How Can Goal Tracking Help You?

Conversion tracking helps you track specific user actions on your website, such as sign-up, form submission, and button clicks. You won’t be able to find out how many users complete these actions without goal tracking. This information enables you to understand if you are achieving your business goals.

In the third part of this guide, we will show you how to use and analyze the data WatchThemLive’s goal tracking feature offers. You can find the answers to the questions below using this feature:

1- How Effectively Are Users Moving toward Conversion?

Knowing the percentage of visitors who complete the goal, you can understand if you are successfully convincing visitors to convert. If not, you might need to make changes to your website design, remove distractions, or write a stronger CTA copy. 

2- Are Your CTAs Optimized for Conversion?

If most visitors ignore your CTAs and don’t convert, it’s necessary to optimize them to increase conversions. Here are some ideas for optimizing your calls to action:

  • Experiment with different colors and shapes
  • Use contrast to make the CTA stand out
  • Make your CTA button prominent
  • Write a compelling copy

3- Are You Achieving Your Business Objectives?

The goals you track on your website are normally aligned with your business objectives. The more visitors complete the goal, the closer you get to achieving your objectives. Setting conversion goals enables you to measure marketing performance and improve your strategies. 

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