Google Tag Manager Installation Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to install WatchThemLive’s tracking code using Google Tag Manager.

Step 1: Register/Login 

First, you have to create a free account for WatchThemLive.

WatchThemLive register page

Or if you have already created one, sign in

Step 2: Add Your Website

To add your website to WatchThemLive, log in to your account and click the “Add Website” button. 


Now you have to add your website’s information.

Adding a new website to WatchThemLive

You need to enter your website name and URL. WatchThemLive only works on the website formats below (which includes almost every domain):


We will never ask for your website’s password or any other private data. 

By clicking “Submit,” your website will be added. 

Step 3: Choose Integration Method

Now that your website is submitted, you have to choose the method you want to install WatchThemLive. Select “Via Google Tag Manager.”

WTL integrate

Step 4: Install WatchThemLive Using Tag Manager

You will see a tracking code that you have to copy and paste to your Google Tag Manager.

WatchThemLive tracking code for Google Tag Manager

Now go to Google Tag Manager and select “Add a new tag.”

Adding a new tag to Google Tag Manager

Then, click on the edit icon in the “Tag Configuration” section.

tag configuration in Google Tag Manager

A sidebar opens where you should choose the tag type. Scroll down and select “Custom HTML” from the “Custom” section.

choose custom HTMS

Paste the tracking code in the HTML box.

Pasting tracking code in Google Tag Manager

After pasting the code, click “Save.”

Saving the custom HTML

Choose “Add trigger” in the window that pops up.

Add trigger

On the sidebar that opens, select “All Pages” and click “Save” again.

choose all pages

Before creating the tag, you can name it.

name your tag

On your Tag Manager dashboard, you can see your tag is added.

work space changer

Now click “Submit” in the upper right corner.

submitting the tag

In “Submission Configuration,” enter the version name and description. Then, click “Publish.”

submit changes

You can see the script is saved and the tag is added.

script saved

Now you have to go back to WatchThemLive and click “Next.”

click next on WatchThemLive to continue installation

Step 5: Verify Installation

To verify installation, click on “Verify.”

verifying WatchThemLive installation

If you have installed WatchThemLive correctly, you will be notified.

WatchThemLive installed properly

And it’s Done!

WatchThemLive starts collecting data, and you will be able to watch video replays and create heatmaps.

Step 6: Become a WatchThemLive Ninja!

To use WatchThemLive in the best way, go through these useful resources:

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