Top 11 Conversational AI Platforms in 2024

Top 11 Conversational AI Platforms in 2024

Did you have any experience with chatboxes that could listen to you and answer your questions in the best possible way? Well, These chatboxes are all part of the conversational AI platforms. A conversational AI platform is capable of using natural language processing or NLP and generative AI. Therefore, is used by tech companies to build chatboxes that can hear you and respond to your queries.

A conversational AI software is basically an AI assistant that is focused on interaction with humans. It has the ability to help individuals and be a source of information for us. In this article, we introduce some of the best conversational AI platforms in the market that meet the highest standards. So, let’s start.

What Is a Conversational AI Platform?

Voice assistants, Virtual assistants, chatbots, and virtual agents can all be used to implement human-like conversations through the use of conversational AI platforms. With conversational AI tools, you can create intelligent AI chatbots that can easily help you out with daily tasks and also can be used in business to engage with customers more efficiently.

These AI platforms are becoming more and more popular each year. Startups around the world are working and fundraising hard to be able to compete in this new market. Only in 2023, there have been around 2000 million U.S. dollars in fundraising between the top startups around the world which indicates the hype and speed of this market.

If you strategically implement a conversational AI platform throughout the customer lifecycle, It would produce unmatched experiences, streamline operations, multiply revenue streams, and make useful experience data. 

AI is being used in many fields such as digital analytics tools, daily routines, computer science, and many more areas. So, it is important to find the best platform for each field. This is where we reach the next part and the introduction of the best conversational AI platforms out there. 

Top 11 Conversational AI Platforms in The Market

Top conversational AI companies try their best to produce the best platform to meet the needs of their customers and compete in the market. Here are some of the best conversational AI platforms you can find in the market right now:


A powerful conversational AI platform called builds virtual assistants for the benefit of both employees and customers. Experience Optimization (XO) Platform is unique for offering a complete solution for automating interactions between employees and customers. 

Without requiring any coding, the platform’s no-code features allow for the creation of natural and personalized customer experiences Homepage Homepage

To accurately identify user intent and ensure prompt issue resolution, uses a multi-engine natural language processing (NLP) technique. Pre-built interfaces with well-known business systems speed up time-to-market and improve productivity. 

All in all, can be named the best conversational AI platform you can acquire right now. 


Character AI, commonly referred to as consists of various chatbots, each possessing a unique personality that could be made-up or genuine characters.

These characters can have real discussions with you that are human-like. This technology is ideal for companies who want AI chatbots to respond to client inquiries, even though it’s also great for informal activities that suit individuals better. Homepage Homepage

Character AI is incredibly entertaining and relatable. It offers a wide variety of characters, and you have the option to make your own.

With its free plan, you can stay active on the network and engage in casual conversations. You can purchase the premium edition if you want all the features.

3. Alltius

Building on decades of research at CMU, Alltius is a pioneering AI conversational platform. By allowing businesses to build AI assistants for servicing their clients, Alltius revolutionizes customer service. The self-serve AI agents from Alltius can respond to consumer inquiries in less than ten seconds and with nearly no hallucinations which are usually in large language models. 

Alltius Homepage
Alltius Homepage

Alltius is fully customizable, requires no coding, and can be put into use in a day. It shortens wait times, diverts tickets, answers customer questions, gives product teams customer insights, and boosts cross-selling and upselling profits via customer care channels. 


Avaamo is one of the conversational AI platform providers that power chatbots and virtual assistants for organizations. It is powered by deep learning, speech synthesis, and neural networks. Avaamo provides prefabricated skill sets to assist businesses in using multi-turn conversations to automate complicated commercial use cases. Homepage Homepage

With the help of Avaamo’s skills builder, you can automate corporate use cases by creating dynamic dialogue, conversational IVR, flow designers, and other tools.

5. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a conversational AI chatbot platform developed by AWS that gains access to the vast network of cloud data. It’s a service that assists you in creating text and voice-based conversational interfaces. 

Amazon Lex Homepage
Amazon Lex Homepage

Text-to-speech (TTS) is used by Amazon Lex to translate text into spoken language and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to translate spoken language into text. With the help of the platform’s many components, users may create conversational AI solutions that are intelligent for their organizations.

6. Oracle Digital Assistant

You can create chatbots that converse in natural language, comprehend user intents, and respond and take appropriate action with the Oracle Digital Assistant. Through channels like Facebook or Microsoft Teams, the platform enables you to communicate with a chatbot on your website or within an embedded mobile app.

Oracle Digital Assistant Homepage
Oracle Digital Assistant Homepage

Oracle conversational AI platform provides NLU’s capacity to comprehend talks and extract context and intent. It also brings to the table voice recognition powered by AI. One distinguishing feature of Oracle’s app is its pre-programmed chatbots for Oracle Cloud products, including Oracle Cloud ERP. 


As the premier conversational AI platform for businesses, is committed to enhancing staff satisfaction and raising customer satisfaction metrics. is an intelligent automation platform that combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence with a resolution-driven focus. Homepage Homepage offers insights into customer behavior and has a deep focus on CX automation across all the channels. It excels at managing discussions between different departments, such as sales and marketing. 

Although has strong integration capabilities, its pricing information is vague. Another thing that may be offputing about is the learning curve which can be hard for some customers. 

8. Wotnot

Although Wotnot is really good at live chat, its limited ability to handle chats can be a disadvantage for those who need more extensive AI applications. 

For businesses in the real estate, healthcare, finance, and other sectors, WotNot guarantees prompt, dependable, and linguistically appropriate solutions. By using the Bot Builder feature, users can effortlessly develop and manage various bots that are customized to meet certain triggers and circumstances through an easy-to-use visual builder. 

Wotnot Homepage
Wotnot Homepage

Furthermore, WotNot’s knowledgeable staff offers a done-for-you solution that creates conversation flows that are optimized and in line with company requirements. Easily increase consumer interaction in a variety of industries with WotNot’s cutting-edge chatbot solutions. 


Leading the way in Conversational AI, Cognigy enables enterprise contact centers to exceed customer expectations, improve agent happiness, and quickly adjust to changing market conditions. Cognigy provides solutions for customer service including conversational IVR, smart self-service, and agent assistance. 

Cognigy Homepage
Cognigy Homepage

These are all thanks to their low-code conversational AI platform that has been enhanced by Generative AI. The platform gives businesses the resources they need to offer scalable, personalized experiences across multiple channels for their customers and are among the best in the market.

10. takes pride in its capacity to create a unique conversational AI platform in a matter of days. It appears as a flexible on-premises and cloud-based conversational AI software that is revolutionizing internal assistance and customer care in credit unions, banking, telecom, insurance, retail, and government. Homepage Homepage

Its self-learning AI prioritizes natural language processing (NLP) and is acknowledged as a Gartner leader. is a well-rounded AI platform that will answer businesses’ needs in conversational areas. 

11. Dialpad

Dialpad’s conversational AI platform elevates client engagement to a level of sophistication never seen before. In contrast to its competitors, Dialpad AI explores unstructured material, looking for complex answers in previous exchanges. By presenting pertinent transcripts, the platform enables customer service representatives to address new inquiries with efficiency.  

Dialpad Homepage
Dialpad Homepage

With simple drag-and-drop tools, Dialpad makes AI integration easier. Virtual agents can be created quickly and easily. The platform’s dynamic capabilities are demonstrated by live sentiment analysis, AI-generated meeting recaps, and real-time transcription which are completely changing the way that customers engage with brands.


Nowadays, AI is a hyped and popular topic among many people and brings up so many questions from different aspects. In our case, we try our best to answer some of the questions that are relevant to the conversational platform topic:

1. Is Conversational AI Part of NLP?

Conversational AI combines the power of NLP and machine learning to provide the best answer and response to your questions. So in some sense, conversational AI is part of NLP.

2. Is ChatGPT a Conversational AI?

Yes, ChatGPT is a Conversational AI that uses interactive chats. ChatGPT allows users to input questions or prompts, and it uses its contextual understanding and training to provide responses.


In conclusion, companies hoping to improve customer experiences, optimize workflows, and raise their revenue must carefully consider which conversational AI platform to use. We named some of the best platforms in the market. However, it is up to businesses to assess and contrast various platforms according to important factors such as AI capabilities, usability, conversational answers, security, scalability, real-world performance, and more.

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