Keturah Reserve: Valuable Real Estate Assets in 2023

Keturah Reserve Valuable Real Estate Assets in 2023

The issue of preserving financial assets is becoming increasingly important, and Keturah Reserve is here to help you. The purchase of real estate has always been and remains one of the most reliable ways to save funds. 

Finding a property that will not only keep its price but also bring additional profit isn’t that simple, however, housing in Keturah Reserve is exactly such a kind of property. 

Benefits of purchasing From Keturah Reserve

Some of the most obvious benefits of this purchase are listed below.

#1 Unique Amenities

Keturah Reserve is nestled in a prestigious eco-friendly neighborhood in Dubai. 

The prime location of the complex guarantees that all the key facilities, like grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, an airport, and access to the sea are within close reach of the residents or take a short ride by car.

The progressive project by MAG Property Development can be described as the fusion of eco-life and up-to-date technologies. The residential complex is surrounded by blooming greens and gardens with a massive 30,000 square meters olive park landscaped in the central spot of the territory. 

Townhouses and apartments are located at a special angle, so that all the natural sunlight freely flows in the panoramic windows, while double-height rooms provide enough cooling airflow.

Particular attention is paid to providing an outstanding leisure experience for the residents. You can take beautiful photos to post and increase your Instagram followers.

Equipped recreational and relaxation areas, along with numerous sport training zones and swimming pools are offered for those, who enjoy being around their family and those, who would love to have some alone time to unwind.

#2 Potential Profit

It is considered that real estate in the district of Meydan is a really profitable asset due to the great demand for local housing and therefore, it provides a consistent return to the homeowners. 

Statistically, houses and apartments here yield more than 4.5% and 5.1% per annum, respectively. Keturah Reserve investments are anticipated to generate even larger returns since this residential complex is designed to offer the rarest and unique services to its residents.

Buying property in the residential complex Keturah Reserve in Dubai for rental business can make an average investment return of as much as 4.4% per year, with some types of property generating returns as high as 6%.

More than that, there is a crucial feature that makes this real estate in Dubai stand out among other residential complexes. Finding a pet-friendly accommodation in the UAE might be quite problematic and require a lot of effort but Keturah Reserve offers such an option for its residents. 

The promising project covers all the possible needs of pet owners, such as playgrounds for training, grooming salons, dog walking, and even a dog spa. An impressive variety of services for pets will definitely attract their owners, leading them to choose this housing for their stay.

Payment Features

The project is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2025, the construction hasn’t started yet. It means that purchasing this luxury property at the current stage of design guarantees the best price. 

In the initial phase, a down payment of only 15% is required to book the property, 45% of the housing unit cost is paid upon commissioning and finally, the remaining 40% of the price is paid in installments. 

This payment scheme is perfect for those who don’t consider paying the full amount at once but are interested in booking the property at the most affordable price. 

Both traditional and digital payment methods are accepted for the convenience of purchasers. A detailed payment plan table is presented below.

Payment numberPhasePayment (%)
1st paymentOn booking15%
2nd paymentAfter 30 days5%
3rd paymentAfter 3 months10%
4th paymentAfter 12 months10%
5th paymentAfter 18 months10%
6th paymentAfter 23 months10%
7th paymentOn handover40%

First Class Service

Life in Keturah Reserve reminds staying in a superior 5-Star hotel with the corresponding premium service. Keeping up the comfortable and chic lifestyle is the priority of the professionals who will make sure the residents shall never worry about home chores and daily routines. 

This project includes a diverse list of amenities, such as laundry and dry cleaning, area maintenance, food delivery, organizing events, car rental, airport transfer, and ticket booking.

Another noteworthy feature of the community is a spa treatment center. Rejuvenation and wellness programs are at the service for those, who are keen on receiving the utmost pampering and relaxation.

Families with children can rely on a kindergarten, a kids club, and a playground, or use a babysitting and child entertainment service at any convenient time.


In general, valuable property investment is a must for those who intend to maintain and increase their assets in the rapidly changing realities of today’s world. 

Based on the above, it is beyond question that Keturah Reserve real estate can become just that asset. Suitable for both living and rental purposes, it is a safe contribution to your future. Experienced real estate experts at Dubai-Property.Investments will help you make the right choice. Among a large number of different properties, you will be offered the most suitable options to meet your preferences and expectations.

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