Customer Success Vs. Customer Experience: The Differences

Customer Success vs. Customer Experience

How are customer experience and customer success different? If you do not know the answer, you are not alone. These two concepts have similarities and overlaps, so they are often confused. Although both of them are customer-centric roles, they perform different functions.

Customer success (CS) teams focus on understanding customers’ goals and helping them achieve their outcomes with a service or purchased product. On the other hand, customer experience (CX) teams focus on delivering great experiences at every touchpoint.

Without knowing the difference between customer success and customer experience, teams are at risk of not knowing who’s responsible for what. In this article, we are going to provide the difference between customer success and customer experience. Join us.

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What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is one of the most essential and attractive topics while looking for business opportunities. Customer experience is the perception your customers get from interacting with your brand. This experience can be good and satisfactory as long as it is practical, usable, and enjoyable. Also, these conditions must be created during a two-way interaction between the customer and the buyer, in all communication channels of the brand with its audience, to get the desired result.

By using an analytic tool like WatchThemLive, you can improve CX, get more customers and, finally increase your profits. There are some special features in this platform that can help you in this regard. For example, the session replay feature allows you to record and analyze customers’ interactions with your website. By using these data, you will improve customer experience.

WatchThemLive session replay

The other feature that helps you is heatmaps which give you insights into customer interactions with your website. Heatmaps identify the areas on which your customers mostly clicked through warm and cold colors. Using this data, you can find the most suitable place for your CTAs and important and increase conversions.

WatchThemLive Heatmaps

The goal tracking feature in WatchThemLive also improves CX. By setting goals and tracking progress, you know whether you’re providing the best possible service and delivering an exceptional customer experience or not.

track goals for custom event

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What Is Customer Success?

Customer success works to understand the customers’ engagement with the product post-sale and optimize that engagement. When the customer success teams identify features that would benefit the customer, they will explain them to the customer.

The customer success department of an organization, like the sales and marketing departments, is revenue-generating and value-creating. The customer success department, with active participation, tries to improve interaction with customers by using upsells, cross-sells, and word-of-mouth marketing. Improving the customer experience also has an effective role and increases the successful results of customer interaction.

What Is the Difference Between Customer Experience and Customer Success?

The main difference between customer success and customer experience is their role and functions in the customer journey. For your best understanding, imagine that you are traveling to another city by airplane. How do you feel about this journey? What experiences do you have from booking a flight to arriving at the airport and boarding a plane?

Now think about when you arrive at your destination. What do you feel as you settle into a hotel, meet the tourist attractions of that city and explore culture and food? Your feelings while traveling versus when you arrive are an excellent metaphor for the difference between CS and CX.

Customer experience is interactive and focuses on the here and now. On the other hand, Customer success is proactive and focuses on making things better in the future.

Customer experience vs. Customer Success

In the following, we are going to discuss some points that differentiate customer success vs. customer experience.

customer success vs. customer experience

Objectives in Customer Success vs. Customer Experience 

Customer success’s purpose is to achieve the end results of the customer journey. CS teams support the customers to gain their desired goals with the help of services and products in order to build long-term and strong business relationships.

The customer experience’s purpose is to focus on increasing individual touchpoints during the customer journey. CX teams attempt to find the problem in the customers’ journeys and identify the best way to deliver an exceptional interaction with them.

Scope of Work in Customer Success vs. Customer Experience 

Customer success is a part of CX. Customer success teams help the customer in optimizing the use of products or services in order to achieve their business objectives.

Customer experience is broader than CS. It focuses on creating positive relationships with customers during the buying journey.

Metrics for Customer Success vs. Customer Experience 

Customer success is evaluated on churn rate, retention rate, customer lifetime value, customer effort score, and repeat purchase rate.

Customer experience metrics are Customer satisfaction score (SCAT), net promoter score (NPS), conversion rate, and customer acquisition rate.

Industry type of Customer Success vs. Customer Experience 

There is a dedicated customer success team in companies that employ a subscription-based model, such as Saas or B2B, but customer experience roles are found across all industry types.


In fact, customer experience is an area that requires constant growth and care, and by focusing seriously on its strategy, your eCommerce business will realize its deep impact on customer loyalty, retention rate, and finally, revenue. While both these terms(CX and CS) have their role in the customer journey, when working together, they make r a great customer experience and customer success for your audience. WatchThemLive is here to help you to improve your customers’ experience and success. Sign up here and give it a try!

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