WatchThemLive vs. FullStory: An In-Depth Comparison

WatchThemLive and FullStory

Many businesses use Google Analytics to better understand their customers. However, due to fierce competition, they will need more comprehensive data and deep insights to make informed decisions to stand out in the market. That’s why website visitor tracking tools have been on the rise in the last decade. More and more businesses are using these tools to monitor user behavior and understand market trends. 

In this article, we will look at two of these tools: WatchThemLive and FullStory. We will discuss all you need to know about these two super great analytical tools and provide an in-depth comparison. We’ll compare WatchThemLive and FullStory in terms of their features, pricing, and more so you can decide what suits you better. 

Let’s get started.

Take a look at the following table for a quick comparison:

Free Plan
Session Recording
User Profiling
Intuitive User Interface
Trustpilot Rating4.8 Stars from 52.9 Stars from 5

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WatchThemLive vs. FullStory: User Interface

When it comes to user interface, WatchThemLive is intuitive. Everything is designed as simply as possible, and you will be very impressed when you work with it. It’s quick to get started and master it.

WatchThemLive dashboard

On the other hand, when you visit FullStory’s dashboard, you are presented with too many things in different places. It is a bit cluttered and overwhelms you. As a result, it might take you some time to understand how to get started with it. 

FullStory dashboard

WatchThemLive vs. FullStory: Features

Let’s compare WatchThemLive and FullStory’s features.

Session Recording

WatchThemLive and FullStory both offer session recording features. 

WatchThemLive’s session recordings:

With this tool, you can watch every on-screen activity of your website’s visitors. If you don’t want to track specific visitors, WatchThemLive enables you to exclude them from being recorded. 

You can also add filters to only watch specific recordings, including the user’s name or email, a given web page on your website, country, browser, devices, screen resolution, and many more. Moreover, you can see all the tracked events for each video. 

WatchThemLive session replay

With WatchThemLive, you can profile users’ journeys from beginning to end, and you can also see all the users who visited a given page. Thus, you can see how all types of users do on, let’s say, your checkout page.

Fullstory’s session recordings:

FullStory’s session recording feature is geared toward the needs of software developers and those who need more technical information with some information from the console section of a web page. 

FullStory sesssion recording

Our opinion: WatchThemLive would be a better and more comprehensive choice if you need to segment users and watch their videos. Usually, marketers, analysts, and UX designers like WatchthemLive better. 


WatchThemLive lets you visualize users’ clicking and tapping on your website with heatmaps. You can see your heatmaps for different devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

WatchThemLive allows you to create heatmaps for as many web pages as you want, offering an unlimited number of heatmaps for free.

WatchThemLive heatmap example

FullStory’s heatmaps can be accessed by clicking on page insights when watching a session replay. For each specific moment of the session, you can go to page insights to see user engagement data for the current page.

FullStory heatmap

Unlike WatchThemLive, you can’t create heatmaps for specific pages and see the heatmap for a particular page. You have to find it through session replays.


WatchThemLive’s analytics feature provides you with deep insights while keeping it as simple as possible. It is a simplified version of Google Analytics

You will find valuable data on your website and its visitors, including:

  • Pageviews
  • Referring domains
  • Visitors’ countries
  • Visitors’ operating systems
  • Utms
  • And many more data in a simple way.

Moreover, WatchThemLive allows you to download your data as PDF and CSV files. 

WatchThemLive analytics

Only focus on what matters with WatchThemLive Analytics. Create your FREE account and get started!


FullStory also provides visitors’ screen resolution, browser, device, etc. You can also create cards and metrics to visualize and track the data you need.

FullStroy analytics

FullStory allows you to track a variety of data. However, the dashboard is not as intuitive as WatchThemLive’s.

Conversion Tracking

With WatchThemLive, you can create goals and track conversions. You can set the goal as a pageview or a customer event such as a button click, form submission, etc. Thus, you see how many visitors complete a desired goal. 

created goals

FullStory enables you to track conversions by searching for a specific action. Unfortunately, this means you can’t define the goal yourself, and you have to turn it into a FullStory search.

FullStory goals

If you want to use this tool for advanced conversion tracking, you should use their dedicated conversion product available if you purchase the Enterprise plan.  

User Tracking

WatchThemLive provides you with users’ profiles in a way that none of the other behavior analytics tools offers. So for each user, you can follow and analyze their whole journey throughout your website or web app.

Each user profile includes some information about the user (date of the first session, country, device, etc.). Here, you also get access to all the user’s session recordings and see all the events in each session. 

WatchThemLive user tracking

Privacy Challenge with Fullstory:

To track a specific user with FullStory, you have to use a JavaScript function to give them an id. However, remember that you shouldn’t use guessable unique ids for users, such as their email addresses. That’s because attackers can change your data if they get to access your private IDs. For example, they can attribute a user’s session recordings to another user.

WatchThemLive vs. FullStory: Integrations 

On WatchThemLive, you have choices via Google Tag Manager, CMS dashboard, or HTML coding to integrate your tracking code. 

You can also integrate WatchThemLive with, an Instagram link-in-bio tool. Again, this is a feature that no other platform of this type offers. With this integration, you can easily track user behavior on your link-in-bio page to improve its design and increase conversions. 

WatchThemLive and integration

As for the integration of FullStory, you can use a set of tools to access your information across different platforms. 

WatchThemLive vs. FullStory: Plans and Pricing

WatchThemLive offers a free plan that includes 5,000 session replays and unlimited heatmaps and team members. The tiers and their prices are listed below:

  • Pro – $19 per month/website
  • Advanced – $59 per month/website
  • Enterprise – $149 per month/website

To save a great deal of money, you should purchase annual or lifetime, but monthly is always an option. You are can also get more discounts on multiple website purchases.

WatchThemLive pricing

Pricing for FullStory is geared toward large websites, and it starts at $1,000+ and goes up quickly to $10,000.

FullStory offers a limited free plan and is time-limited (14 days only) that provides you with 1,000 sessions per month and three seats. In addition, there are two paid plans: Business and Enterprise, that include a two-week free trial. Unfortunately, FullStory doesn’t provide any pricing information on their website, and you need to contact them for more details. However, the pricing will increase if you want more sessions to be recorded. 

FullStory plans

When you need a cost-efficient tool, WatchThemLive is the right choice for you. Also, the free plan includes all the features that the paid plans offer. 

Conclusion: WatchThemLive or FullStory?

Each tool has its own capabilities, and it’s all up to you to choose the right one according to your needs, type of business, and objectives. 

FullStory is a good tool if you are a developer or looking for more technical information as it provides dev tools. So, if you are looking for a simple tool with an intuitive interface and tons of handy features for marketing and analytics, you should consider WatchThemLive, as FullStory has a steep learning curve, and it takes some time to understand how to use it properly. 

FullyStory is extremely expensive and only works for large companies with deep pockets. WatchThemLive is the most economical option in the market.

Moreover, WatchThemLive has some unique features, such as user profiles and jump page ( integration, and it’s more cost-efficient. 

Negar Farazmand
Negar Farazmand
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