HTML Installation Guide

In this guide, we will explain how to install WatchThemLive’s tracking code using the HTML method.

Step 1: Register/Login 

First of all, make sure you have signed up for WatchThemLive. You can create a free account here.

WatchThemLive register page

Or simply log in to your account.

Step 2: Add Your Website

Sign in to your account to add your website to the dashboard. Click on the “Add Website” button.

Adding a website to WatchThemLive dashboard

A window will pop up where you should add your website’s information.

Adding a new website to WatchThemLive

Enter your website’s name and URL. Remember WatchThemLive only works on websites with the formats below (which includes almost every domain):


Keep in mind that we never ask for your website password or any other private information!

Click “Submit” to add your website. 

Step 3: Choose Integration Method

After you have submitted your website, you should choose the method you want to integrate WatchThemLive. Select “Via HTML Page.”

WTL tracking code

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Pixel Code

Now you will see a tracking code that you have to copy and paste between the head tags (on your main page).

WatchThemLive tracking code for the HTML method

Now go to your website’s “index.html.”


Find your HTML code’s head section.

HTML head section

Paste the code inside the head tags and click save.

pasting the code in the HTML head section

Now go back to WatchThemLive and hit “Next.”

Click the next button on WatchThemLive after pasting the code

Step 5: Verify Installation

Click on “Verify” to verify your installation.

verifying WatchThemLive installation

You will be notified if you have installed WatchThemLive properly.

WatchThemLive installed properly

And it’s Done!

WatchThemLive will start collecting data, and you can see video replays and create heatmaps.

Step 6: Become a WatchThemLive Ninja!

To use WatchThemLive in the best way, go through these useful resources:

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