10 Best Free Onlyfans Accounts

Free OnlyFans Accounts

There is no doubt that OnlyFans has so many fans these days, making it one of the most used social media channels out there. However, OnlyFans is not a free platform like Instagram or TikTok. Its users should pay for the content they want to see. That makes most users search for free OnlyFans accounts to check out if this platform is worth subscribing to. 

But how to get free OnlyFans? Is OnlyFans search helpful in this way? 

We have listed the best free OnlyFans accounts to make it easier for users on this platform to find the free accounts they want.

Top Free OnlyFans

Although OnlyFans is not a free platform, it still allows creators to offer part of their content for free. It can be a marketing strategy for most creators because their fans should know what content they can expect from this creator, whether it’s adult content, fitness exercises or even cooking tutorials. 

So, let’s discover some of the best free OnlyFans accounts. 

1. Sara Mei Kasai- Free OnlyFans Model 

This Montreal-based model has two OnlyFans accounts, one of them is free OnlyFans, which offers daily videos, and the other is a paid OnlyFans account to publish more exclusive content. Furthermore, Sara Mei is a cosplayer and loves video games. Accordingly, she also adds the taste of game players to her videos, making them more fun for her fans. 

Love the game characters? Sara’s free OnlyFans can be your choice. 

Sara Mei Free OnlyFans

2. Meikou – Hot Asian Girl 

Asian OnlyFans creators are so popular. They add a new taste to this platform. Mei Ku is a hot model on OnlyFans that offers part of her content for free. However, her OnlyFans account is not totally free, and her fans should subscribe for at least $12 per month. 

free onlyfans accounts Mei Ku

3. Ana Cheri – Free Fitness OnlyFans Creator 

This OnlyFans creator offers various content, from hot and exotic modeling photos in bikinis to behind-the-scenes and workout routines. Ana Cheri is known for her wellness account on Instagram. However, her free OnlyFans account has nothing to do with that because he created this account to share exclusive content she couldn’t share on other social media platforms. 

Ana Cheri free onlyfans

4. Tana Mongeau – One of the Hottest Free OnlyFans 

Tana has been a sexy model on Instagram, offering photos and videos that were too hot for this platform. That made her create OnlyFans for free to make it possible for her fans to taste her content. Tana is an American internet personality who is really good at storytelling. 

So, want to hear an exotic story? Tana provides free content for you. 

Tana Montegeau Free onlyfans account

5. Queen Bri – Young Free OnlyFans Creator 

Bri is one of the youngest OnlyFans creators offering exclusive content to her fans. She has just turned 18 and has become active on this platform. As a newbie to this channel, she offers free content to grab the attention of more fans. 

Free onlyfans creator

6. Mia Khalifa – 30-Day Free OnlyFans Offer

This Lebanese-American media personality is known for her previous acts in pornographic films. That’s when she gained her popularity in 2014. But after the emerge of OnlyFans, she decided to create an account on this channel and start making money, perhaps more money!

Now, Mia is one of the top OnlyFans creators and top earners on this website. Although she doesn’t have a full free account, she offers 30-day free subscription to her new fans.

Mia Khalifa free onlyfans

7. Amanda Paris – An OnlyFans Actress

We can call her a celebrity OnlyFans, maybe! Amanda is an actress known for some series and movies. She is an active creator on different social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, she has a free OnlyFans account and publishes various content, from behind-the-scenes to photoshoots and workouts.

However, she doesn’t offer any porn or adult videos on her free account. But for fans who want to see more of her content, she has created a VIP account, which is not free, and currently costs $20 per month.

Amanda Paris free onlyfans

8. Lucy Tisane – Free Hot OnlyFans 

Lucy is one of the top free OnlyFans creators who offer generous content on her free account, from more than 200 full-length videos to more than 1000 pictures. All this content is without any charge but for more content, her fans should subscribe to her VIP account and pay $20 per month. 

Lucy Tisane free onlyfans

9. Katelyn Runck – Hot Fitness Instructor on OnlyFans 

Most people believe that OnlyFans is only for adult content and pornography. But there are hot athletes and fitness influencers on this platform too. Katelyn is one of them. However, her hot and sexy body still makes us think she is a sexy model as well. 

Katelyn’s free OnlyFans account is where you can find out how to build this sexy body. She provides a series of workouts and exercises to help her fans get fit. 

Katelyin fitness onlyfans free account

10. Daisy Dray – Free OnlyFans Video Creator 

Apart from all the other types of free content that other OnlyFans creators share with their fans, Daisy offers something more special. She asks her fans for ideas to create videos while she is offline. Then, she will share that video with her fans for free. Besides, she is open to sharing full nudity or foot fetish on her free OnlyFans account. 

Daisy Dry onlyfans account


#1 Is Onlyfans Free?

Joining OnlyFans is free for fans and creators. However, you generally need to pay for a subscription to see the creators’ content. On the other hand, creators can offer free content, so you can subscribe for free and check out their content. It all depends on the creator. 

#2 How to See Free OnlyFans Video? 

Generally, you are not allowed to download OnlyFans videos and share them on other platforms. Unless the creator doesn’t share free videos, you can’t see OnlyFans videos for free. However, in some cases, you may be able to download the videos to see offline. But you are not allowed to share those videos on any platform of website. 

#3 How to Get Free Onlyfans?

You can only get free OnlyFans if your preferred creator offers free content to her/his OnlyFans account. It is strictly recommended to avoid downloading OnlyFans videos or sharing them for free on other websites or platforms. It’s against OnlyFans rules and regulations. 

#4 Is OnlyFans Only for Adult Content? 

No. OnlyFans is a platform that allows all content creators to sell their content on a subscription-based strategy. However, some creators may decide to offer free content to their fans. For example, we have many book influencers whose OnlyFans accounts are free, including Dr. Lana and Livthebookworm. 


As mentioned in this article, OnlyFans creators can create free accounts and share their content without any fee. We listed some of the top free OnlyFans accounts to make it easier for you to find free creators on this platform. 

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