Top 11 Content Marketing Tools In 2023

Content Marketing Tools

Have you ever wondered how famous websites have garnered their popularity? How come everybody knows blogs like Hubspot? The answer is content marketing. Nowadays, creating high-quality content has become a game-changer for businesses since it leads to more revenues and brand awareness. Yet, without using content marketing tools, it’d be difficult to carry out an effective one.

You need to bear in mind that digital marketing has become so competitive recently. Every minute you spend not working on your content marketing equals losing a lead. So, you might need to get help from the best automation software to speed up the content creation process

Speaking of content marketing tools, it’s about data in general, including audio and video. But it is important to correctly detail and convey the necessary meanings to a mass audience — to invest values in the created image and involve a person in close contact with the brand on any platform. 

To keep you one step ahead, we’ve rounded up the 11 best tools for content marketing that will be hot in 2023. If you don’t have the time to go through the article, click on the button below to get instant access to the best one.

What Is Content Marketing 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get new users and boost your conversion rate by just publishing content on your website instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertisement? Well, that’s what content marketing does for you. 

Everything from finding a traffic-driving topic to writing and publishing an article on your website is considered a part of digital content marketing. But that’s not all. A great deal of marketing with blogs belongs to measuring them, which can be done through content marketing analytics tools such as the best CRO tools in the market. 

To take your content marketing to a whole new level, you can also buy backlinks from various platforms Linksmanagement to help your content rank higher on Google and drive more traffic to your website. Now you might wonder, ‘why should I try content marketing anyway?’. 

Well, read the next section to find out. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how beneficial this type of marketing can be for your business!

Why Do You Need Content Marketing Tools

81% of marketers consider content as one of the main business strategies. Why is that so? Because by leveraging tools for content marketing and producing high-quality content, you can draw more traffic to your website. Then, if done correctly, content marketing can increase users’ willingness to buy your products/services. Consequently, your conversion rate will increase in the long run.

Generally speaking, the benefits of using content marketing tools can be summed up as follows:

  • They help you increase brand awareness and visibility.
  • They help you set up more effective strategies for your content marketing and increase conversion rates.
  • Using the best content marketing tools helps you optimize your marketing and as a result, drives more traffic to your website and generates new prospects.

Best 11 Content Marketing Tools

Now that you’ve realized the significance of using tools for content marketing, it’s high time we walked you through a selection of the best ones out there to save you from the trouble of spending hours on looking for them.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

1. WatchThemLive: Best Content Marketing Analytics Tool

The whole process of content marketing begins with analyzing users’ behavior and needs. Using this data, you can understand what topics your website visitors are more interested in, and how far they scroll on your web pages. 

WatchThemLive is a user behavior analytics tool that provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable insights into users’ activities on your web pages. This platform offers you features such as heatmaps, session replays, analytics dashboards, console recordings, etc. 

WatchThemLive: one of the best content marketing tools
WatchThemLive: The Best Content Marketing Analytics Tool

The good thing about WatchThemLive is that it provides you with data about users’ countries, devices, browsers, etc. so that you can target content accordingly. Moreover, you can use WatchThemLive’s session replays to measure the success of your content marketing.

2. Chatbots

This content marketing tool communicates with site users 24/7. The embedded function of automated communication helps business owners to reduce call center costs and increase customer service time.

The main advantages of such assistants:

  • Round-the-clock functioning;
  • Instant replies to customers’ requests.

Free chatbots are a wonderful opportunity for giving recommendations according to the customers’ requests. To create a chatbot for social networks, you do not need to have any programming knowledge or skills. Just prepare a list of questions and answers and use special online chatbot constructors. Many tools for content marketers will provide the opportunity to create a tactic for this particular program to deliver in Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and Slack.

3. Mobile Applications

In 2022, more than 50% of all traffic came from mobile devices. As a result, all sites, apps, and programs adapt their design to smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. A prerequisite is a high speed of loading resources. Any business needs to look at this to get a good income and more customers. Targeting mobile devices is one of the top marketing trends for 2023, regardless of industry.

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

The VR market revenue for customers and businesses is expected to reach $6.71 billion by the end of 2022 and $12.9 billion by 2024. You will no longer need to use text format to talk about your brand, service, or product features. VR will do it for you.

Note that virtual reality has been actively developing for a long time thanks to 360-degree images that help, for example, to demonstrate the interior of an apartment. Thus, the audience not only receives the desired information but also has the opportunity to interact with another space. If necessary, you can easily explain information that is difficult to understand in a regular text format.

5. HubSpot

Let’s talk about HubSpot; the next on our list of content marketing tools. This platform can be a comprehensive solution. It comes with blogging, email, analytics, lead management, social media, SEO, and other tools. You can use email sequences to manage your contacts with the included CRM and leads on autopilot. 

HubSpot CRM Tool
HubSpot CRM Tool

There is a predictive score to help you target the most likely leads. You can easily create a custom resource like for each campaign. HubSpot’s visual automation tool is both flexible and powerful. It lets you automate everything from email to to-do lists, chatbots, sales processes, workflows, lead nurturing, webhooks, and more.

6. NFTs

The technology of non-fungible NFT tokens will remain popular in the coming year. Brands are already selling replicas of their real-life items as NFTs and creating virtual fashion-only collections. The technology “records” the authorship. When buying a digital product (picture, virtual clothing, or accessory), the client secures ownership and is protected from object theft.

7. IBM Watson

It is one of the most powerful systems to date and is constantly learning and improving. You can access and use it for your online efforts. Watson Marketing helps you make faster, data-driven decisions. Leverage Watson’s AI power to develop personalized and automated marketing campaigns and make complex correlations between your data.

IBM Watson
IBM Watson

8. SEMrush: SEO Content Marketing Tool

Next on our list of content marketing tools sits SEMrush. This platform is known among professionals mainly for its SEO capabilities, but it’s also great for managing your content, competitive research, paid to advertise, and social media. SEMrush gives you a detailed insight into your own online presence as well as the influence of your competitors. It analyzes trends, monitors your PPC campaigns, and audits websites.

SEMrush SEO content marketing tool
SEMrush: One of the SEO Content Marketing Tools

9. Marketplaces

More and more customers are now making their purchases online. It is for manufacturing companies that marketplaces become convenient and, at the same time, an alternative way of promotion, as well as access to new sales regions. This is a strategically important channel when you want to sell products not only within your country. 

Sales will be influenced by high-quality materials (photos, infographics, your USP, a competent and understandable product description), SEO promotion, the brand showcase you created, and control of stock balances. To learn more about how to create web resources, use this link.

10. Surfer SEO

The content editor recommends word count, headings, and images. Keyword Surfer correlation charts are unique among word research tools. They visualize how search engine ranking correlates with page traffic, word count, and keyword count. For example, if you were trying to rank for “home phone service in New York“, it would look at all the ranking posts to figure out how much content you’d need. 

11. YAMM

Contacting the experts takes time if you email each of them separately. What is YAMM in our content marketing tools? It is an add-on that allows you to send bulk personalized emails. You can create a template in Gmail, and YAMM will pull from your mailing list into Google Sheets to customize the recipient’s name, subject line, and more.

YAMM: a Tool for Sending Bulk Personalized Emails
YAMM: a Tool for Sending Bulk Personalized Emails

In 2023, the focus will shift to qualitative growth: it has become evident to everyone that numerous subscribers still need to guarantee results. To avoid being left behind competitors and find new tools to attract customers, try to constantly monitor the development of content marketing software and analyze their effectiveness in practice. Business needs to occur not only in the grocery basket of consumers but also in their hearts.

Content Marketing Tools FAQs

Enjoyed the article so far? Now, let’s address some of your most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

#1. What Are Content Marketing Tools?

Content marketing is great for businesses, yet not everybody can handle it on their own. That’s why tools for content marketing exist. These tools offer you services such as user behavior analytics, SEO, Schedulers, etc. 

#2. How Can Businesses Use Analytics Tools for Content Marketing?

Businesses can use analytics to understand their website users and their needs to tailor their content marketing accordingly. 


It goes without saying that content marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for growing a business. However, it is almost impossible to carry out a good one without help. In this article, we introduced you to the best tools you can use for your digital content marketing.

Don’t forget to sign up on WatchThemLive to optimize your content marketing efforts! 

Sara Fathi
Sara Fathi
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