12 Best Business Email Examples You Can Use in 2024

12 Best Business Email Examples You Can Use in 2024

Writing an engaging email is an important and delicate matter. It is like a window that shows your business and the way it treats its audience to the customer. Therefore, reading a well-written business email example and learning from it raises your chance of giving your audience a better impression right away.

Business emails are an important part of email marketing and must be written based on some rules to raise their open rate. Here in this article, we will give you professional email examples and how to write them engagingly and politely at the same time. 

So, if you are struggling with your email campaigns and want to improve the impression on your customers, stay with us till the end. 

What Is a Business Email?

You may have some questions about what a business email is and how can you use it to your advantage. Well, to put it simply, a business email is a way of communication and written correspondence exchanged between companies, their clients, or other members of the same organization and company. 

The main goal of all these examples of business emails is to give you insight into how to write a good email.

This unification in the writing methods that comes with getting inspired by going over a successful business email example will raise a business email conversion rate significantly. 

12 Types of Business Emails with Examples

Now that you know about an email example and how a formal email example works, it is time to explore the best structures for your business emails in different stages of a customer journey:

1. The Verification Email 

As one of the first emails that you as a business will send to your potential customer, the verification email needs to be as short and straightforward as possible. No need for extra explanation or selling your services. Just a short notification to verify their email and a CTA at the bottom. 

Showcase of verification email example
Verification Email Example

2. Welcome Email

One of the most important stages in a customer journey is their first moments with the company. The welcoming email is the best opportunity for your company to assure the customer that they are in the right place and that you would do anything in your power to make them happy.

You may also find the welcome email a good place to convey your business’s voice and the culture of your company. This way, the customers will know you better and can trust your business more easily.

Next is an example of business email dedicated to this stage of the customer’s journey:

Showcase of welcome email example
Welcome Email Example

3. Sales Email

This kind of email is used when somebody wants to get in touch with a business and cooperate with them. Your goal here is to impress the company and demonstrate how valuable you can be in assisting with their needs and routines.

Next is a business email example showcasing how to make a good and powerful impression on the people of the business:

Showcase of sales email example
Sales Email Example

4. Follow-Up Email

It is a fact that most of the first sales emails won’t get an answer. Therefore, it is important to send a follow-up email and remind them about your suggestion. It is best to try to make a relationship with them as soon as possible. 

Showcase of follow-up email example
Follow-Up Email Example

5. Review Email

Your customers will have lots of different emotions and experiences around your service and products. It is vital to use these emotions to your advantage and gather useful information from them. You can always search and find an inspiring business email example dedicated to surveys and gather this information.

The timing of these emails is very important. You don’t want to send them too late or too quickly. In both cases, your customers won’t provide useful information about their experiences.

Showcase of review email example
Review Email Example

6. Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is an email that is sent to the customers right after they have finished their purchase. In these emails, it is important to give them the assurance they need to hear about the retrieval of their purchase in the best condition. 

You can also consider offering them another product in the email. However, they must have some advantages such as free shipping or a discount. 

Showcase of confirmation business  email example
Confirmation Email Example

7. Shipping Confirmation Email

This type of business email example is sent out after receiving shipping confirmation from the company. Your customer is assured about their purchase and now needs detailed information about the time and conditions of the shipping process. 

It is best to reassure them about the safety of their purchase through this process. Based on Statista, %45 of customers prefer home delivery. So, make sure to include this method if you have the possibility. 

Showcase of shipping confirmation email example
Shipping Confirmation Email Example

8. Abandoned Cart Email

Shopping cart abandonment is a vital subject for every business, especially eCommerce ones. These types of emails are inspired by business email examples that are designed to motivate customers to finalize their purchases. These emails don’t have much room for secondary matters. Their purpose is only to remind and motivate the customers to purchase. 

Showcase of abandoned cart email example
Abandoned Cart Email Example

9. Customer Service Email (Dissatisfied)

It is important that you reach out to unsatisfied customers in the shortest amount of time. You need to show empathy in these emails. The customer must know that you don’t take this matter lightly and want to help them with all your power.

You can use this business email format template about this subject if you are in a hurry:

Showcase of customer service email example
Customer Service Email (Dissatisfied) Example

10. Thank You Email

You can send out these kinds of emails on any occasion. The main purpose of this email is to strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. 

Showcase of thank you email example
Thank You Email Example

11. Request Email

Request emails are all about asking your colleague or someone you don’t know politely about a favor you need from them. Be precise and say your needs in words that can’t be misunderstood. This way, the possibility of any unwanted results will be next to zero. 

Showcase of request business email example
Request Email Example

12. Proposal Submission Email

In proposal submission emails, you need to give the impression that they can change whatever they don’t like about the product. It is their right and you should acknowledge it in your submission email. 

Showcase of proposal submission email example
Proposal Submission Email Example

Business Email Example: FAQs

Business email marketing is an important aspect of marketing. By using a business email format example, it is possible to get the best out of this type of marketing. In this article, we went through examples of business emails and now will cover questions that may not have been answered:

1. How To Write a Business Email?

All you need to write a good business email is to follow through and follow these steps when writing to get the best results: 1. Clear subject line 2. Appropriate greeting 3. Concise message 4. Include your best offers and discounts  5. Signature that includes your contact information.

2. What Is a Professional Email?

A professional email is the kind of email that is sent between two professional people. These can include two colleagues, a boss to his employees, students and their teacher or professor, or a job applicant and the hiring manager. 


In this article, we mentioned some of the popular topics in the marketing area and provided you with a business email example for each of them. You can use these templates to your advantage and change them to meet your exact situation. This way, you are going to have an impressive impact on your customers and raise your email marketing results a lot. 

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