI email generator: personalized emails, consistent quality, less time consuming
The Importance of AI Email Generator

1. More Emails in Less Time

As we said before, the amount of time and money that using an AI email generator can save for your business is enormous. The way these systems work is that they use computer algorithms to analyze patterns and generate emails based on these patterns. With the ability to generate personalized emails in minutes rather than hours, businesses can now increase productivity and save critical resources besides raising their email conversion rate at the same time. 

For instance, an AI email can be written for repetitive questions that customers may ask at each step of their purchase funnel. This helps businesses to give the right answers, save time and resources at the same time, and prevent funnel drop

2. Consistent Quality

An AI email generator guarantees that emails are produced with the same degree of quality, tone, and style every time you send them. This is an important factor for businesses. The consistency that these emails bring to the business makes them reliable for the customers. However, businesses may want to make sure that email communication is uniform between employees and departments by using established templates and language models so this constancy could last.

Another field that an email AI generator can help with is streamlining business email procedures. Employees can prioritize and reply to critical emails more quickly thanks to their ability to automatically classify and categorize emails depending on their content.

3. Personalized Emails

Another importance of an AI email generator for businesses is that it gives them the power to personalize and customize emails in the best possible way. With the use of these technologies, you may create emails that are unique for each customer by analyzing customer data, including what they like most and their past purchase history. Businesses may make emails more relevant and engaging by addressing clients by name and providing advice that is written only for that particular customer.

How to Use an AI Email Generator?

You now have a basic knowledge of the power of AI in this particular field of marketing. It is time to go through the methods that you can use the power of email AI writer and make your email marketing much more beneficial:

ways to use AI email generator: outreach, sales emails, newsletter, sales funnel, email campagin
5 Ways to Use an AI Email Generator

1. Outreach Email Generator

Cold outreach is the process of contacting potential customers who have not shown any interest in your products or services beforehand. This is a tricky task. According to Backlinko, only 8 out of 100 people who are reached this way will respond to your emails. 

This is where an AI email generator can help you in many ways. An email creator can make the process of reaching out with email much easier and personalize your emails so the chance of getting any response raises significantly. 

2. Sales Email

Sales emails can be considered the next place you can use an AI generator email in the process of making loyal customers. Sales emails are sent to potential customers with data concerning your products and services. 

The main goals of these emails are nurturing leads, presenting the values of the company, and persuading customers to perform a certain action, such as using a demo or making a purchase.

3. Unique Sales Funnel Emails

It is important to be with your customers through their journey and give them the awareness and data that they require. Potential customers must go through many steps that are known as a sales funnel to purchase a product or service.

Email marketing is the way to go here for being in touch with your customers in their journey. You should have emails for each step of the process and use them at the right time.

You may produce content for these email sequences ten times more quickly by automating and optimizing this process with the use of an AI email generator. It makes sure that every email in the funnel is designed to persuade the customer to proceed to the next phase of their purchasing process and raises your funnel conversion rate by a ton.

4. Newsletter

The main purpose of digital newsletters is the same as the physical ones. They are intended to inform readers, distribute relevant and useful content, and keep in touch with their audience on a regular base. 

Newsletters give the chance to exchange company news easily and very fast with the customers. News such as industry insights, special offers, and many more matters that occur daily in businesses can be sent to customers easily by using digital newsletters.

An AI email creator can help you with a fair amount of newsletter templates and engaging writing that can attract the customers’ attention and raise their awareness of your business. 

5. Email Campaigns

Just like many other aspects of marketing, email marketing can have its campaigns which will help to reach out to a massive group of potential customers. These types of campaigns need to be planned carefully and based on new and updated data so they can be beneficial.

An AI email generator can help companies and businesses create templates for different customer groups and personalize their email to make an impact. They also reduce the time for planning and hard work which used to be a problem before the AI days.


In this part, we try to address some of the questions that may have not been answered in the main part of the article. Stay with us if you still have any questions to get their answers in this section:

1. Is There an AI That Can Write Emails for Free?

There are many free AI email generators in the market such as Rytr, Toolsaday, Yamm, and many more which will help you write your emails using generated templates and send them to your segmented audience.

2. How to Write an Email Automatically?

There are tools in Gmail and other email services that provide you with this option. However, your best bet will always be an AI email generator which is dedicated to this matter with lots of great templates and pre-written emails for every possible occasion.


We are currently living in the AI era. Everything is under the direct impact of artificial intelligence. It is a great opportunity that businesses must take advantage of to be able to compete with their rivals. By reading this article, you have now a deep understanding of AI in the email marketing field. You can easily start by using a free AI email generator and use its services to your advantage. AI can be your best friend in the way of success.

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