WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange: A Detailed Comparison

WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange A Detailed Comparison

Lucky Orange is a well-known user tracking tool in the market. But does it deserve its fame, or is it just hype? Well, let‘s see for ourselves.

Every business needs to perform accurate product analytics to understand its users more deeply in today’s world. The market is wild, and so many products join it every day. Without using a website visitor tracking tool, your chances of surviving in the market will be low. There are many services out there that provide fantastic features that enable you to do so. This article will look at two of the best in the market, WatchThemLive and Lucky Orange. Tune in to find out the winner.

WatchThemLive is a behavior analytics tool to track user activities on your website so that you can understand what they go through. This intuitive visual platform allows you to discover and learn more about your users in order to give them an even better experience. Click here and start tracking visitors’ interactions with your website.


WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange: User Interface

WatchThemLive Dashboard

When it comes to UI, you can see that WatchThemLive has an energetic and robust design. The UI is super user-friendly and has nothing complicated or confusing in it. Everything has a special place, and you can simply find your way inside the app. You can simply see all the elements of the CRAP design principles implemented in it.

You can use a live demo to get the hang of things at first. You can click on the green button on the upper left side of the app and try out the features to make sure you know how to move around. You can also book a meeting with the support team or see this full walkthrough to get the hang of things in no time:

On the other hand, even though Lucky Orange seems to have a simple design, it is quite hard to find your way around it. Also, the design seems to lack energy. I believe they could have put more thought into some usability testing methods to ensure that their app is as user-friendly as possible.

Lucky Orange Dashboard

WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange: Features

WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange

Even though Lucky Orange and WatchThemLive provide some similar features (session recordings, heatmaps, and web analytics), there are many differences between the two.

WatchThemLive, as you can see from its name, prioritizes speed and respects your time. You can see the data nearly instantly. Whether you want to watch your users’ session recordings, heatmaps, or your dashboard insights, you can access them within minutes. However, Lucky Orange is not that fast. It takes a very long time to show you your data, especially when it comes to heatmaps.
One good thing about Lucky Orange is that it shows the session recordings in a neat and clean way. You can smoothly see what is going on and all the events are neatly listed beside each recording. You can click on them to jump into that moment in the video and therefore, the videos are easy to navigate.
However, while WatchThemLive does its best to provide a seamless experience, Lucky Orange just takes too much time loading the session recordings that you just lose your patience and give up.

Lucky Orange Session Recording

Most importantly, Lucky Orange sometimes fails to show the heatmaps. You click on the heatmap but it takes you to the raw website without showing anything on it. Also, the other types of data it provides are not easy to understand and are just confusing.


On the other hand, WatchThemLive focuses on providing users with easily understandable data. WatchThemLive is considered as a simplified Google Analytics. This basically means that it presents the data in an utterly understandable way.

Additionally, WatchThemLive offers a feature that many users crave. Our session recordings track your users on subsequent pages, and you can see the path a user takes when navigating from one page to another. This helps you fully understand the journey each user takes and enables you to provide them with a more seamless one.

You can also add teams and share your screen recordings with different departments. Also, to save your time, you can skip the inactive parts of the session recordings. This makes things simpler.

In addition to that, it is considered good practice to exclude your team members and yourself from being tracked to make sure your data is clean. This way, you will work with data that matters and therefore, you will be more efficient and productive. Also, you can exclude users that do not want to be tracked, and this way, you will respect their privacy even more. Lucky Orange unfortunately lacks this feature. Therefore, you will lose a lot of your valuable time doing things that are not considered effective.

WatchThemLive Opt-out

Moreover, WatchThemLive offers goal tracking to enable you to track your conversions. You can set pageviews as goals to see your conversions in a cleaner way. You can also set custom events so that you can see how many times your users click on buttons, submit forms, etc. These all will help you with your conversion rate optimization.

WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange: Integrations


People use many different apps and services to achieve their business goals. Therefore, integrations are important aspects of products like Lucky Orange. However, Lucky Orange does not integrate into every platform out there. This is not optimal for a web user tracking tool. On the other hand, WatchThemLive integrates into all the platforms available. You can see a list of all the third-party platforms that you can integrate WatchThemLive into here.

WatchThemLive has also integrated with a link-in-bio tool called This brings WatchThemLive one step closer to being an all-in-one tool that can meet all your needs. You can also see the WatchThemLive roadmap to know about our future integrations.

WatchThemLive vs. Lucky Orange: Plans and Pricing


WatchThemLive is famous for being cost-efficient. You can have tons of fabulous features in your inventory for a very small price. Take a look at WatchThemLive pricing and see for yourself.

If you compare Lucky Orange pricing with its other competitors, you will see that it is one of the cheapest options. However, there are some issues with it that can be annoying. Firstly, it is still more expensive than WatchThemLive. Compared to what WatchThemLive offers and its pricing, Lucky Orange is not considered cost-effective. Secondly, it has only a 7-day free trial. Of course, you can get a freemium as well but with the following limits:

  • 1 website
  • 2 member seats
  • 500 pageviews per month
  • Unlimited recordings and heatmap data for 30 days

Unlike Lucky Orange, WatchThemLive provides you with a lifetime freemium that you can take advantage of. WatchThemLive’s freemium offers you the following options:

  • 1 website
  • 5K pageviews per month
  • 5K session replays per month
  • 100K visitors events tracking per month
  • 5 days data retention
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  • Unlimited tracked goals
  • Unlimited team members
  • Weekly email reports
  • API access

You can access all the fabulous features of WatchThemLive in its freemium! Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself! With all these in mind, it is obvious that the winner of this round is also WatchThemLive.


When comparing Lucky Orange with its other competitors, you can easily say that it stands somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, here is where WatchThemLive comes in and wins the final battle. Lucky Orange provides a simple design, some cool features, and a low price. However, WatchThemLive provides you with real-time data that you can use to optimize your business. It also has a fantastic UI, integrates with a brilliant link-in-bio tool, and is super cost-efficient. WatchThemLive also offers easy-to-digest data with deep insights that any business can use to grow.

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