How to Use Website Analytics?

Knowing how to use website analytics is necessary as it allows you to make the most of your traffic and boost conversions. However, before analyzing the data, keep in mind that you need to set your goals. This way, you will know exactly which metrics to track and focus on what really matters. 

This part of the guide will explain how to use WatchThemLive’s analytics and analyze the provided data. So keep reading. 

1- Analyze Your Web Pages

You can track the pageviews and bounce rate of each of your web pages. Pageviews show you which pages your visitors are interested in and if you have optimized your pages for search engines. Tracking this metric can also help you identify user behavior trends. 

Imagine your website traffic for the last month has been the same as usual. However, you notice that the pageviews for one of your product pages, for example, have increased considerably. This can mean more visitors are viewing the page, or the page is visited multiple times during a single session. Or maybe the improvements you’ve made are working out. 

But there’s no doubt that your visitors are interested in this page, and it can help you understand them more deeply. 

The bounce rate will help you identify the pages that include irrelevant content or confuse the user. A high bounce rate is usually a bad sign as it means many users only visit one page and leave. There are many reasons for a high bounce rate, including:

  • Poor mobile experience
  • Website distractions
  • Attracting the wrong website traffic

2- Track Your Traffic Sources

With WatchThemLive, you can find out where your website traffic is coming from. Tracking traffic sources helps you identify trends and the most effective marketing channels to take advantage of opportunities. Here are some other ways analyzing this data can help you:

  • Measuring traffic quality
  • Tracking each source’s bounce rate
  • Optimizing the most sources
  • Finding the sources with a higher conversion rate

3- Improve the User Experience

WatchThemLive provides user data such as countries, operating systems, devices, browsers, screen resolutions, and browser languages. This data is quite helpful for improving the user experience. 

Knowing which countries your visitors mostly belong to will help you create content that appeals to your audience from different countries. Your visitors’ devices’ information allows you to optimize the user experience for different screens and devices to ensure user satisfaction. 

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