Customer Experience Analytics: The Only Guide You Need

customer experience analytics

Companies of all forms and business areas have poured money into tools and technologies to help them better understand their consumers. This will lead them to benefit from improved and optimized customer experience (CX). Despite this, while executives seek a full picture of consumer preferences and behaviors, they continue to use the old system of surveys to get the information they need, which has been the backbone of CX initiatives for decades. This is the main reason to use customer experience analytics.

Companies need to invest in modern solutions and use them as alternatives to older methods to undo this popular mistake. One of these solutions is using customer experience analytics tools to collect data and extract useful information and patterns. Here, we will discuss this method and give you everything you need to know for the best start.

customer experience analytics

What Is Customer Experience Analytics?

CX Analytics is the process of collection, analysis, and assessment of customer experience data to measure and optimize the customer experience. CX Analytics offers actionable data and verifiable marketing performance measurements. 

Customer Experience Analytics also covers the following topics:

  • What is the best target market for your company, and how can you find prospective brand ambassadors and loyal customers?
  • Positive and negative feedback from surveys, reviews, and other sources
  • A thorough picture of the client’s journey, including any pain points or impediments
  • Success rates for your existing offerings and future opportunities

The Best Tool in the Market for Customer Experience Analytics

watchthemlive homepage

Now that you are familiar with the definition of customer experience analytics, it’s time to get introduced to the best CX tool in the market. 

WatchThemLive is a customer experience analytics platform that can help you gather CX data and analyze it for useful information. By using WatchThemLive, you get access to multiple features for gathering data and analyzing them. Their powerful software and user-friendly dashboard are other things that must be mentioned and emphasized. 

All you must do  to use all these great features is to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up free and confirm your email address
  2. Add your Website to the dashboard
  3. Add the tracking code to your website
  4. Use the free customer experience data analytics services to better understand your customers and build a great user tracking plan.

How Does Analytics Improve Customer Experience?

The greatest way to understand your current consumers, bring in new ones, and make them loyal to your brand is to place customer experience in the top priorities of your plans. 

Customer experience is the base of customer engagement, CRO, and lifetime value. CX analytics will provide you with actionable measurements about what your customers desire and what should be delivered to them.

From sales and marketing to customer retention, CX analytics affects every business element. They’re essential for demonstrating the value of marketing initiatives, identifying customer pain points, and ensuring that you’re connecting with customers on the right channels.


What Are the Examples of  Customer Experience Analysis?

Here we will give you some examples of using customer experience analytics to boost your business:

1. Increasing Repurchase Rate

Attracting your customers for the first time is a great deal. However, the most crucial part is to persuade them to remain with you and repurchase several times.

BMW’s global customer satisfaction program, which began in 1985, failed to assist its employees in encouraging repurchases. The ROI was unclear despite three decades of collecting customer input. This was the point where they started to use CX analytics services, which made it easier for employees to reach the customers and help them with their issues.

2. Reducing Customer Churn

If you only find out that your consumers are unhappy after they leave your company, you have a significant problem on your hands. Customers’ satisfaction should be measured at every stage of their experience with your business. Your staff should be able to spot patterns that suggest unhappy consumers and track down the source. By being aware of the issues and using customer experience analytics solutions, you can reduce the churn rate and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

3. Personalized Experience

Customer experience analytics includes segmenting customers effectively and providing each group with what they prefer to see and experience. The more personalized the consumer experience and journey are, the happier your customers will be.

The tricky part is that customers usually have preferences that aren’t always obvious to brands. You may be missing out on crucial opportunities if you only ask about what you know rather than getting all the info you can about your consumers. This can’t be done except by using tools and platforms to analyze customers’ data.

How to Measure Customer Experience?

After deciding to focus on customer experience as a business’s driving force, the next step is to collect data and measure it using CX Analytics. CX data can be gathered in many ways, such as:

  • Customer polls
  • Interactions on social media
  • User behavior on the website
  • Repurchases
  • Enrollment in loyalty programs
  • Abandoned carts

Deep consumer data analysis is only possible when all of these various sources are brought together to provide a single source of truth. This will give you the insight to make decisions that could not be made by gathering information manually. And the main reason is that it’s not easy to discover all customer needs only by asking a number of them.


Customer experience analytics is a key factor in a business’s success. You can’t expect a company to thrive and flourish without knowing its customers and what they prefer. You would just see your side of the story and miss the greater picture by ignoring customers. 

Here in this article, we discussed this matter in detail and provided you with some basic definitions, examples, and tools such as WatchThemLive to help you out with your journey to know your customers better. Hope it helps you and makes a difference.

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