Helpie FAQ

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Getting Started

  • Do you have any case studies or example sites that use WatchThemLive?
    Yes! Many websites use WatchThemLive to accomplish their goals more easily, such as:, and many more!
  • Where can I find tutorials or demos about using WatchThemLive and its different features?
    All the tutorials are located on our learning center page.
  • Can I redeem all the codes I buy under one account/email for now and then spread them out later to client accounts as they become available?
    No, you cannot.
  • How do we reach support?
    You can book a meeting with us here. Or you can drop us an email.
  • What Is a Redemption Code?
    Redemption codes are short codes that you can use to change your plan (for both upgrades and downgrades).
  • Is there a demo I can check out?
    Yes! You can head over to our YouTube channel and watch WatchThemLive’s complete walkthrough. You can also sign up for FREE, go to your dashboard, and click on the Demo button to test things out!
  • I’m using a third-party service (e.g., a webinar service). Is there a way to track the users’ watching experience on a site that’s not mine?
    No. You need to have access to the website, whether directly via its HTML code, via Google Tag Manager, or any CMS of your own choice.
  • What gateway/payment connections are available?
    You can use PayPal and Stripe to purchase your plans.