10 Best Indian OnlyFans Creators 

Indian OnlyFans Girls

OnlyFans has become a popular platform in India, just like all other countries. However, using this platform might come with some restrictions and regulations in this country that most users and creators should be aware of. Meanwhile, Indian OnlyFans girls are the hottest trend these days. Want to know some of them? 

Some of these creators have the best free OnlyFans accounts, too. Therefore, it is worth checking their content. 

Hottest Indian OnlyFans Girls 

Let’s check out the list of top OnlyFans Indian models. 

#1 Anjali Kara – Indian Free OnlyFans 

Indian OnlyFans Girls

We start the list with one of India’s top free OnlyFans accounts. Anjali Kara is originally from the UK but lives in India. She was a known adult content creator before creating an account on OnlyFans. Now she offers free nude photos to her subscribers. 

#2 Sahara Knite – British Indian Adult Performer

Hot Indian onlyfans

She is one of the hottest Indian OnlyFans girls who has two accounts, one to share free content and the other account is dedicated to exclusive videos and photos. 

Additionally, Sahara has a website where she shares pornography and hot videos for free. Her fans may not need to subscribe to her OnlyFans anymore, but her OnlyFans has more exclusive content including custom videos and roleplays. 

#3 Jackie – Young Indian OnlyFans Girl 

Young Indian OnlyFans Girl 

Jackie is one of the hottest Indian girls on OnlyFans, and she doesn’t hide her content behind a paid subscription. She is not only confident but also generous enough to share nude photos without any charges. Her content is also good enough to reach 2.4K likes. 

However, OnlyFans users should be cautious about her free content as she may sue anyone who screenshot or share her videos and photos to other platforms. 

It should also be noted that saving OnlyFans content is against the rules of this platform, regardless of whether the content is available as a free subscription or a paid one. 

#4 Little Zeffy – Hot Indian OnlyFans Girl 

Hot Indian OnlyFans Girl 

Zeffy is one of the most active social media creators in India who also shares content on Instagram and TikTok. However, due to the restrictions on these platforms, you can’t find any exclusive content, such as nude photos or pornographies, on these platforms. That’s why she created an OnlyFans account to get closer to her fans and share more inside photos. 

#5 Serena Mann – Punjabi OnlyFans Girl 

Punjabi OnlyFans Girl 

Coming from a Juttni farmer family with roots in India, Serena is a British-Indian OnlyFans creator who is known for her petite body type with notable physical attributes. However, she is mysterious enough to not show her face in any video or photo. 

Although Senera’s fans can enjoy free photos and videos on her channel, she asks for at least a $10 tip if anyone wants to chat with her. 

Besides OnlyFans, Serena is active on various social media platforms. She is known as a TikTok star, Instagram model, and Fanlsy content creator.

#6 Priya Anjali Rai – Indian OnlyFans Model 

Indian OnlyFans Model 

So far, most Indian OnlyFans on the list were British-Indian. Now it’s time to meet a native Indian girl with a hot body and long black Indian hair. Priya is one of the most popular Indian models and porn stars on social media. 

She has a long history in adult entertainment, and OnlyFans is only one of the places where she makes money from her sunning and hot performances. Additionally, she is now living in Las Vegan, Nevada, which may be due to the restrictions on making adult content in India. 

However, that doesn’t mean we should not mention her as one of the hottest Indian OnlyFans models. 

#7 Summers Sweetie – Indian OnlyFans Nude 

Indian OnlyFans Nude

If you are looking for some free Indian OnlyFans nudes, Summer Sweetie will be your best choice. With a subscription fee of zero, you can reach more than 100 hot nude photos and full-length videos of her. She is also available to chat with her fans whenever they want.

However, since OnlyFans is where most creators make money, Summer Sweetie also has a VIP account where her fans can get more exclusive content with a subscription fee of $3 per month. 

#8 Latika Jha – Naughty Indian Girl OnlyFans 

Naughty Indian Girl OnlyFans

Born on April 16, 1998, in Mumbai, Latika is one of the youngest Indian OnlyFans girls who entered the entertainment industry in 2020. However, she initially started her career as a model, then joined the adult content creation. 

Like most other OnlyFans creators, Latika offers her subscribers a range of content, including nude photos and videos. Additionally, she is ready to chat with her audience through daily private chats, allowing direct interaction with her fans. 

Latika is known for posting content that showcases her physique, ranging from teasing poses to more explicit material.

#9 Priya Y – OnlyFans Indian Twins

OnlyFans Indian Twins

Priya Young, also known as Priya Y on social media platforms, is an OnlyFans content creator and model of Indian-European descent. Her twin sister, Peeta, also has an OnlyFans account and shares exclusive content with her fans. Both of them are hot enough to make their fans stay on their channel without blinking. 

#10 Poonam Pandey – The Bollywood OnlyFans Star

OnlyFans Indian Twins

The next Indian OnlyFans girl on the list is a lesser-known Bollywood star, Poonam Pandey. Born in 1991 in Delhi, India, Poonam started her career as a model in 2010. She also played different roles in Bollywood movies. However, her fame rose after she entered social media and became one of the most troubled personalities. 

She was arrested in Goa in 2020 for filming a nude video on government property. Then she complained against her husband leading to his arrest soon after their marriage. Now she is one of the top Indian OnlyFans girls who shares more than 500 nude photos for free. However, she also has a VIP account where she gets more close to her fans. 

Bottom Line 

Indian girls are popular worldwide due to their sexy black hair, curvy body and skin color. Combine all these characteristic with sexy poses and nude photos, you will see how hot they can get. That’s why Indian OnlyFans girls are burning the platform with their hotness. These adult content creators in India are not typically considered Bollywood stars in the traditional sense. They are mostly models or social media personalities. 


#1 Do Bollywood Celebrities Have OnlyFans? 

Major Bollywood celebrities generally do not create content on OnlyFans, as it could potentially damage their public image and career prospects in the mainstream Indian film industry.

#2 Is OnlyFans Banned in India? 

OnlyFans is not banned in India, unlike in some other countries. However, there are some challenges and considerations for users in India.

#3 How Popular is OnlyFans Among Indian Creators?

There are a number of Indian creators on OnlyFans, including models, actors, and social media influencers. Some popular Indian creators mentioned include Priya Anjali Rai, Sahara Knite, and Latika Jha, who mostly share adult content. However, many of the top Indian OnlyFans creators are actually based outside of India, often in countries like the UK or the US. This is likely due to legal and cultural restrictions within India itself.

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